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PHYA 531 – Clinical Medicine

Specific Objectives

Following the required reading and lecture, the student should be able to
understand and be able to compare/contrast the following topics.

Acute Respiratory Failure

 Define: Acute respiratory failure (ARF), acute lung injury (ALI), acute respiratory
distress syndrome (ARDS), Swan-Ganz catheter
 Recognize & define the following abbreviations: ECMO, FiO2, PaO2, PaCO2,
PCWP, PEEP, P/F ratio, SaO2, SIRS
 Identify the 5 mechanisms that can lead to reduced PaO2
 Name the hallmark of ARF
 Identify the common clinical manifestations of ARF
 Identify the general measures used to treat ARF
 Recognize the epidemiology associated with ALI
 Differentiate between the criteria used to diagnose ALI vs. ARDS
 Name common causes of ALI/ARDS
 Differentiate between features associated with noncardiogenic (ARDS) vs.
cardiogenic pulmonary edema
 Recognize the clinical manifestations associated with ARDS
 Identify treatment guidelines for ARDS