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How to Report Bugs

To Make this Android Pie Beta Power User Program more efficient & to help
each & every user in an organized manner we have created a Bug report form
wherein users can report the issue directly to us & we can make the Android
Pie Program more stable
1. Visit the Below Bug Reporting Link:
2. Fill in your Personal Details
3. Fill in your Serial No
4. Under Issue area there can be multiple scenarios:
a. Camera
For Camera If you face any issues with quality, share the issue in a detailed
manner coupled with a screenshot.
For Video If you face any issues, record the issue upload the file to your web
storage & share the link under the attachment.
b. Speakers/Audio
You can Share issue related to the speaker/Audio through a video file.
c. Display
Video file is Preferred for issues related to Display. For E.g. Flickering issue,
screen not responding etc.
d. UI (User Interface)
UI issue can have multiple scenarios. For E.g. UI not responding as it should or
maybe UI is not as smooth as it should be. Video file & detailed description is
e. Performance
For Performance related issues like Gaming or other performance-related
issue, video file is preferred. For. E.g. If you face any lag or frames drop while
gaming, you can record the same & share with us.
f. Battery
For Battery related issue you can follow below Example.
Charge the battery to 100%. Use the device as you would normally do & once
the battery reaches around 10% share us the screenshot of your Settings =>
Battery => Screen time & Battery Usage stats.
g. Touch
For Touch related issue you can record the same & share. For touch related
issue the primary thing can be slowness or Touch not responding.
h. SIM/Signal & Wireless
For SIM/Signal & Wireless such as Bluetooth or Wifi, you can create a video
under different environment & share us a video file for our reference.
i. Google
Google issues can be termed as issues with Google Apps or Google services. Eg.
Google not responding or Gmail has stopped working.
j. Third-Party App
Third party Apps can be any apps not related to Google or ASUS. You can share
us the details through a screenshot or Video file.
k. Others
For Others, you can list out any issues which can’t be found under the above-
mentioned tabs.

Do Fill all the other required information correctly.

Note: Even if you are sending us Video/Screenshot of the issue, Issue summary
& Detailed Description should be clearly mentioned with as many details as