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{Man is not God}

The best way to gain access to the whole being of a person is by going through his personal identity.
The music of a people is their identity and they respond with full conscious and active mind
whenever they hear it. The fact however remains that when indigenous folk or art music is being
utilized in the church, those who grow up with it identify with it and are naturally at home with its
style. Its “sense of the sacred” prepare them for the great prayer which is the liturgy.
“MMADUABUCHI”, meaning "Man is not God" is a typical Igbo song composed by Chuks-
Nnadi Mmaduabuchi moses for Saint Albert Catholic Chaplaincy Choir, Federal University of
Technology Akure “F.U.T.A” Ondo State Nigeria.
After taking a proper study of one self, its environment and the society at large in respect to the
extra ordinaries happening every day, the only thing that came to my mind was how GREAT and
WONDERFUL our CREATOR is. The inspiration came from my life testimony which also
denotes my first name which is “MMADUABUCHI” meaning “Man is not God”.
The piece was inspired by the composer’s first name “MMADUABUCHI”, and his testimony of

In composition, tonality is often treated with little consideration by some composers. The fact
remains that the right tonality is prehaps an indispensable single element which makes a piece of
music a meaningful and also gives a sense of originality to the song.
The simple fact here is that there is no native language that all the words, much more sentences
therein can exactly be translated into English language. In fact, it has been found that there are
some native expressions that doesn’t have any English translation yet.

Maracas also known as “EGG SHAKER”, and “SKEKERE”… this is an African instruments
used to add melody to songs through instrumentation.
Cleff: This is a timer used all over the world for prediction of beats
Conga: this is a drum used across Africa. It is usually played with the palm and its usually in pairs.
Udu: also known as “POT”. Played also to control the tempo of a song.
Ekwe: this is a wooden instruments carved out of a hardwood. It is a two toned instruments that
depicts Africa and Nigeria culture when played.

All the above instruments where combined together and used has accompaniments for the
proposed piece for 2017 Festival in order not to lose any sense of originality in the song.

Originality can’t be compromised with anything because it’s second to none.
Am proud of my Africa.


Rev. Fr. Joseph Onome 2016.

Mr. Ani Amobi Stanley

African music code 2004