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Comparison between Delta Terraxx R and Draincell

Sr No. Product Feature Function / Significance Delta Terraxx R Draincell Remarks

The dimpled core is the Special HDPE dimpled sheet Rigid polyproylene boards As compared to the HDPE used in Delta
main body of the drainage with thermal bonded 100% with circular lattice; open on Terraxx R the Polypropylene used by drain
sheet which gives Polypropylene geotextile top and bottom; in sizes cells is usually recycled and much more
compressive strength, thermally fused on it during ranging from 30cm x 30 cm brittle and thus fragile. Chances of breakage
flexibility, tensile strength production in a continuous to 50cm x 25cm and during loading, unloading and handling are
and other physical operation thickness 20 mm to 30 mm. high. Plus it is not so easy to cut Draincell
1 Drainage Core properties to it. Non-woven geotextile stuck modules in circular / non-geometrical shapes
on it using adhesive if the shape of the garden is not square or
chemicals during laying. rectangular. It is also not possible to use
draincell in vertical drainage.

The geo-textile filters the Terraxx has continuous Non woven needle punched Thermally bonded Polypropylene geo-textile
water away. It should be filament thermally bonded geo textile is loose laid on used in Delta Terraxx R is more rigid helps in
rigid and remain firm in its Polypropylene geo-textile Polypropylene core. The geo- providing better drainage in soft/hard areas.
place and should provide thermally fused on the textile is usually recycled The pore size remains constant throughout
permanent filtration. dimpled sheet. It is stiff and Polyester. It is flexible and the life of the system. It is also possible to
does not stretch. It guarantees stretches easily and the make concrete or brick mortar fountains or
permanent drainage. The pores open under soft load kerbs or pavements directly on Delta
characteristic opening size is thus letting the soil in the Terraxx R.
150 micrometers (10-6m) and system. It is poor against
dynamic perforation passes alkalinity in soil or water.
2 Geotextile 40mm as per EN918 Only the weight of the
geotextile is specified as 200
GSM; no other relevant data
is made available.
Comparison between Delta Terraxx R and Draincell

Sr No. Product Feature Function / Significance Delta Terraxx R Draincell Remarks

The compressive strenght 400 kN/m² . It can sustain a Anywhere between 700 Delta Terraxx R has been tested rigorously
helps the drainage sheet to fire tender load of 60 Tons per KN/m² to 1300 KN/m² and even in independent laboratories and
bear loads such as fire truck axle with a 35 cm granular depending on the thickness will stand scrutiny anywhere in the world.
on horizontal drainages and filling on it. It can be used as of the boards. The 9mm 2ply sheet is good enough to take
soil pressure when used in protection and drainage of load of a 150 ton fire tender (60 tons/axle)
below grade construction retaining walls upto a depth of with 35 cm of granular filling. Draincell is
10 M. Figures based on made of polypropylene which has more
rigorous studies and trials. compressive strength, but it only partly
addresses the drainage needs as it is not
flexible and can not take contours or
3 Compressive Strength undulations on substrate. Often the
compressive strenght of draincell is
increased artificially by adding fillers in the
Polypropylene compound, thereby reducing
the quality of the plastic.

Allows the drainage sheet -30˚Cto 80˚C Data not available Delta Terraxx R is made with superior
to function properly in a material and can take wide temperature
Service Temperature country like India with wide variations.
4 temperature ranges

Allows drainage sheet to be 6.0kN/m Data not available. Draincell is not good in tensile strength and
laid without damage. The Polypropylene / polystyrene may crack when subjected to tensile loads.
sheet can take contours should be brittle and have
5 Tensile Strength better and also cope with less tensile strength.
movements of the slab.
Comparison between Delta Terraxx R and Draincell

Sr No. Product Feature Function / Significance Delta Terraxx R Draincell Remarks

Indicates the strength of 40 mm (EN 918) Data not available Superior quality and strong geo-textile of
the geo-textile. It should Delta Terraxx R ensures life time of trouble
Dynamic perforation not get damaged during free service.
6 laying and during service.
(Cone drop test)

Signifies the ability of the 150µm ( 150 x 10-6m) Data not available. Typically Superior quality and strong geo-textile of
geo-textile to provide the opening size will increase Delta Terraxx R ensures life time of trouble
permanent filtration. Small under soft load and will free service.
Opening size of Geo- opening size would not let therefore allow bigger soil
7 the geo-textile clog due to particles to pass which may
fine soil particles. choke the system.

Signifies the ability of the 80 l.m/sec Data not available. In needle Superior quality and strong geo-textile of
geo-textile to allow water to punched geotextiles Delta Terraxx R ensures life time of trouble
filter and drain away. minerals may lock inside the free service.
Water Permeability of geotextile resulting in
8 sintering which reduces

It is a desirable feature of Delta Terraxx R sheets are Draincell modules have to be Overlapping in Delta Terraxx R is water-tight
drainage layer if it can overlapped using in built self interlocked using built and the integrity of the drainage system is
protect waterproofing from adhesive edge which ensures grooves. Being rigid cells maintained throughout. The drained water
direct exposure to water. compelte water tightness and they are not able to take flows on the drainage sheet only and thus
Application should also be fully integrated layer of contours or undulations and the waterproofing is protected from being
sound with as little need of drainage. Delta accessories the interlocking may get directly in touch with water for most of the
overlaps as possible. ensure that even vertical damaged. time. Ths increases the efficiency of the
Protection to terminations are sound. waterproofing on the whole. Also
9 Waterproofing application would be faster. Draincells may
not interlock properly on undulating
Comparison between Delta Terraxx R and Draincell

Sr No. Product Feature Function / Significance Delta Terraxx R Draincell Remarks

More width typically means 2.4 meters 25 cm to 60 cm Delta Terraxx R will have less overlaps and
Width of the drainage faster application and less therefore less vulnerable points in the
10 overlaps drainage system and the application would
be faster.

Signifies technical capability CE, BS 8102, Avis Technique, Data not available. Delta Terraxx R has been around for decades
and reliability of the Artificial ageing test, Heavy and has been vigorously tested and
Certificates/ Test product through years of vehicle load test, oxidation test approved by leading agencies.
11 use in different applications

Signifies the ability of the Delta Terraxx R has roughly 10 Not available Draincell should theoritically have a very
drainage sheet to drain times more drainage capacity high drainage capacity but since the quality
away excess water during than specified by the of geo-textile varies it is not possible to
heavy rainfall and thereby Landscape codes. 9mm accurately assess the drainage capacity of
12 Drainage Capacity test protect the building and thickness appears to be less the system as a whole over a long period of
plantations. but it is much more than time.

Smooth base results in less Delta Terraxx R has smooth The base of Draincell has Draincell exerts a sharp pressure on the
pointed loads acting on the bevelled base which is sharp edges below which can sustrate through the edge of plastic strips of
waterproofing membrane achieved through computer transfer sharp point loads on the cells. So it can not be direcly placed on
below simulated engineering design. the waterproofing system the waterproofing membrane as it could
13 Smoothness of below. result in damage. Delta Terraxx R has been
dimples at the base specifically designed not to transmit sharp
point loads to the membranes below.

Note: In landscaping, dimpled drainage sheets/boards are used as a compression resistant passage for water to drain away and geotextile is used as a filter media only. Therefore,
the following properties are given more importance :

1. Permeability: Higher the permeability, more water will be filtered. The permeability should not decrease in time due to sintering.
2. Opening size: Opening size has to be small enough as not to allow the soil to flow through it. It should not increase in size under soft load.
3. Rigidity of Geo-textile: As the load acting on the product could be soft load (as in garden soil) or hard load (as that of a pavement), higher
Comparison between Delta Terraxx R and Draincell

Sr No. Product Feature Function / Significance Delta Terraxx R Draincell Remarks

rigidity of geo-textile leads to lesser deformation of the geo-textile and thus better drainage.
4. The core should be resistant to compressive load of the soil and plant and should remain free from blockages.
media only. Therefore,