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2/15/2019 12 Physics - Test Maker @ EasyLearningHome.


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Time: 35Min; Marks:10 for video lectures, past papers and other helping material
Q1) Choose the most appropriate op on. Cu ng / overwri ng is not allowed: 6 Marks
i) The inductance is more in self-induc on of ____
A) Air cored coil B) Iron cored C) Tungsten cored D) Steel cored
ii) An inductor may store energy in
A) Its magne c field B) Its electric field C) Its coil D) A neighboring circuit
iii) The mutual induc on plays role in ____
A) Generator B) Galvanometer C) Transformer D) D.C. Motor
iv) If the motor is overloaded, then the magnitude of "back emf" ____
A) Increases B) Decreases C) Constant D) Becomes zero
v) A real transformer does not change
A) Voltage level B) Current level C) Frequency level D) Power level
vi) Eddy currents produced in the core of transformer are responsible for ____
A) heat loss B) step up process C) step down process D) induc on phenomenon

Q2) Write short answers of ANY FIVE (05) of the following: 10 Marks
i) Does the voltage output of a generator change if its speed of rota on is increased? Explain briefly.
ii) In a certain region, the earth's magne c field points ver cally down. When a plane flies due north, which
wing p is posi vely charged?
iii) What is D.C. motor? Write its principle.
iv) Define self-inductance and its units.
v) What is meant by back motor effect in generators? Explain briefly.
vi) Show that [Math Processing Error] and [Math Processing Error] have the same units.

Give explanatory answer of ANY ONE of the following: 4 Marks

3) What is an inductor? Find energy stores in the inductor.
4) An ideal step down transformer is connected to main supply of 240V. It is desired to operate a 12V, 30W
lamp. Find the current in the primary and the transforma on ra o. 1/2
2/15/2019 12 Physics - Test Maker @ 2/2