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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan (template)

LESSON PLAN Subject: Math

Trainee: Hessa Topic or Theme: count and tally

Class: 2b,2c Date & Duration: 14-3-2019

Trainee Personal Goals

I am working on: Implementing learning because I want the lesson to be active.

Lesson Focus: the lesson is focusing on count the objects using tally.

Lesson Outcomes 2NAS1

Term 2

Students will be able to: Count objects using tally ‘Name and data’.

Links to Prior Learning Students at Grade 1 are representing adding and subtracting by joining
and separating concrete objects. They may begin to introduce symbols and language for their
concrete problems by writing 8 + 5 and saying 8 bears plus 5 bears, but they are not writing and
completing lists of addition and subtraction problems.

21st Century Skills

Creativity: because some students will work in pairs and use hands on activities.
Critical thinking: students will be self motivation because other groups will work individual with
hand on activities.

Key vocabulary



Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

Some students have difficulties in I will model for them numbers with pictures to make
numbers so maybe they confused and séance they understanding.
count wrong.
Resources/equipment needed

data show: to present the power point and the video.

online game: to recap the lesson.
Puzzles: to match pictures with a tally marks.

Dominos: to help them count to make tally marks.

Wooden sticks: use it to make tally marks.

data cards board marker. To record the data.

Spinners: to Spain to get numbers.

ear buds: to make tally marks.

Video: to explain the lessons.

power point and smart board: to let students solve the tally marks in the smart board.
Positive notes cards: to monitor students.

& Time
Resources Teacher and Students will:
power point
Tr: will let students sit in the carpet.
smart board
S: will sit in the carpet.
notes cards Tr: tell students lets counts by 5’s to gather.
S: will counts.
positive 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,9
Tr: so boys and girls today we will learn about
tally marks. And we use tally marks to easily count
& Time:15m many objects in groups of five.

Active Engagement (group working with the

Tr: ok let’s see the video to learn how we use tally
marks to counts.
Tr: will open the video.

Tr: will stops in the first part of the video to

explain for the students what happen. For
example her we have 5 square first will pot 4 lines
and the fifth line we should draw it like a slant line v=_xXJSDxRZP4
(like we should to across the four lines).

Tr: will stops in the first part of the video to

explain for the students what happen. For
example her we have six candles, so we should to
put four tally and the fifth one we will draw it like
across line and then we will add one straight line
to have all six.

Tr: will open the power point in the smart board.

And the power point represents fruits pictures.

Tr: will choose students to came to the smart

board to make a tally marks.

First students have 10 pictures of Apple.

S: will draw in the smart board 10 using tally


Next students have 7 picture of orange.

S: will draw in the smart board 7 using tally marks.

Last students have 4 picture of banana.

S: will draw in the smart board 4 using tally marks.

Tr: ok now we will start our activities. Tr: will open

the power point to show and explain for each
group what they should to do.

S: will go to their group and start their activities.

Tr: put the online timer. And monitor students by

using positive notes cards to send it to the
Main activities
& Time
Resources Teacher And Students will:
spinners (Master)
Tr: will give students spinners and ear buds
ear buds and A4 papers and board marker. Students
A4 papers will Spain the spinner and will write in the
chart the numbers and they will put the ear
board marker buds in tally columns.

Resources (Developing 1)
Teacher will tell students you will work in
data cards pairs. Each pairs will have data cards and
board marker board marker . Each pairs you will do two
surveys, the first one, you will read a short
story and you will record the answers. For
example, in the story 6 of the girls like to go
& Time: 15 to the mall so in the tally column you will
make 6 tally and in the total you will write
number 6. The second one, you will ask your
friend for example, how many time peer
wooden sticks week you eat apple and student will say 4,
then the students will make 4 tally and in
the total you will write number4.

(Developing 2)
Tr: will tell students you will work individual,
each students will have several dominos and
wooden sticks and A4 papers. For example,
student will take one dominos and he/she
will count the total of the dots. so the total
is 7 dots, then in the A4 paper will create 7
tally using wooden sticks.
Resources (Emerging)
Teacher will tell students you will work
individual and each students will play
puzzles match game that have cards with
pictures and the tally. For example the first
card you have 7 beards and then you should
to find the second cards that have 7 tallies
then match it together.

Differentiation activities (Support)

Tr: will give each students different numbers and wooden sticks.

S: will stick the numbers in the A4 paper and make for example 19
tally marks using wooden sticks.

& Time Plenary/Conclusion

Resources Teacher & Students will

data show
online game
Tr: will let students to sit in the
carpet to recap the lesson.
S: will sit in the carpet.
& Time:15m Tr: who can tell me what we learn
S: will say tally marks and count
Tr: ok let reviewing the tally
marks using game.
Tr: will open in the data show the
online game and ask students

Homework I will give them home work to make counts by 5’s, 10, 15,20,25,30 using wooden
Assessment Exit ticket
Strategies: Tr: let students to sit in the carpet and give them exit ticket small cards
S: will count the pictures and draw tally marks and will write the

☐Observation ☑Student self- ☑Oral questioning ☐Peer assessment


☐Quiz ☐Student presentation ☐Written work and ☐Verbal feedback