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Amanda Nguyen

4979 Corte Vista Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 | 520-227-2726 |

05 April 2019

New Graduate Program Committee

Dear New Graduate Program Committee:

Thank you for reviewing my application for acceptance to the nursing residency program at this hospital. As an upcoming
nurse, the opportunity to work in an environment that is committed to providing safe and quality care would be instrumental
to my transition into the profession. I strive to use integrated clinical practice, education, and research to advance my patient
care, and I believe this hospitals reputation of providing phenomenal patient experiences and outcomes can help me
accomplish just that. For those reasons, I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue my professional endeavors
here as a Registered Nurse.

Though I will graduate from the University of Arizona’s Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program in May, 2019, I know
that my educational journey is not complete. I am excited to use every patient interaction as an opportunity to reinforce and
further my didactic curriculum. While nursing school has taught me countless invaluable lessons, I believe that one of the
greatest lessons I have learned has been during my time as a Resident Assistant in the dorms. In this role, I was tasked with
building a safe and inclusive living and learning community for all students, regardless of the beliefs or identities that they
held. Consequently, I have faced numerous ethical and moral dilemmas in which students’ values and beliefs contradicted
one another and even my own. However, during my experience, I gained a passion for spreading the importance of cultural
competence, fostering an attitude of respect, and advocating for voices that may otherwise be neglected or silenced. I feel
that this is directly applicable to the hospital setting, where patient backgrounds and views vary drastically. I hope to use
my experience to not only provide culturally sensitive care to my patients, but to encourage a hospital-wide environment
and mentality that promotes health equity, as well.

Apart from my driving passion to provide culturally competent care, I believe that I have many skills to help me excel as a
nurse. First, I have a strong foundation of skills, physiology, and pharmacology. I continually strive to improve upon the
critical thinking and assessment skills needed to prioritize care and respond in situations of high acuity. Remaining highly
organized and managing my time proficiently allows me to skillfully handle these demanding circumstances, as well. I work
and communicate efficiently and effectively with others, recognizing the importance of teamwork on the delivery of
seamless patient care. I readily take on leadership roles, but am not afraid to ask for help when needed. I have the motivation
to continue learning and seek to further my education in the future to serve as an asset to this facility. Finally, I have the
patience, compassion, and fortitude to work with sick patients who may need an immense amount of strength and

Again, I would like to thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I hope that I get the chance to make a
contribution to not just the patients of this hospital, but to the Tucson community, as well. I hope to hear back from you
soon. Please do not hesitate to reach out with further inquiries.


Amanda Nguyen