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Raul Rangel

1. Do research (including reading the linked article on the course website) to find
the three key contributions that the Wright brothers made which allowed them
to succeed in achieving powered, sustained flight.

The Wright brothers’ three key contributions that allowed them to achieve
powered sustained flight was first, the most important, control of the aircraft.
Second was integrating diverse technologies into the frame of the aircraft.
Third was the need to test their aircraft through ground-based methods.

2. What was the Montgolfier Brother's contribution to Aeronautics?

The Montgolfer brothers’ contribution to Aeronautics was that they were the
first to test out passengers in a hot air balloon. This was to test high altitude
effects on people. They also discovered a new gas, called hydrogen, to keep
their balloon afloat in the air.

3. Who is the "Father of Aerodynamics?"

The “Father of Aerodynamics” is George Cayley.

4. What novel idea did Sir George Cayley considered in his airplane design?

Sir George Cayley considered a fixed wing and an adjustable horizontal and
vertical tail on his glider.

5. What German glider pilot did proceed the Wright Brother's as the most
proficient pilot?

Otto Lilienthal was the pilot.

6. What philosophy did the German glider pilot and the Wright brothers share
with regard to the study of flight?

Lilienthal concluded, “To learn practical aerodynamics, one needs to get up in

the air.”

7. What French-born engineer became a good friend and advisor to the Wright
Octave Chanute was a good friend and advisor to the Wright Brothers.

8. What famous scientist was credited with building the "first airplane capable of
flight" by the Smithsonian Institute before 1948?

The famous scientist that was credited with building the "first airplane capable
of flight" was Samuel P. Langley.

9. What device did the Wright brothers build to test wing shapes?

The Wright brothers built the system known as wing warping to test wing

10. Where did the Wright's first flight take place?

The Wright’s first flight took place in Kittyhawk, North Carolina.

11. Why did the Wright brothers sue Glenn Curtis?

The Wright brothers sued Glenn Curtis because they believed that Curtis stole
their ideas that they had patented for their aircraft.

12. In what country did Wilber finally achieve fame?

Wilbur achieved his fame in France.