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PORTABLE BY: The House of Portable - All Portable That You Want
telegram: @thehouseofportable
Information about: V-Ray 3.6 Plugin for my SketchUp 2018 Portable
This is a multi-package portable.

REQUIRED FILES (from main package):

-main sketchup executable (or the ~452Mb file)
-any other exe to launch different applications
-> info about online&offline exe at the bottom, below activation!

ADDITIONAL Package files (optional plugins/textures/updates. Use: just download

from the original post (.svm files) and put them near to the main exe file. At next
start the portable will recognize them!):
-> You can find them on the original post on
If none are available, and you would like some plugin added, just request it. I'll
do my best.
-> Or you can also Add plugin files into:
-- Program Files folder =
\Sandbox\SketchUp 2018\roaming\modified\@PROGRAMFILES@\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\
-- Appdata folder (plugins & so) =
\Sandbox\SketchUp 2018\roaming\modified\@APPDATACOMMON@\SketchUp\SketchUp
2018\SketchUp\Plugins or similar, you got the idea, just like the installed
version, and at next startup the portable will recognize your new files.

WARNING: the OFFLINE version can't access Internet at all. There's also an ONLINE
version in this portable. Read below for more info!

***** A C T I V A T I O N *****
[ Read to understand how bad this is :) ]
Hey guys! Got some problems making this portable. (Actually more than some.)
As you may know, V-Ray 3.6 activation is the most wanted thing in the world, second
only to funny cat videos. After 7 months of no crack available, one user on reddit
found out some kind of solution through license server and date changing. Seems to
really work, but it's very fresh, we'll see in 30 days if it still holds after
legit V-Ray trial period.

As I mentioned, activation is through a License server, which is a really bad thing

for portabilizing, as it's hard to virtualize. Well, not hard, almost impossible as
far as I know.

That's why, unfortunately, you have to INSTALL this License Server. Yes I know you
came here for portable stuff, but it's this or no V-Ray at all, at least for now.
And it's even harder and delicate than that, works for me and I hope it will work
for everyone. (Still hope to find a better solution tough). Here's what to do.
Note: your pc has to be ONLINE the whole process.

0a. Run SketchUp 2018 ONLINE exe. Accept, let it load.

0b. Click Extensions -> V-Ray -> Help -> License -> you see 3 choices.
our goal here is to have 'activate license' grayed out and 'release license' in
black text, but this can NOT be done by clicking 'activate', so don't. It'll be
automatic if the license server thing works.
1. Open "V-Ray License Server 5.0.1 Setup.exe" as admin and install it. Skip login
when asked.
2. Browser should open automatically to and open License Server
config. If not, try running server manually (hit Start button and launch the just
installed 'Start Chaos License Server')

** METHOD 1 - WITH MY ACCOUNT ** (hope it works for everybody)

3. Click Enable Online Licensing, it should go to a login page. If it doesn't, try
again and again, stop&start server, do stuff, it's tricky.. AND make sure you're
4. Login with account thehouseofportable:portablestuff
5. This should be enough, I have a server license active till 2020, it was able to
activate one of my pc with a different computer name than original license, so
maybe works for more. Check licenses at
6. If you go back, 'activate' should be grey and you can use vray hopefully.


You have to create a new account at
confirm email and request your V-Ray for SketchUp trial. Remember user:pass.
3. from browser opened after installation: Click Enable Online Licensing, it should
go to a login page. Login with your user:pass. Now click Online Licensing and hit
Deactivate, Yes.
4. Now click again Enable Online Licensing, will go to a login page. WAIT!
5. Go to system settings and change date to year 2020, keeping same day/month.
6. Go back to browser and login with your fresh created account. This should enable
your trial period on your machine, but active until 2 years from now. Yep a little
7. Revert your date to normal, and check active license servers at Selecting V-Ray 3.0 you should see a license active till 2020.
8. Go back to sketchup and 'activate' should be grey
If not, try restarting sketchup, or try messing up with these steps above, login
logout start stop server etc, hopefully in some way it will work, it's quite
tricky! That's what I did for 2 days before coming to this conclusion...

Sorry again for this messy release but that's the best out there right now.
Thanks for believing in me!
-THOP Admin

***** About ONLINE vs OFFLINE .exe ****
That might sound new, but this portable MAY work online (at least partially).
[I don't know how to use the software, I just give the possibility of more features
for my users.]

OFFLINE: If you want to stay 100% safe and activated forever, just run Offline exe,
after activating vray if needed of course and hoping it stays activated.

ONLINE: it's already patched so it should work well, maybe has some more features
but I don't know, I don't use programs I just portabilize them for you guys :)

Tip: if something goes wrong, portable deactivates, settings messed up etc, you
can revert portable to 'factory' like it's just downloaded: just delete Sandbox

Enjoy this portable release!
Buy the software if you use it.
if you have any problem, you can contact me on my website/telegram/facebook!
telegram: @thehouseofportable
Thank you for downloading!