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Patient caze Cu\fare pToject/ Listening Reading Language spot Vocabulary piopqpy;pjgq

E›r Gif!ian Understanding Personal details fJiagnoSing A case report Asking shoft and DggCflbiN @Qig Med cal terms-
Henderson culture. Presenting presenting gentle questions w'ord stress
‹nterpret‹ng body complaints complaints Tenses in the
language presenting

2 Working in general practice + p.t2

St›ort questions research into Descrtpt‹on of Social factors in GP statistics A referral letter } Present Perfect Medical j0bS Medical jo6s.
in the general general practice a GP’s job general practice Case history a Old PaSt 5IM(J!€ $rgflS 6Ijd M6II1 Stf£SS
history in the UK A case history role-play symptoms O.ueStions: riSin8
gq technical and falling
Short quest\ons [gp gp g int0natlOn
in the general

3 Instructions and procedures p.20

D• rranco Ca•ur› Preparation for Preparing for the Direct Explaining a Case notes InstruCtiofis
- nevv!vq•z'*ed canyngout first ward round ObServation of process (hand instructions for a procedure
duo› apple cj j Procedural skills washing) Expaining
nstructions kg@)aining procedures
a procedure 6liating polite
Case presentation

4 £xplziiiing a nd reassuring • u,ig

£esearcA ›nto Student care 5LlffiX£S
comp\›cations procedures with tO deSC+!te
Explaining a the Present p W!**
gastroscopy Passive and goinp
Emphasis to future
D‹5cusSing reassuring th£
compl nations patient

A patient's rhas Concordance A drug chart Clinical incident Phra5al e‹bs AbbrgyiationS
Explaining reporting Explaining side
Benefits and Side
6 Lifestyle • p 44 word •treSs in
staking changes An emaI1 about Enco•‹•8›•g language for
I amily history 2 id Ove • Bht dealing witI1 patients exercise neun phrases
so< lot history Stress stress and fnaktng
§ ggpq practice scjggestions
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