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Commission Agreement

The City of __________ _______________, 20____

The present Commission Agreement is concluded between ____________________, ID 6234879-F,

representative ____________________, ___________________________________ CIF (company tax
code) B-04349874, acting on the grounds of the Statute , hereinafter “the Seller” and
Andrey V. Dmitrenko with ID number 6812215, the General Director of “Mega-Fort International Ltd.”
residence: off.4, 73/1 Privolnaya str. Moscow , 109431, Russia; with CIF 50009905080, acting against
the Articles of Association , hereafter “ the Agent”, further as “Parties” on the following :

1. Subject of Agreement

1.1. Agent provides servises on promotion and marketing on the territory of CIS for the Seller,
aiming procurement of clients, ready to purchase the real estate objects of the Seller. The assets are
supposed to be the subject for commercialisation. (Details enclosed at the Enclosure No.3,)wich is
the integral part of the Agreement.

1.2.The Agent, acting as mediator within the period of working out the Sale Contract between Seller
and Client, is obliged to inform the Seller about the Register’ details of every potential client
(Enclosure No.1).

1.3. The sale price on every real estate object is to be determined by the Seller, according to the clause
FOUR ( Enclosure No.3).

2. Commission payment

2.1. The commission to be paid to the Agent according to the clause SECOND ( Enclosure No.3)
which is the integral part of the present Agreement.

2.2.The Agent will not have the right to charge the Seller for any commission in case the Buyer
renounces or does not sign the purchasе public document by any reason. In this case all received cash
( commission costs) to be be returned back to the Seller.

2.3. In case of changing the sales price of the objects the Seller has to inform the Agent in written
form within 5 working days.

3. Responsibilities of the parties

3.1. Agent has the right to commercialize the objects both for the private persons and juridical
entities, which is foreseen by the present Agreement,

3.2. Seller has the right to sell objects directly or by assistance of other agents without payment
commission to the Agent.

3.3. İn cse the Agent discovers commercial interest of potential Byer ( client) , he is obliged to
inform Seller in a written form and to include that client into the Register, which is integral part of
this Agreement as well as to provide a set of official documents (Client’ company) and necessary
copies of passports (for private Clients). The Agent is not entitled to demand any payment for client’
services , whose data were not presented in a written form (into the Register) and approved by the
4. Other Terms and conditions

4.1. This Agreement enters into force since the moment of signing on condition of prolongation .
However, both Parties have the right to cancel the Agreement by unilateral decision, the cancellation
must be done in advanced information (at least 30 working days prior).

4.2. In the event this Agreement is terminated due to causes for termination as described above,
neither one of the parties will have the right for any payments for compensation, penalization or for
any other concept claimed with reference to this Agreement.

4.3. Agreement includes 14 paragraphs. All possible discussions and disputed, related to this
Agreement are governed by the İnternational Law.

4.4. All information and data sent by fax or e-mail given below by the Parties are considered to be
official and valid. In case of disputes supposed to be as “enclosure” and an integral part of this

4.5. By accomplishing the deal, the Agent and the Seller have to sign the Implemented Work
Certificate (Enclosure 2) as the result of work, implemented under this Agreement within 5 working
days, or in a form of step-by-step certificate as Objects are sold.

5. Down payments
5.2.The cash amounts paid by the clients as down payment for reservation a property object are
beyond the banking procedure of the Agent , and to be paid directly by the client(s) on account
designated for this purpose by the Seller.

6. Data address


Agent: “Mega-Fort International Ltd ” , off.4, 75/1 Privolnaya str. Moscow ,109431, Russia,
, e-mail:, tel.:7 (495) 979 19 94
Исполнитель: ООО "Мега-Форт Интернэшнл", Юр. Адрес:140003,г.Люберцы,п/о 3, д. 59 А,оф.217, ИНН-
5027122710,КПП-502701001,р/с №40702810702810000001202027, в АКБ «ФОРА-БАНК»(АО) г. Москва, кор.счет
№30101810300000000341,БИК- 044525341, тел. 979 19 94 , Е-mail:
Генеральный директор - Дмитренко Андрей Вилинович,
Тел: 8 (903) 741-93-40

Agent Seller
“Mega-Fort International” Ltd.

Dmitrenko A.V
(signature) (signature)
Фирменное полное наименование на Акционерный коммерческий банк "ФОРА-БАНК" (закрытое
русском языке акционерное общество)

Сокращенное наименование на русском


Фирменное полное наименование на

"FORA-BANK" Joint-Stock Commercial Bank
английском языке

Сокращенное наименование на
английском языке



Sberbank, Moscow, Russia

USD account: 30109840700000000702
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, NY, USA, SWIFT: IRVTUS3N

EUR account: 30109978300000000702

Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, SWIFT: DEUTDEFF
CHF account: 30109756700000000702
Correspondent bank: UBS AG, Zurich, Switzerland, SWIFT: UBSWCHZH80A

USD 30109840700000000702

EUR 30109978300000000702

40702840300001202027 (for $), 407028140500001002027 - transit,

40702978900001202027 (for EU) 40702978100001002027 – tansit

Enclosure 1 to the Commission Agreement between _____________________________________ and
Mega-Fort International Ltd on ____________________, 20___.



Agent Seller
“Mega-Fort International”Ltd.
Enclosure 2 to the Commission Agreement between ____________________________________. and
Mega-Fort International Ltd on ___________________, 20___.


The City of___________________ ______________ _______, 200

Andrey V. Dmitrenko, the General Director of the Limited Liability Company “Mega-Fort International
” acting on the grounds of the Statute, (“Agent”), and

further named “Seller”, have agreed upon the following:

1.Under the current Agreement 19 th December 2008 the “ Agent” has fully and satisfactory implemented his tasks
and obligations.
2. Client and “Seller” have agreed upon delegation of property rights handed over from “Seller”to Client for the
property described as follows (address, sq.m., etc.):



3. “Seller” and “Agent” have no particular disagreements and arguments.

“Seller” __________/ / “Agent” __________/ /

It is O.K.

Enclosure 3 to the Commission Agreement between _____________________________________ and

Mega-Fort International Ltd on _____________________, 20___.


Real state property called ____________________: property of THE SELLER, Single Family
Villa/appartement Located in __________________________ and in Sector ___________________ in
The commission to perceive by THE AGENT will be TEN PER CENT (10%) of the Object’s price,
without VAT/
Full cash payment sale: the full commission payment will be transfered to the account of Agent within 5
days term after the purchase of 30% minimum of total price is paid by Client to Seller. We are agree. If
you sell it more
expensive than
1.650.000,00 €,
4th CLAUSE: SALE PRICE the 50% of the
diference will be
The sale price is ____________________________ € without VAT. for you.

Signature: Signature: Andrey V. Dmitrenko

P.P Mega-Fort International Ltd.