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Sample Lesson Plan: Gas Laws


The student understands the principles of ideal gas behavior, kinetic molecular theory, and the
conditions that influence the behavior of gases:

 Students will be able to explain that pressure increases as the temperature of a fixed amount of
gas in a sealed container (constant volume and number of molecules) increases.
 Students will be able to describe that pressure increases as the volume a fixed amount of air is
allowed to occupy decreases (at constant temperature). This is Boyle’s law.
 Students will be able to predict how volume and or pressure change when more gas is added to
a container. This is Avogadro’s law.

Materials and Equipment

Demonstration: SPARKvue on the teacher computer with an LCD projector (so the entire class can see),
empty soda cans (3 per class), hot plate, beaker tongs, watch glass, shallow tub filled with ice-water, Lab:
Each group will need the following:

PASCO equipment Labware Consumables

SPARK SLS (updated) Small test tube Ice in an ice-chest
Chemistry sensor with the One-hole stopper to fit the test tube Tap water ~ 350 mL
pressure adapters, tubing, and and attaché pressure adapters and Paper towels
The 60-mL syringe tubing.
Extension cable (inside the (note – I have these made and will
colorimeter box) bring them with me if that is easier)
Fast-response temperature 400 mL beaker (or similar size)

Class Activities:
5 min Normal teacher warm-up / introduction of PASCO teacher
10 min Crush a soda can demonstration
Goal – Give the students a challenge: to use the kinetic molecular theory to explain why
the soda can crushes. As a class we will list all the variables that may be involved and the
students will spend the rest of the class period explaining their goals.
Lab hints: want to be able to understand our observations at the molecular level. What
is pressure? What are the SI units of pressure? Kilopascals (kPa). Each person in the lab
group should try adjusting the syringe to feel the pressure.
Technology hints: build a digits display (2 on one page), build a graph, hide a run, and
go to the home screen. New page button.
5 min Students answer Pre-Lab questions.
25 min Students perform the lab (Gas Laws: Pressure, Volume, Temperature, and Moles)
5 min Class discussion to summarize the findings.

Vocabulary: Pressure, kilopascal, compress, plunger