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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of This Masterclass

1. Print this workbook before the Masterclass so you can take notes as you
listen. You can also download and type directly in the workbook to save paper. 

2. Review the contents of this workbook before the Masterclass so you know
what to expect, and you can best set aside private time before, during, and
after the Masterclass to complete the activities.

3. You can pause the Masterclass video to take notes or fill in the blanks by
clicking on the video screen.

4. Think of how you can quickly implement the secrets revealed in this session
to increase abundance in your life. 

5. During the Masterclass, use the dedicated space on the right column to
write down ALL interesting new ideas and inspirations you get while listening -
that way you won’t lose the most relevant information to you.
Table of Contents


• Set your intentions before the Masterclass.


• Assess current energy of your spaces with this self-assessment.


• Section 0. 3 parts of the Law of Attraction

• Section 1: The power position 

• Section 2: Decluttering

• Section 3: Colors 

• Section 4: Mirrors

• Section 5: Sharp edges

• Section 6 Tubes of Light meditation - inner Feng Shui meditation


• Solidify your learning after the Masterclass by completing a quiz.


• The right question can spur your unconscious mind to feed you the right

• Read what other people said about Marie Diamond.

Start with Intention

Write down and set your positive intentions here. What are your intentions for
joining this Masterclass? What do you hope to leave with?
Assess current energy of your spaces with this self-assessment. How true are
these statements to you?

Rate yourself on these statements on a scale from 1 to 10.

Rate 1-10
(1 - least true; 10 - most true)
1. I easily attract what I desire into my life.
2. Generally I feel at peace, full of joy and love.
3. Money comes into my life generously and is perfectly
orchestrated for my benefit.
4. I have a deep restful sleep and wake up full of energy every
5. I can easily enter flow state while working, I can easily tap into
my creativity.
6. My body is strong and energetic, I am full of vitality.
7. My personal relationships are full of unconditional love and
deep connections.
8. My friendships, professional relationships with clients and
teams members are authentic and meaningful.
9. I know how to connect with myself and listen to my inner
wisdom when making important decisions in life.
10. I know my purpose and I am excited about the opportunities
to express it into the world.

Use this space for additional notes.


Follow along the Masterclass and fill in the blanks. You can pause the video to
write down your answers or take notes on the right. Click on the video to pause.
But pay attention, because you cannot rewind!


0. 3 parts of the Law of Attraction

1/3 Heavenly Luck - _______________________________________________

1/3 Human luck - __________________________________________________

1/3 Earth Luck - ____________________________________________________

1. The Power Position

In every place you are sitting, sleeping or working always make

sure you see _________________________.

When you see __________________ you create ___________________.

2. Decluttering

Decluttering is about __________________________.

The first rule is ______________________ and that is done by using the

technique of decluttering.

It is suggested to declutter at least _______________ of

whatever is around you. Because everything that is around you
influences you ______________________________.
3. Colors 


Colors spark ______________.

There are colors that are good for _______________1. ______________

2. ______________________3._________________4.____________________

One of the colors that is good for abundance is, of course,


If you want to attract more move, the color for love is _________________.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are doubling ________________, doubling, _______________,

doubling _________________. 

You should not have mirrors in the bedroom reflecting ___________

because you are doubling ________________

The best place to put mirrors is the space with active energy
like ______

5. Sharp Edges

When you have sharp edges like cactuses , sharp leaves plants,
it affects your ______________ and __________ of your house.
6. Tubes of Light meditation - inner Feng Shui meditation

Preparation Tips: PAUSE the Masterclass by clicking on the video screen to prepare for

• Make sure you are in a quiet place where nothing can distract you,
and that you are not driving any vehicle.
• Be in a comfortable position so you can fully take part in the guided
• Stretch your muscles before starting the class.
• Stretching loosens the muscles and tendons allowing you to sit (or
lie) more comfortably.
• Additionally, stretching starts the process of “going inward” and
brings added focus to the body.
• Take a deep breath. Breathing deeply slows the heart rate and
relaxes the muscles to help you have a comfortable experience
during the guided meditation.
• You can use candles and other spiritual tools in the room to further
help you feel at ease.

Use the space below for any additional notes

Complete this quiz after the Masterclass to solidify your learning.

1. What is the Power Position? How should you be positioned in accordance with the entrance

2. Why is it not recommended to place images of water in the bedroom?

3. Why is it so important to avoid having sharp edges in your spaces, especially pointing at
you while you are working or sleeping?

4. How the object, colors, shapes in your spaces are influencing your destiny?

The right questions can spur your unconscious mind to feed you the right
answers. So ask yourself… (Use an extra piece of paper if you need to).

1. Imagine – what would your life be like if you were to live in the energetically
activated space for your success, well-being, relationships and inner wisdom? 

2. How can you contribute more to your family, relationships, yourself, and community
if you were to share the space activation secrets with them? 

3. How will your life change once you remove negative energy from the spaces around
you and activate the energy for everyones highest good?

4. What is the one thing you can do right now to demonstrate you are dedicated to
improving the space energy for your better life?

THANK YOU for joining Marie Dimond’s Masterclass! 

To get more info on Marie’s remarkable program

Feng Shui for Life and to activate the energy of
your spaces for an effortless manifestation, visit

But do not sign up for the program until July

5-12… at the end of the masterclass the price will
be reduced as a thank you for participation!


“We saw an immediate improvement in our business after her

first consultation”

[Marie Diamond] is a great teacher, sage, master and friend

but most importantly I appreciate her and have great respect
or all she does. I feel blessed to know her. We saw an
immediate improvement in our business after her first
consultation. Many good things have happened to my
family and my business after her consultation and advice.

~ Jack Canfield
Best Selling Author of the Success Principles and Chicken Soup for
the Soul Series. Master Teacher from The Secret.

“Feng Shui has made such a big impact on my marriage, my

family and my business”

I want to thank you, Marie Diamond, Your Feng Shui has

made such a big impact on my marriage, my family and
my business. What an inspiration you are to my family – may
you continue to enlighten the world and share your Secret!

~ John Gray,
World Best selling Author of Men are from Mars and Women are
from Venus

“My romantic life has gone ‘through the roof’, and everything is
going much more” smoothly”

Ever since Marie came into our business and my home to do her wonderful work, we
have been filmed for a television program to be seen by 200 million people in China and
expanded in Asia, my romantic life has gone ‘through the roof, and everything is going
much more smoothly... I highly recommend her work.

~ Dame DC Cordova
CEO/Co-Founder, Excellerated Business Schools/Money & You Program
“I moved from being a massage therapist to becoming a Global
teacher and author”

I have been mentored with Marie Diamond since 2002 and I can honestly say that my life
would not be what it is without her.[...]   Within 5 years of starting my work with Marie, I
moved from being a massage therapist in Fargo, North Dakota to becoming a Global teacher
and author reaching people in many countries worldwide. She has helped me expand into my
soul’s purpose and I am loving every minute of my life!

~ Annette Rugolo,
Global Teacher and Speaker, Environmental Healer and Transformational Mentor

“Marie Diamond’s work makes an immediate and astounding

positive effect on your life”
Marie Diamond’s work makes an immediate and astounding positive effect on your life. [...]
Within the short span of her consultation, her Diamond Feng Shui methods opened energy
for harmony, health, and good fortune. Within the next few days and weeks I saw
increases in my income, my children experienced physical and emotional healing along
with increased concentration and calm, and my wife averted a medical disaster. Seeing
was believing! Now we publish the Diamond Feng Shui Self-Study Course through my

~ Dr. Paul R.,


“My income tripled”

Since the personal mentoring session last year about my energy blockages and my personal
Feng Shui, my income tripled and my work was the most enjoyable last year--the best
year in my life!    I know your guidance made a difference.  The mentoring session we did
has given me freedom and protection.

~Alexandria Hilton,
CEO of the Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC - Developing High Performance Transformational
“Results start to come immediately”

[...] At 29 years I was looking for some answers in my life but just when I met Marie I got it and
from this moment- on in this mentoring session. Everything started to change. All started
making sense. My behavior changed, my family, my business everything started to be
better. After Feng Shui of our house and company, things started to happen quicker and
stronger - results start to come immediately and also money :) - absolutely fabulous.
 Thanks, Marie that you came to my life.

~Helena Kohutova
First Female MLM Leader in Lyoness, Slovakia

“My overall energy within the house is improved, and my

Since I went thru my house to check the positioning of objects in my best directions and
changed or added things, I have been blessed with a brand new car, I won a drawing at a
Scottish festival, my overall energy within the house is improved, and my relationships
have made a shift ridding myself of some friendships, and making new ones. I am a very
blessed individual in all aspects of life.

~ Paul S.

“The energy rings are the most powerful product I ever

Over the years I have tried so many products to protect and upgrade my body and energy
field. The energy rings are the most powerful product I ever experienced. They work on the
psychical and energetical level and they protect and upgrade. All in one! I use them wherever I
go to stay energized, focused and protected. Another important facet of the energy rings is
that they last "forever" and don't need to be cleansed. The rings are super effective and
amazing easy to use. I can't live without them anymore.

~ Aleiah van der Zant

To activate energy of your spaces,