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Sample osdb migration question

1. Which R3load version is used for migrating SAP R/3 4.0B system?
Same Kernel of 4.0B system,

2. What is the purpose of the task file?

Since 6.10 it use to restart a failed R3load process. The TOC files is read to find
the last write portion only (Previous version uses *.TOC to restart a failed
Task files are created by R3load from existing *.STR files.
It simplifies the R3load restart
Easy to use table/index exception handling.
Implemented since 6.10
Support tablesplitting from 6.40

3. Which processes create the R3load command file?

R3setup / sapinst / Migmon

4. If you have the following contents in the import task file

T A345 C OK
D A345 I OK
T A056 C OK
IF the import task status is changed from “ok” to xeq then what will be the
T A345 C err
D A345 I err
T A056 C err
Because the table A345 is already loaded in to the database, when it tries create
the table it throws an error „table is already exist „ and so on....

5. R3SZCHK creates which of the following file

c. Initial Extent file
d. Command file

6. The OS/DB Migration service performs the following

a. Performance analysis of the source and target system
b. Performance analysis of the target migrated system
c. Is a paid service provided by SAP
d. Needed for every productive SAP system involved.
7. Which files are used to analysis if there is an issue with the migration key (2
correct answers)
a. SAPINST log files
b. R3SETUp log files
c. Export log files
d. MIGKEY.log

8. The information from which files are used to create the Migration key for
Heterogeneous system copies
a. Export log file
b. Task file
c. Command file
d. SAPINST/R3SETup log files

9. IF the import task file is as shown below

P AEC057~ C OK
T AE058 C OK
I AE058~ C OK

What will happen with the following command is executed

R3load –oivp <command file>…
a. Table AE056 is deleted and recreated
b. Table AE058 is created
c. Primary key AEC057~ will not be created
Ans: R3load –o is used omit (T -> Table, I-> Index, V-> View, P-> Primary Key)

This command will omit the creation of primary key and AE058 index

10. The R3load activity “struct” in the means

11. In an IMIG project which of the following holds true

a. IMIG source system base release should be SAP 6.20 or later
b. There must be enough space in the source system for creating the logging
c. The online data transfer is performed when the source system is shutdown


Online export of selected largest tables.

Trigger-based logging of table updates.
Online table synchronization between source and target
Safe synchronization protocol to ensure data consistency.
Final export of remaining tables in an acceptable time frame.
12. Which of the following are heterogeneous system copy
a. AIX 5.1/Oracle 8.1  AIX 5.3/Oracle 10g
b. AIX 5.1/Oracle 8.1  Solaris / Oracle 10g
c. Windows 32 bit / Oracle 32 bit  Windows 64 bit/ Oracle 64 bit

13. If the R3load process terminated due to space not available in the database while
creating the primary key. After the space is provided and R3load started again
what will be the effect
a. R3load will proceed successfully without any error
b. The primary key will be recreated again
c. R3load error occurs

14. What is the location of the DDL<DBS>.TPL file

a. Export dump directory
b. Export DB directory
c. Export Data directory
d. Export DB/<DBS>

15. The database was reorganized due to which all the objects in the customer specific
tablespaces have been relocated. The ABAP dictionary information however is
not updated about the changes in the database the R3LDCTL and R3SZCHK
process have been run on the system what is the effect
a. The R3load errors out
b. R3SZCHK create the DBSIZE.XML for the target database containing the
customer tablespaces
c. R3LDCTL creates the *.STR files
d. DD09L table updated
Which of the following does R3SZCHK use to compute the size of the target
a. R3Load command file
c. Structure file
d. DD09L

17. What information is contained in the *.TOC files

Header Information (since 6.10)
R3load version id, code page and checksum information.
Name of the dump file used
Table Name and position of data with in the dump file.
First data block/last data block
Where condition in case of table splitting.
Number of tables unloaded and time stamps.

18. How will you provide information to R3load if the dump files are stored in
different file systems

Ans: Edit the CMD File, Dat : data location to different file systems.

19. The command “-merge_bck” performs the following

a. Writes a warning message to the log file
b. The export/import will be started immediately
c. An error occurs
d. The missing entries in the tsk file are copied from the bck files

20. Question on how are the order of the files export/import when MIGMON is used

Order by size/file

21. The program “dipgntab” performs ….

Ensuring Abap DDIC (Dictionary) consistency, The program dipgntab will be

started to update the sap system active nametab from database dictionary(table
field order)

Consistency between ABAP and database dictionary.

22. For R3Load <=4.6D if an OS crash occurs during the system copy

23. R3Load>=6.10 performs the following

Many questions related to chapter 7 on the contents and structure of files.