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eICU Collaborative Research Available Tables And

This dataset contains short descriptions of the available tables and vitalPeriodic table data for 200,859
critical patients admissions between 2014 and 2015. The eICU Collaborative Research Database
(eICU-CRD) is a multi-center intensive care unit (ICU) database with high granularity data for
admissions monitored by eICU Programs across the United States.

Key Facts
Date Created 2018-09-11

Date Modified 2018-09-11

Version 2018-09-11

Update Frequency Irregular

Temporal Coverage 2014-2015

Spatial Coverage United States

Source About Nature Research

Source License URL N/A

Source License N/A


Source Citation N/A

Keywords Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care, ICU Admissions, ICU Cases,
Admissions Data, eICU Program, eICU Database, eICU Data,
ICU Data, Critical Care Data John Snow Labs, Inc. 2018 +1 (302) 786-5227

Other Titles and Uses
- eICU Program Admissions Data Available

- Critical Care Admissions Data Available

- eICU Admissions Data Available

The Philips eICU program is a transformational critical care telehealth program that delivers
need-to-know information to caregivers, empowering them to care for the patients. It is a supplement -
not a replacement - to the bedside team, and the data utilized by the remote caregivers is archived for
research purposes. Through this work, it generated a large database which has the potential for
facilitating additional research initiatives on patient outcomes, trends, and other best practice protocols
in use today at most healthcare facilities.

The eICU Collaborative Research Database is a subset of a research data repository maintained by
eRI. A stratified random sample of patients was used to select patients for inclusion in the public
dataset. The selection was done as follows: first, all hospital discharges between 2014 and 2015 were
identified, and a single index stay for each unique patient was extracted. The proportion of index stays
in each hospital from the eRI data repository was used to perform a stratified sample of patient index
stays based upon hospital; the aim was to maintain the distribution of the first ICU stays across the
hospitals in the dataset. After a patient index stay was selected, all subsequent stays for that patient
were also included in the dataset, regardless of the admitting hospital. A small proportion of patients
only had stays in step down units or low acuity units, and these stays were removed.

The database comprises 200,859 patient unit encounters for 139,367 unique patients admitted
between 2014 and 2015. Patients were admitted to one of 335 units at 208 hospitals located
throughout the US.

The vitalPeriodic table contains data derived directly from these bedside monitors. Unlike other data
elements in the database, the data collected in these tables are not entered or validated by providers
of care: the periodic and aperiodic vital sign data have been automatically derived and archived with
no human verification.

It is important to mention that coverage values do not necessarily represent reliability of data collection
as the expected prevalence of documentation for each table varies. Coverage groups are: none (0%),
low (0-20%), medium (20-60%), high (60-80%), and excellent (80-100%). John Snow Labs, Inc. 2018 +1 (302) 786-5227

Field Name Type Description Properties

Category String Specifies whether the

description is for available
table or data

Tables String Specifies the tables type

Variable String The short description of the

table or data

Code String The coded name of the table

or data

Measurement String The measurement unit or the

categorical variable value
(e.g. Level of coverage: Low)
for which the numerical value
is provided

Coverage String Specifies one of the 5

coverage groups mentioned
in description

Number Integer The total number of units Level: Ratio

Percent Number The overall percent of units or Level: Ratio

variables values (e.g. percent
for Level of coverage: Low)

Sample Records
Field Name Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Category Data available in Data available in Data available in

vitalPeriodic table vitalPeriodic table vitalPeriodic table


Variable ST level ST level ST level

Code st2 st1 st3

Measurement Patients Patients Patients


Number 98886 95643 92752

Percent 49.23 47.62 46.18 John Snow Labs, Inc. 2018 +1 (302) 786-5227