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TIME- 3 HRS. M.M-100
General Instructions:
 Section A: Each Question carries 1 mark; Section B: Each Question carries 2 marks.
 Section C: Each Question carries 3 marks; Section D: Each Question carries 5 marks.
 Section E: Value based Questions (10 marks).
SECTION- A (1x 10 = 10 marks)
Q1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):
(i) Integers between 0 and -7 are:
(a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d)3

(ii) A proper fraction whose numerator is 9 and denominator is sum of 5 and 6.

a) 9 (b) 11 (c) 9 (d) 10
11 9 10 9

(iii) Equivalent fraction of 15with denominator 7 is

(a) 3 (b)7 (c)6 (d) 4
7 3 7 7
(iv) Seven tenths as decimal is:
(a) 0.7 (b) 0.007 (c) 0.07 (d) 7.0
(v) Lowest term of 0.04 is:
(a) 4 (b) 4__ (c) 1_ (d) 2_
10 100 25 25
(vi) A ____________is a collection of numbers gathered to give some information
(a) Pictograph (b)Range (c) Bar Graph (d) Data

(vii) Perimeter of a square whose side is 70 m

(a) 280 m (b) 140 m (c) 230 m

(viii) Perimeter of an equilateral ___ is:

(a) 3 x side (b) 4 x side (c) 2 x ((L + b) (d) 6 x side

(ix) An improper fraction with denominator 8.

a) 2 (b)6 (c)11 (d) 8

8 8 8 7

(x) Which letter does not have any line of symmetry?

(a) M (b) S (c) 0 (d) H

SECTION-B: Very Short Questions (2x 10= 20 marks)

Q2. Construct a line segment of length 6.2 cm. using ruler and compass.
Q3. Abhishek had Rs.7.45. He bought a chocolate for Rs.5. Find the balance amount left with Abhishek.
Q4. Express 5 Kg.28g. as Kg. using decimal.
Q5. Find the solution of equation n+12 = 20.

Q6. Reduce the fractions to the lowest term:

(a) 12 (b) 150

52 60
Q7. Represent 9 + (-6) on number line.
Q8. The number of children in the families of 15 students in 6th class were as under:
2 3 3 1 4 5 3 2
1 4 7 3 2 3 1

Prepare a frequency distribution table.

Q9. Find the perimeter of a regular pentagon with each side measuring 3 cm.
Q10. Find the difference between 7 and 3.
8 16

Q11. Draw two circles of radii 3 cm and 5.5 cm with the same centre O.
SECTION-C: Short Questions (3x10 = 30 marks)
Q12. Construct an angle of measure 600and bisect it.
Q13. Complete the table:
m_ 12 10 7

Q14. The following number of cold drink bottles sold by a shopkeeper on six consecutive days:
Day Number of Bottles Sold
Sunday 350
Monday 270
Tuesday 300
Wednesday 250
Thursday 100
Friday 50

Represent the given data in the form of a Bar Graph.

Q15. Nikhil travelled 5 Km. 52m by bus, 2 Km. 265m by car and the rest by 1 Km 30m he walked. How
much distance did he travel in all?

Q16. Write as decimals:

(a) Two tens and nine tenths
(b) One hundred and two ones
(c) Six hundred point eight
Q17. Sarita takes 2 5 minutes to walk across the school around. Babita takes 7_ minutes to do the same.
Who takes less time and by what fraction?

Q18. Do as directed:
(a) How many lines of symmetry are there in a regular pentagon?
(b) The number 8 have _____________lines of symmetry.
(c) Which triangle has only one line of symmetry?
Q19. Find the sum:
(37) + (2) + (-65) + (-8)
Q20. Priyanka runs around a square field of side 75m, Bobby runs around a rectangular field of side 160m
and 105m. Who covers more distance and by how much?
Q21. A table top measures 2m by 1m 50 cm. What is its area in square meters?

SECTION-D: Long Questions (5x6= 30 marks)

Q22. (a) Draw a circle with centre 0 and radius 3.4 cm. Draw any chord AB. Construct the
perpendicular bisector of AB and examine if its passes through C.
(b) Construct AB of length 6cm. From this cut off AC of length 4.6cm. Measure BC.
Q23. (a) How many tiles whose length and breadth are 12 cm and 5 cm respectively, will be needed to
fit in a rectangular region whose length and breadth are 70 cm and 36 cm?
(b) Find the perimeter of triangle whose sides are 5 cm, 4 cm and 3 cm.

Q24. Draw a pictograph of this data.

Name of fruits Banana Orange Apple Guava Mango

No. of Students 80 32 50 40 65

(a) Which fruit is liked by most of the students?

(b) Which fruit is liked by least number of students?

Q25. (a) Represent 2.6 on number line __________________.

(b) Regular hexagon has lines of symmetry ______________________.
(c) Which figure has no line of symmetry? ______________________.
(d) Which alphabet has horizontal as well as vertical line of symmetry? _________________
(e) 9.35 + 0.42
Q26. (A) Give expressions in the following cases:
(a) 12 added to 2p.
(b) 12 subtracted from 2p.
(c) 3 times n to which 2 is added.
(B) Draw a circle of radius 4 cm. and draw its one horizontal (AB) and one vertical line of
symmetry (CD).
4 5
Q27. (a) Add 2 5 and 3 6

(b) In Class-A of 25 students, 20 passed in first class. In another Class-B of 30 students, 24

students passed in first class. In which class was a greater fraction of students getting first

SECTION-E: Value Based Questions (1x10= 10 marks)

Q28. Find out errors in the following:

(a) -23 is the successor of integer -22.
(b) On number line, the integer 5 is located to the left of 0.
(c) 5 more than -5 is 10.
(d) N= 5 is the solution of equation 2N+5=9.
(e) 3.31 is less than 3.300.

Q29. Correct the incorrect statements:

(a) An expression for 9 less than a number ‘X’is X-9.
(b) There are two lines of symmetry in the Taj Mahal.
(c) Collection of information in the form of numerical figures is called data.
(d) 8 Kg. 12g. is same as 8.12 Kg.
(e) There are six integers between -8 and -15.