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MAN vs.


Introduction: we are living in the age of

science and technology. The industrial
revolution contributed to the change in people’s
way of life. The invention of machinery, modern
technology and computers has given facilities
and comfort to human beings. Technology has
become an internal part of human life. With the
assistance of machines travelling to
communication, calculation to analysis,
production to delivery of goods and services
every thing has become cheap and speedy.

Machines have been invented by human

beings, but evolved power full than them in the
terms of speed and accuracy. Man cannot
compete with machines in terms of speed and
accuracy. Due to the immense dependency of
man on machines a contemporary conflict
between man and man mad achiness is arising.
The rapid progress in terms of artificial
intelligence is surfacing a debate on intersection
of man and machine. The dependency of man on
artificial intelligence is increasing day by day.
But man and machine both are having some
advantages and disadvantages against one

Advantages of Man over Machine:

 Man has the ability to learn on his own.

 Human brain is so power full and creative.
 Man is the inventor and operator of
machines. He can create or destruct the
machine if he wants.
 Man is capable of learning from subjective
 Man is emotionally intelligent where
machines are not.
 The function of a man is wide and varied but
the function of a machine is limited.

Disadvantages of Man over Machine:

 The speed and accuracy of man is lower

compared to machine.
 The memory and problem solving
capacity of a machine are far higher than
 With the help of Artificial Intelligence
super –intelligent machines like robots
are evolving day by day.

Advantages of Machine over Man:

 Machines are effective accurate and speed

than man.
 Machines save lot of energy and time.
 Machines made our life simple and easy.
 We cannot imagine our life without

Disadvantages of machine over man:

 Increased use of machines and technology

leads to unemployment.
 Machines are replacing manpower.
 Increased use of machines is the main
reason for global warming and
environmental pollution.
 Technology is the main reason for the stress
and depression of mankind these days.
 Due to the emerging modern weapons fear
of dooms day scenario is forming.
 The dependency on machines decreasing
human creativity and intelligence.

Conclusion: In the conflict of man vs. machine
man have some advantages over machines;
machines have some advantages over man.
Instead of threatened by the challenge thrown
by the machines the man should focus on
improving wisdom, imagination, creativity,
culture, values, teamwork and subjective
experiences for the future generations. This can
be achieved only through proper education
In a way, instead of competing man and
machine should work effectively and accurately
together for the positive impact of the mankind.
The collaboration of both the man and machine
is the best for development and better future.