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Percent of
Totals for Total
1st Monthly
January February March Quarter Expenses
Auto Loan 346.88 346.88 346.88 1040.64 13.125%
Car insurance 180.43 180.43 180.43 541.29 6.827%
Cell phone 80.73 56.78 110.52 248.03 3.128%
Entertainment 100 100 400 600 7.567%
Food 150 150 150 450 5.675%
Housing 425 425 425 1275 16.080%
Internet 40 40 40 120 1.513%
Medical 118 118 118 354 4.465%
Miscellaneous 500 100 100 700 8.828%
Tuition 2600 2600 32.791%

Monthly Totals 4541.04 1517.09 1870.83 7928.96

Expenses 2642.987

Directions For Excel Exercise # 1

Step 1 Click on A1 and then click on the text in the Formula bar to type in your name and press En
Step 2 Select A1 to F1, merge these cells together using the Merge and Center button in the Align
Step 3 With A1 still as the Active Cell, change the font and/or the font size to something bigger.
Increase the "white space" around the title by increasing the height of row 1 a bit by either d
Step 4 row 1 and 2. The height will be shown in the tool tip in both POINTS and PIXELS. An altern
label and choose Row Height. In this case the height will only be shown in POINTS. The ex
Step 5 In B2 type January
Step 6 With the Active Cell still B2, drag the Fill Series handle to cells to the right to automatically t
Step 7 Click on F2 to make it the Active Cell. The Home tab should still be visible so in the Alignm
Also in the Alignment group, click the Bottom Align button in the top row of buttons in the gr
Step 8
tip will pop up and tell you which button is which.)
Step 9 Make the same formatting choices for both E2 and A16.
Increase the width of column A enough to see the full expense category labels in A3 to A14
Step 10 border between the labels for column A and B to the right OR right-click on the column A la
automatically size a column (or row) by double-clicking the right (or bottom) border.
Step 11 In cell E3 type in the formula: =SUM(B3:D3) and press enter
Step 12 Click on E3 again to make it the Active Cell and then use the Fill Series handle to drag dow
Step 13 In B14 type the formula: =SUM(B3:B12) and press enter
Step 14 Click on B14 again to make it the Active Cell and then drag the Fill Series handle to the righ
Step 15 In B16 type the formula: =AVERAGE(B14:D14) and press enter
Step 16 In F3 type the formula: =E3/E14 and press enter
Click on F3 again and then in the Number group under the Home tab click on the Percenta
Step 17
button so the cell is formatted to show numbers to one tenth of a percent.
Step 18 With the Active Cell still F3, drag the Fill Series handle down to row 12.
You know see a series of error messages of #DIV/0 which means division by zero. The pro
Step 19
divisor down to blank cells so we have to tell it to use the same divisor all the time.
Click on F3 again and edit the formula to read: =E3/$E$14 and press enter. The dollar sign
Step 20 ABSOLUTE ADDRESSES meaning those cell references in a formula will not change when
copied to another location
Step 21 Now, click on F3 again and drag the fill series handle down to row 12.
Save this file to an online account such as Google Drive or OneDrive or on your USB drive
ExcelExercise1_YourName. Excel should automatically add the file extention .xlsx. ALL use
Step 22
save your files on an ASU computer. Everything is erased when you log out. Mac users tak
checkbox to add the .xlsx file extension. This should be enabled to PCs can easily open yo
Step 23 Go into the Excel folder in the Assignment section of Blackboard and turn in this file.
nment group under the Home tab.

dragging the border between the labels for

nate method is to right-click on the row 1
xact amount is unimportant.

type February and March

ent group click on the Wrap Text button.
roup. (If you hover over the buttons the tool

4 by any of these methods: dragging the

abel and choose Column Width OR you can

wn to E12

ht to column E
ge button and then the Increase Decimal

oblem is the fill series handle adjusted the

n is used in Excel formulas to refer to

n the Fill Series handle is used or a cell is

using the file name of

ers take note: you can only temporarily
ke note: In the Save dialog there should be a
our Office file.