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Asian Paints adds 25% of Storage Space for SAP Application

I N F O T E C H Database without any investment
A group company of Clover Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Asian Paints Limited Asian Paints is India's largest paint company and the third largest paint company in Asia today,
Mumbai , india with a turnover of Rs 36.7 billion (around USD 851 million). The company has an enviable reputa- tion in the corporate world for professionalism, fast track growth, and building shareholder
equity. Asian Paints operates in 21 countries and has 29 paint manufacturing facilities in the
Industry : world servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

Annual revenue : Challenge

INR 36.7 billion
The SAP database is in Terabytes and increasing at the rate of Gigabytes per month. The major
Clover Services : challenge faced was in fragmentation and the release of space for near future. There was an
Performance Enhancement inescapable need to manage the space. Any activity to be performed had to be carried out in a
Storage Optimisation very short span of time as the estimated downtime for this project was 192 hours.

The SAP tool was not able to substantially free up space to accommodate for near future
Benefits :
growth. As a result of the space congestion, the response time had also gradually dropped.
This project has released
near about 1 TB of storage Issues in Brief:
Storage Space
Database Fragmentation
Over all size of the
Response Time to user operations
database reduced
Non-availability of Downtime at a stretch

Response Time to user

operations reduced The Solution

A complete study was performed of database usage, peak time, growth pattern, object sizes,
Client quote on the issue transactional and master. A project plan was created to re-organize the SAP database from
back-end using export/import and object movement. The complete action plan was imple-
mented successfully in the TEST environment.
“ Our business is growing rapidly
and thus we need our IT The same activity was planned on PRODUCTION environment with distributed downtime.
infrastructure to scale up.
Although the distributed downtime was scheduled for a total of 8 downtimes of 24 hours
However, it is imperative for us to
optimize our investments. This is each, the entire project was complete 48 hours before the schedule. With precise planning and
why we choose Clover to consult control over the activity, the project was completed in 25% less than actual downtime sched-
us on improving our utilization of uled.
our storage environment by
undertaking an extensive Storage Space : Released near about 1 TB of storage system which has enabled Asian Paints to sustain
database reorganization. Clover with same hardware.
not only increased the efficiency
on the current IT setup but also Database Fragmentation : Removed fragmentation from database as well as object level fragmentation.
made necessary enhancements to
counter future growth as well. We Response Time : Removing fragmentation and converting table spaces from Dictionary managed to
were able to substantially increase Locally managed has reduced the I/O in turn improved the response time.
the Return on Investments in this
“ Non-availability of Downtime at a stretch : Distributed downtime was scheduled for a total of 8 down-
times of 24 hours each

Manish Choksi Asian Paints could enhance the performance for business users in terms of response time as
Chief - Corporate Strategy & CIO
well as saved (earned) from buying additional storage capacity.This not only increased the
Asian Paints Limited
return on investment on the existing infrastructure but cut down unnecessary investment on
buying new hardware.

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