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Smart Metering
Introducing the new Smart Metering Team

Wayne Flanagan Richard Mooney Andy Haig Goran Naslund

Global Head of Business Business Business
Smart Metering Development Manager Development Manager Development Manager

A dedicated team with over 100 years experience

Why Smart Metering?

Definition Electric Drivers

‘Providing the ability to Environmental & Energy Efficiency
securely communicate two-
Gas Improved Customer Service
way timely and accurate
metering information Regulatory Mandates
between consumers and Water
utility companies’ Energy Market Competition

Heat Fraud & Theft Reduction

The Benefits of Smart Metering

Timely, accurate and granular data for energy suppliers, distributors and customers
Detailed, accurate bills and simple payments
Remote credit control actions (pre-pay, disconnection, restriction)
Tariffing, scheduling and firmware updates applied remotely
New tariffs - including pre-pay where required
Restrict non-technical losses (theft/fraud)
Identify priority action areas through analytics
load and micro generation monitoring & control
Pave the way for new services

The Market Opportunity

Smart Metering connections by type 2014-2023

1.6 1.45bn Connections by 2024
1.4 31% of households worldwide will have some
1.2 form of smart metering by 2024
Connections (billions)

Non-cellular technologies
Residential Utility Meters
0.8 Commercial Gas Meters
0.6 Commercial Water Meters
are forecast to continue to provide the vast
Commercial Electric Meters majority of Smart Meter connections


10% of Global M2M Revenue
$435billion in 2023, is addressable through Smart










Metering services
Chart source: Analysys Mason Q1 2014 Data source: Analysys Mason Q1 2014/Machina Research April 2014

Time for a New Approach

Multiple smart metering opportunities are Flexibility

emerging globally both in our own OpCo’s and in Configurable for both OpCo and partner markets
partner markets
Today Vodafone is involved solely in providing Moves Vodafone up M2M value chain
connectivity or implementing a local “Bespoke”
Solution Choice
Leverages fixed, mobile & partner capabilities

Tomorrow By leveraging our core capabilities and Repeatability

experience we can develop a template for global Provides a repeatable end to end solution using
deployments which offers standard building blocks and strategic

A Consistent Global Approach to Smart Metering
1 2 3 4 5

Dedicated Regional In depth Industry leading SLA’s and

M2M smart smart utility analysis for eco-system commercials
utilities team experts target markets partnerships for local needs
Dedicated team with In country aligned teams Detailed market and Partnering and integrating SLAs to suit local needs
industry focus and to develop customer regulatory review of with leading companies to but developed from
knowledge, continuous relationships and identify chosen opportunities to provide proven end-to- standards, risk allocation
development and regional customisation capability match with end solutions and as customer requirements
research to support key Vodafone offering managed services to not our internal
smart metering compliment Vodafone governance
opportunities Global M2M capabilities

A global Smart Metering capability will enable us to approach opportunities in a co-ordinated and
structured way, enabling us to better qualify, reduce the sales cycle and increase our win probability

Smart Metering Country Leads
Netherlands Germany
ROI Barend Helderman Thomas Srehl
Annette Soraine
Czech Rep
UK Petr Böhm
Tim Davey/ India
Tim Arkinstall Hungary Amit Agrawal/
Daniel Ofner Manan Jain
Southern Europe
David Lozano Romania
Vlad Mihalache

Americas Giorgio Marti
Erik Kling
David Lozano

Greece Qatar Australia & New

Name here
Name here Zealand
Justin Nelson
Turkey Egypt New Zealand
Name here Grant Fisher
David Lozano

South Africa
Tony Smallwood/
Karlo Glorioso

The Smart Metering Value Chain

M2M Platform MDM Platform Utility

Mobile, Wireless Reading

& Fixed networks & Archiving

Electric Presentation Meter Operator

& user interfaces Management desk
Gas Comms
Managed Services Analysis API’s Customer billing
Water Framework & reporting system (CRM)

Heat Secure Core Scada &

IP Network OMS/DMS
operator desk
Management API
Data Interface


A complex ecosystem of interacting players
Smart Meter Communication AMI Technology MDM System Meter Asset Owners
Manufacturers Terminals Suppliers Suppliers Integrators & Operators

Primary Partners Secondary Partners

We will prioritise our partner strategy and resource investment to develop relationships that deliver best value

Where Vodafone & our Partners can play

Metering Secure Head-End Meter Data Utility IT

Devices Communications System Management Systems Systems
Landis && Gyr
Gyr Vodafone
(GDSP) Vodafone GDSP
Vodafone GDSP SAP
SAP SAP (95% Market Share)
Itron Ericsson
Secure RF Ericsson IBM
Diehl RF Mesh
Mesh Ericsson Vodafone Hosting
Vodafone Hosting
Diehl Silver Spring IBM HP
Silver Spring IBM
HP CGI Logica
CGI Logica
Connode HP
Meter Finance Siemens
Cyan Technology
Technology Trilliant
Long Range Radio
Range Radio Silver
Silver Spring
Vodafone Finance Semtech
Semtech Connode
Connode Vodafone Hosting
Vodafone Hosting
PLC Cyan
Calvin Asset
Asset Management Power Plus
Power Plus Diehl
Communications Siemens (eMeter)
Maquarie Bank
Maquarie Bank Communications Siemens (eMeter)

Programme and Service

Programme Management,
and Service Professional
Management, ProfessionalServices, FieldServices,
Services, Field Services, Security
Security andand Supplier
Supplier Management

a Service

The benefits of a Global Ecosystem Approach

Develop the best solution to realise real customer needs…

Knowledge Repeatable Experience Stability

Subject Matter utilities deploy Smart of other countries Vodafone financial
Experts Metering only once and requirements status and brand
Focus on We have done it >20 Both Vodafone and Best known
Utility Sector times already its partners global brand

Why Vodafone
1 2 3 4

Knowledge Global Market Financial Partner

& Expertise Leader Stability Ecosystem
 A market leader in Capability to deliver:  One of the largest  Best in class partners
Machine to Machine communications
(M2M) Smart  Technical standards solutions providers  Leveraging
Metering solutions global scale
 Programme  Investment in long
 An extensive management term opportunities  A solution that best
portfolio & proven without recourse to meets the
 Testing and co- customers needs to
track record of ordinated external markets
technical leadership produce capable,
deployments  Brand Value – We secure and efficient
 Rated Number 1 by  Support complex stand behind the solution
Machina and rollout requirements reputation of our
Analysys Mason brand

Smart Metering Jargon
Smart Meter A meter that Advanced Metering Head-End System (HES) Comms Module A device Time of Use pricing (ToU) A
collects hourly (or more Infrastructure (AMI) the part of Advanced Metering located within, attached to or tariff which typically applies to
granular) usage data and systems that measure, collect, Infrastructure (AMI). It typically alongside the meter which usage over broad blocks of
periodically transmits this data and analyse energy usage, and manages the data provides the capability to hours (e.g., on-peak=6 hours for
to the utility. communicate with metering communication between AMI communicate with the HAN and summer weekday afternoon; off-
Smart Grid a generic label for devices such as electricity meters and meter data WAN; May use a variety of peak= all other hours in the
meters, gas meters, heat meters, management system (MDMS) communication technologies summer months) where the
the application of intelligence
and water meters, either on Meter Data Management such as ZigBee and Cellular, RF price for each period is
and networking abilities to an
request or on a schedule. These Mesh, PLC or Long range Radio. predetermined and constant
electricity distribution system. System (MDMS) Key
Smart grids seek to improve systems include hardware, functions “VEE” Validation In-Home Display (IHD) A Peak Demand or Peak Load
operations, maintenance, software, WAN communications, Estimation and Editing of Smart device in a consumer’s home The hourly period that
energy efficiency , the use of IHDs, HES, Meter Data Meter data. which provides information on represents the highest point of
renewables and planning by Management (MDM) software, Receives the meter read data: energy consumption. customer consumption of
providing real time data about and supplier business systems register reads and interval data electricity
RF Mesh Networks Multiple
those network. Device Language Message Analyses the meter data and Comms hubs in an area co- Non-Technical Loss
Home Area Network (HAN) Specification/Companion generates estimates, where operate to create a network Theft or Fraud resulting in
A short-range network (Popular Spec for Energy Metering required which transports metering data disparity between energy
Monitors the performance of the via the WAN to the HES. generated and energy billed.
protocols are ZigBee, Z-Wave , (DLMS/COSEM) DLMS is a
WiFi or Bluetooth LE)) within the AMI network and helps
common international language
troubleshoot problem meters
Power Line Technical Loss
consumer's premises which used by meter manufacturers to Communication (PLC) disparity between energy
connects the components of a Can receive and analyse
assure compatibility. for Passes metering data across generated and energy billed as a
smart metering system, inc. operational data from the
metering any kind of energy. electricity distribution result of inefficiencies and
IHDs and smart meters. meters, like tamper alerts,
COSEM extends DLMS with a set infrastructure to concentrator breakdown in the utility
outages, voltage alarms .
of standards that define the nodes typically located at infrastructure.
transport and application layers substation or transformer sites
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