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fi. La INNEFU ‘Security | Analytics | Intelligence FOUL Raat fod? 0 ee Ow a Men) Unified Authentication | Biometric Authentication Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Predictive Intelligence PROPHECY ‘A framework with multiple module based on Big Data Analytics, Artifical Intelligence, Natural Language Comprehension, Predictive Modeling and Smarter Analytics. Guardian Big Data Analytics for Predictive Intelligence using trained ML engine. + Smart Policing «+ Security & Surveillance Investigative research _« intelligent Accountability Innsight Social Media Monitoring and Open Source Intelligence Hvioetmn * Cyber Threat Intelligence using media and open sources etc. Social Media * Detects Trends & Influencers VPHOo08 + Deep web & darknet crawlers * Sentiment Analysis against entities ‘Other Raw Data Vision Real-time Facial Biometric and Object Identification * Identifying missing Children * Criminal identity matching against suspects « Identification of dead bodies against datasets * KYC & fraud detection InteleLinx Call Data Record (CDR) Analytics © SDR, TOR Analytics * IMEI Analysis for single and multiple numbers. * CDR/Tower CDR logs supported for formats like Excel, TXT, CSV ete. * IMEI Analysis for single and multiple numbers Avenger Early Warning System for Financial Fraud ‘+ Financial fraud susceptibility anal # Vendor Background check * Analytics and Reporting: Flow of money, spikes, ratios, net assets and data summarization. Alethia Entity extraction and disambiguation from unstructured data © Real-time search in a PDFs & Multilingual Documents ete. AuthShield Unified Authentication Platform Authshield is a unique Unified Authentication Platform implemented at protocol layer, which integrates state of art Biometric Authentication models with standard Two Factor Authentication. One Touch Soft / Desktop Hard Token Token Token Biometric Authentication Recognition Mobile Token USB Token SMS/ E-mail Token Highlights » » Patented Technology. Application Independent Authentication Mechanism-No changes required at end point application & authentication managed at protocol layer. Seamless integration with the current business and security architecture. Enables secure mails and applications. Provides 99% security from Phishing attacks and identity thefts. Encrypted transactions, simple & easy administration.