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PHgeeks: A Development of an Android Mobile Learning Game for

Philippine Geography, Promoting Nationalism towards National Development

Yabut, Quina Janine G.
Bulacan Polytechnic College 09359595955

It is said that geography is one of the most important subject in the school curriculum (Grosvenor,
2005). In this study shows that out of 50 respondents, 80% of them answered that they have the feeling
of boringness when studying Philippines Geography, which lead into lack of interest and knowledge.
Since technology has been seen a recent widespread integration in daily life, especially in education
(James Francis, 2017) the researchers came up with a solution for this problem by building a gamified
android mobile learning, PHgeeks, which can be used as an interactive tool in learning Philippine
Geography. The game was created using android studio. The developers used the rapid application
development method that emphasizes working software and uses feedback over strict planning and
requirement recording. Based on the evaluation results, the application received an acceptable rating
from the experts with the general weighted mean of 4.33 with the criteria of security (4.33), accuracy
(4.56), efficiency (4.33), reliability (4.22) and user-friendly (4.22). In this result the game will effectively
help the students increase their interest and acquire more knowledge in Philippine Geography. The game
application will be available in Play Store by the month of March 2019.

Keywords: Philippine Geography, Technology, Gamified Mobile Learning, Android, Software.

Introduction Statement of the Problem

During the past decade, electronic learning has

It was found in the interviews with some
been one of the most important mediums
teachers that some students easily get bored
adapted by many schools. Since the increase in
with the subject because it required a lot of
the use of computers and internet, keeping kids
memorization. (Gean. Miguel1, Salvador, Guillen,
interested in learning becomes difficult with

books. Electronic learning supports education, Nisperos, 2015). Students’ Attitudes towards

where the medium of the instruction is computer Geography, According to Walker (2006),

technology, particularly involving digital students have higher achievement with subject

technologies. The internet has become a vast matter when they are in a good mood, enjoy what

reserve of information and it only makes good they are doing, and have a positive attitude.

sense to incorporate new technologies to make Alvarez (1998).

learning a fun experience.

Based on researcher’s survey, 80% of 50

respondents answered that they have the feeling

of boringness when studying Philippine

(Swati Jayeshbhai Patel, 2013).
Geography, 16% of them answered difficult and 4

% answered interesting.
Geography Quiz Application using

Android-Based Platform helps to understand your Reactions of Students when Studying Philippine
own Country. Studying geography gives you

knowledge about different places on earth and

how they relate with each other. Usually, you

start by learning about your home community,

region, country, continent, and so on as you gai n

more experience. (Iqra Sana, Hina Boring Difficult Interested

Figure 1: Reaction result of the students when

Iqbal, and Khushboo Nasir, December, 2015)
studying Philippine Geography.
Significance of the Study Researchers-The research learned the topics

The result of the study and development of about the study.

the game will specifically benefit the Philippines

For future researchers -Study can be used for
and its people.

Filipino Students -The study helps the Students

to build their eagerness in learning the

Scope and Delimitation

geography and history topic while having fun.

The game covers geography topics about

Philippines-The study helps the Philippines the Philippines it is online and offline

Capable. The game is for single player

bring Tourism and show nationalism.
only and it is designed for android mobile

and tablets only.

Teachers-The study helps the Teachers

decrease boringness of the topic, geography and

history by adding the game as one of the tool in Foreign Theories

A theory of mobile learning is essential

educating students about the topic.
when thinking of the role of mobility and

communication in learning
Schools-The proposed game app could be used

as an alternative learning material, aside from

(Sharples, Taylor, & Vavoula, 2005).
books, references among others. In mobile learning, students learn across

both space and time and move from topic to topic.

Other Users-The study will help other users Like a blended environment, learners move in and

out of engagement with technology. A key point

outside the country to know more about the
in mobile learning theory is that it is the learner that
is mobile, not the technology (Shuler, 2009).
Local Literature Francis F. Balahadia, For-ian V. Sandoval 2016)

the mobile quiz application Maestra is user

Based on the application “HiStorya: a
friendly and is resourceful. This project can help
Game Based Mobile Learning Application”
students to learn and at the same time enjoy while
developed by Miguel et al. (2015), HiStorya is an
learning. Even the students will reduce time and
interactive mobile game, was developed using
efforts in reading a book. The application also
the Android platform and the Digital Gamebased
addresser their needs, because they would not be
Learning-Instructional Design Model. The
bored in reading in this application. (Gain Carlo U.
difference of this study is that they used a game
Monzon, John Cyril O. Ramos, Jeffrey B. Jacob,
based approach to teach the students the
Frank Kelvin B. Naynes)
lessons instead of the modular type lessons.

Foreign Studies
This research project tends to enhance
According to Linna (2009), Cultural Framing of
the knowledge of the students towards the PH
Computer/Mobile Games, Technology in
subject. The researchers developed a mobile
education is most simply and comfortably defined
game application called Map-A to aid the existing
as an array of tools that might prove helpful in
problem of some students regarding with
advancing student learning and may be measured
understanding and interest of the subject matter.
in how and why individuals behave. Educational
The game is simply a great learning tool for the
Technology relies on a broad definition of the word
students that will help them to grasp broad
“technology.” Some modern tools include but are
knowledge about the PH. The game provides
not limited to overhead projectors, laptop
information and entertainment to the intended
computers, and calculators. Newer tools such as
users. It will be more necessary to download and
smartphones and games (both online and offline)
play this game for those who intend to recall or
are beginning to draw serious attention for their
enhance their knowledge regarding Philippine
learning potential.
History. (Anthony M.

RivadullaJomar L. de Jesus, Jover B. Saludo. According to Bloom, mobile learning games has

an affective domain encompasses attitudes and

motivation. The cognitive domain deals with the

recall or recognition of knowledge and the interactive learning software is touch screen base

development of intellectual abilities and skills. For software, which uses both software and hardware

the review we focused on motivational and in producing more interactive learning tool for the

knowledge learning outcomes. users.

According to the JIM study [13], game based

This review is intended as a timely
learning approaches seem to be another way of
introduction to current thinking about the role of
providing the target group with motivating,
mobile learning games in supporting children's
lowthreshold learning offers. The use of Game
learning inside and out of school. It highlights the
Based Learning approaches for educational
key areas of research in the field, in particular the
purposes is guidance in the sense of why and
increasing interest in pleasurable learning,
how are mobile learning games effective it also
learning through doing and learning through
supports acquisition of factual knowledge.
collaboration that games seem to offer. At the

same time, the review takes a measured tone in

Local Studies acknowledging some of the obstacles and

According to Sumbong (2009), challenges to using games within our current

Interactive Learning, is a pedagogical approach education system and models of learning studies

that incorporates social networking and urban have found that educational games (EG) provide

computing in course design and delivery. immersion, motivation, fun and high level of

Interactive Learning has evolved out of the hyper engagement. Studying how this form of

growth in the use of digital technology and virtual entertainment can be adapted into our teaching

communication, particularly by students. Be and learning strategies in order to develop our

finning around 2000, students entering institutes students’ motivation and engagement, which is

of higher education have expected that crucial in successful learning. However,

interactive learning will be an integrated part of designing and development of educational

their education. The use of interactive technology games with authentic learning content while

in learning for these students is as naturals as maintaining the fun criteria can be challenging.

using a pencil and paper were to past Hence, a good design methodology and

generations, the relevance of the study, the guideline is needed in assisting games
development team to design an effective learning

game. Our main attention is to produce a Designed features of the Proposed System

framework in educational games design for Secured- Codes and database of the game

higher education. (Roslina, 2009) cannot be edited when installed.

Accurate -The records, questions and answers

of the game recorded accurate.

Conceptual Framework

User-Friendly- The color theme of the game

applications is pleasant and chromatically non-

disturbing and the font used is easy to read and

easy to use.

Efficient-The respond of the game is not timely

Reliable-Android game is running independent

sessions from one another.

Figure 2: Conceptual Framework

Methods and Techniques In order to

develop the android mobile game, the developers
used agile method under the rapid application
development method that emphasizes working
software and uses feedback over strict planning
and requirement recording.

Target Client

According to Ms. Manaloto an

MIT and a former game developer that the game

is more applicable and appropriate for

intermediate pupils from grade 4 to 6.

Determining the Acceptability

Based on the evaluation results, the

application received an acceptable rating from the

experts with the general weighted mean of
4.33 with the criteria of security (4.33), accuracy 707_Effects_of_mobile_gaming_patterns_on_le
arning_outcomes_A_literature_review [accessed
(4.56), efficiency (4.33), reliability (4.22) and user- Sep 02 2018].

friendly (4.22).

Conclusion theyears-infographic/#conclusion

The game will effectively help the students increase their

interest and acquire more knowledge in Philippine



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