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Second, the higher costs of energy

Task Lighting have sharpened our interest in

' pnelgy-g lfq( live lighting svstem\
systems which provide good |ighting.
yet require low e-ergv input. Studies
have shown that local task liqhting

combined with low-level ambient

lighting saves energy because it puts
high-level lighting only where needed.

By locating the luminaire close to
the work surface, fewer and smaller
luminaires may be used. A single-
lamp, four-foot long linear luminaire
mounted over a 30" x 60" desk
provides even, shadowless illumination
over the work surface and may be
conveniently integrated with systems
furniture components. While this
location of the luminaire is logical and
efficient from several Points of view, it
tends to produce "veiling reflectionsl
Veilino retlections are refl ections
THE NEED letters in each word. But. for the fast ot rhe li;ht source in the visual task
FOR OUALITY LIGHTING and accurate identification of names which reduces contrast between the
and numbers. we must be able to dark detail and the background, thus
As we become more and more a na- distinguish minute details. This is imposing a 'veil" over our vision.
tion of office workets we are increas- important because a mistake involving When using linear local task lighting,
ingly concerned with ways to helP even a sinqle letter or digit can be it is possible to Predict the locarion of
people perform their visual tasks. Our costly. the veiling refle.tions and to design dn
attention therefore turns to lighting. optical system to Prevent them.
In offices, libraries, banks, hosPitals THE TREND Liohtolier's fl uorescent Taskline
and learning centers, the qualllg of TO TASK LIGHTING teatLires a lens speciiicalll designed to
lighting as well as the quantity can reduce veiling reflections. lt blocks the
allect how uell ue see. how fast and One of the most fundamental concePts
in lighting - bringing the light source light emdnating perpendicular to the
how accurately. It is a key determinant lamp (the iiqht whi(h cau:es veiling
of producliviw dnd oPFrating costs. close to what we want to see - is today
reflactions) and reiniorces the side lighl
called "task lighting." This term is now
CLERICAL WORKERS generally used to describe local which reduces veiling reflections.
SHOWN AS PERCENTAGE liqhLinq for a specific location ol a
visual task rather than general lighting
50 fc. 100 fc. 150 fc. for random locations of visual tasks.
Two factors in recent years have
increased the need for local task
First, the trend to oPen office Plan-
ning has generated svstems [urniture'
Lu"o I Ltt" I which qenerally consists oi work
l-=) l---"L) surfaces surrounded by acoustical
screens and overhanging shelves and
The extreme precision of this
bilateral ray lens directs 3.7 times as
cabinets. These work stations cannot much side lighting as perpendicular
SOURCE Lishhfs Dess, & Apprr.dlio"l be effectively illuminated by general lighting onto the work surface.
PC Huses and J F McNetis 1)e. 1978 lighting alohe because the screens
and cabinets cause shadows by pre- RATIO OF SIDE LIGHTING
A new approach to setting foot- venting much of the light from TO PERPENDICULAR LIGHTING
candle criteria is to weiqh rhree lactorsl reaching the work surface. Local
(1) the age of the worker, since mature lighting fitted within the furniture is u0Nro rR "rasr( xt" t8ts 3.7
people require more light than vounger necessary to eliminate these shadows.
people: (2 t lhe duration oi the task:
(3) the crltlcalifg of the task.
For example, we can often under- UGHIOUTR TAS& NT'ITNS

stand the meaning of what we read Candlepower Ratio

without seeing clearly the individual
We reserve lhe right to change details
of desiqn, mater as and finish, in any
way lhat will not alter installed appearance
or reduce luncion and perlormance.
Copyrghl 1979 by Lghlolier ncorporaled

2/r-r (tFrr()t-l l= l?
Because the side lighting is not ENERGY SAVINGS This is because Taskline s precise
reflected into the eyes from the task, bilateral ray Iens system controls
veiling reflections are almost elim;nated There are many types of systems for veiling reflections and provides twice as
and visibility is vastly imProved.
providi-q lighling al the ldsk. The three much useful light in the veiling
wilh appro\rmdtely equal illu mination. reflection zone as does a bare lamp
compdreo in lhe ldb'e belou. are: ( l) fluorescent.
conventional ceilinq liqhting: (2) a
combination of ceiling mounted LI]M NA RE MOUNTEDTO SURFACE ]A ABOVE WORX PLANE

low-level ambient lighting and local I esrr"

task lighting; (3)a combination of --- -t---
low-level indirect lighting reflecting off -
of the ceiling and local task lighting.
L -;;- i'-'
iE- -
13= . i'",_1ri;ir::."ji
22 B

[t}. Slf.- ::.x;:::1.;la;:' 60 1.76 UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY

"VEILlNG. ;.:.: : :lr'..' 'tl"e:yEftlJ$g1irr*: . CEILING
I "l 120 1.76
"REFLECTIONS;:;J *EFlEGHGNI$fl;i 180 1.76
Taskline is compatible with virtually all
lFar€ .LampJilJ_.:: tfailiLind::*ajjj furniture systems and may also be used
with library tables and carrels, bank
counters, nurses stations, dormitory
2+ TASK LIGHT 3oh , oeE,\ 3orc
desks and laboratory tables.

Quality task lighting creates an

optimum visual environment that has a INDIRECT
positive impact on work productivity.
Better ulslblliig increases the speed 3+ LICHT o"- rt
of work and reduces errors. For
- 180 1.58
example, a mistake in reading a name
or a mistake in workinq with numbers, Of these, a recently published study*
such as reading a "3 for an "8 , can has shown rhdt the second s)stem is
be critical and costly. the most energy-effective because it
uses the least watts/sq. ft. for three
typical work station sizes: 60, 120 and
180 sq. ft.
The qualitg of task lighting as well
as its quantity ls an important consid-
eration since it determines how well
veiling reflections are controlled. Loss
of contrast due to veiling reflections
decreases visibility. Various types of adjustable mounting
brackets assure a comPatible interface
To measure both the quality and
with wood or metal shelves and
quantity of light, a criterion called
cabinets, partitions and panels fitted
I quivalent Sp\ere lllumination (LSl) is with slotted standards. An adjustable
A more productive atmosphere often used to compare the visibility of a mounting stand permits Taskline to be
results from the use of local task task under various lighting systems. used as a free-standing desk lamp. All
lighting which creates focal glow where For example, a comparison of the ESI mounting a(Lessories are fi',]i:hed in
the task is located. This is often more values of a bare lamp fluorescent
an off-white baked enamel that
stimulating, more interesting and strip with the values of the Lightolier matches the luminaire, to provide a
provides the worker with a 'sense of Taskline shows a significant imProve- coordinated system that integrates well
place" at the work station. ment in visibility. with virtually any interior design.
To assure flexibility for all types of
installations. Taskline is available in
nominal 2', 3' and 4'Iengths.

,q--\ h
<fN As we strive for improved visibility
and increased productivity, together
\ i-t --./-;-
with the conservation of energy, we are
returning to one of the earliest and
most fundamental ideas in lighting:
bringing the light source close to what
we wanl to 5ee. Bul now we are doing

o it with efficient light sources controlled

by precise optical systems, in forms
thar are readily integrdted \.\irh todays
'Ftoren.e NS. TheEnergyEfiectivenessofTask-OrienredOfficeLightingSysiems.LlghtingDesignanclApPlicdtron.Vol.9.No l,NewYork,January1979
the task lighter
by Lightolier

HIGH PERFORMANCE Taskline provides over twice the mrnr- FLEXIBLE AND FUNCTIONAL
Taskline provides a controlled distribu- mum ESI-fc values as compared to a Versatile in application, Taskline fits an
tion of light for work surfaces where bar" lamp. 'n other u ords. I\ ir F ds almost endless variety of furniture
rrsual ras\. are performed. .and is much u-se/ul light. components.
designed to be parl of an energy Cl^an. e r :p d"' gn of tL. i-mindir"
saving illumination system which and its accessories jntegrates easily
combines a linear local task light with with contemporary wood or hollow
general, lower level ambient lighting metal shelves and cabinets. sheet
systems. metal shelves and cabinets with returrr
Taskline s optical system, a specially flange. wood panels and paftitions wjth
designed lens of injection-molded slotted standards. Taskline also offers
acrylic having a bjlateral distribution, de.k lop porldoilily > -Le il \dn ba
utilizes a precise prism system to convefted to a lree standing desk lamp
reduce veiling reflections on the visual Furthermoro, Ta>kli-e s a l,.ea by adding the desk stand accessory
task. It directs a much larger quantity of source which yields broad. even All optional mounting accessories
side light onto the task and blocks shadowless illumination, as compared permit the luminaire to be tilted so that )
most of the light perpendicular to the to compact or "point source' the light distribution can be varied to
- the light which causes veii
ing reflections.
luminaires placed at the ends of the
desk which tend to produce uneven
suit individual needs. A unilying, neu
tral off white enamel finish comple-
Comparison of a typical task as it illumination. with disturbing shadows ments viftually any color scheme and
appears under a bare" fluorescent [ro'r wr r'r q tool>. booLs. buc 1"5- nominal 2'.3'and 4' luminaire
lamp with the same task as it appears machines. etc. The Taskline lens is also lengths can be adapted to any project
under a shielded Taskline luminaire sh'eloed Io- dire" view and thrs requirement.
shows the improved visibility provided there is no glare when the viewer or
by Taskline. others nearby glance up at the

4/t-t(iFtr()t-t t= t?
Idsklrn. ( d /rrr.l1 laqt! qtklntiLLtalstda
lrghl .nlo lhc lrjo* s! t lace attl blo.:k; !h.: light
pependi-ular La Illa lamp thus te.lucing
t)eililq refLectians.


,r _rASKLlNil- l I

9D r5=
,,- -- 90
q 12 .66
r30 149
<-{)---'.' "o*." 60 oo 60
.89 l60 .54

L r0 ./ sno l0 rllcriEs FRoM [ 1; ]i


(1) o r'' tr-. J^

p.odLrc ng . high proponioii ot s de lghtlng orl and l.r ig Ll re.lcr 1., n1, Esll- eatlrlnr.nts.n
.:!. i 2.1' !.ri s!,ia.e Lsk , e !ral dr sh,)r.i i b,ol,rn r.s
thc task. thc cdn.llepower in the ve.tjca p ane PHOTOMETRIC CURVE
parallel to the aaip shaLl be at Least 3.7 times SHOWING SIDELIGHTING
greaier dt 25 than the candlepower at 0'. TASKLINE MOUNIEO IO SURFACE !5" AEOVE WORK PLANE
(2) When the tdsk qht ls mountcd with its top
edg€ l5 above the work su ace and its front LT.L. Report No. 22418
edge l2 lrom lhe ffoni -.dge of the work sirrfac-.
rncasurcrf.rnts rnade or the work suilace.long l5- .125 .r45 !139
ih-. n..irnaL plane at the .-.nierllne of the iask 12 .160 i 153
lght at 3 nierr/als bet,,!een S and l5 trom the I .132 ll43 .137
f., , 'h - I ',a I "d ,, r 61 .!r lll0 1100
ortor o' 8'.rr r-rir"L 3l .l? 178.11
iniiial Equivalent Sphere lllumln.rtion of 49 ESI fr
for the .on.eniric rjng pencil iask vie\.\,ed at 25
horn lhe venica. in lhe plane nolmal io Lhe lamp
(3) io.void dlrect glare ihe iask lighi. $hen
Llral.r lcr nri:1. m.a!ur.rerl!.n 50 / 24,!o,i5uia.E
moLrntcd accord ng to the r'nanufa.lurer s,re .Lal,tr rhc r i broken i.s
recommendatlof. shaL havc a briqhtncss of ess Tre:Lr.!. lal.j !ror, ra J-rj rr jl:..rrr L ri, :jrtj rnj r:t
thaf 100fL \.\,hen viewed irorn any s tting or
standLng position
the versatile one
by Lightolier

Taskline's complete line of mounting accessories - made of rugged steel or.aluminum finished in an easy-care,
off-white enamel finish - offer freedim of choice in creating integrated Jbskline/furniture systems.

FOR SHELF OR CABINET FOR VERTICAL PANELS Permits Taskline to be Llsed as portable lamp.
Fits flush under wood or hollow metal Fastens to vertical panels of wood, StLrrdy free standing legs support 2'. 3' or 4'
shelf or cabinet. Cives fixed light distribution hollow metal oa other rigid construction. lbskline. Adjustinq knob varies Tasldine light
Provides 5 " horizontal stand-oflii Adjusting distribution.
10922 TILT.ADJUST BRACKETT knob varies laskline l;ght distribution.
Fits under wood or hollow metal shelf 10926, '10928 and 10929
or cabinet. Paovides 3/4" verlical TILT-ADJUST BRACKET.i 'Sr) Dti t € d LLLI\ Lumtnaire
stand-off" so that laskline can be tilted FOR SLOTTED STANDARD 'tOitlionat Order'epa, arcLq.
with adjusting knob to vary light distribrnion. Fits slotted standards, having1/16" slots Measured from horizontal mounting sut
10924 TILT-ADJUST BRACKETf of any length or spacjng. Provides 5 face to top al fixlute.
FOB FLANGED METAL l-or'/orldl sldnd olf.: Adiust ng krob r,ar''s ilvleasured fran aerLical mountinq surface ta
Taskline liqht distribution.
Fits under sheet metal shelf or cabinet
with return flange. Glescopes to fit
shelf widths 11" to 14", locks over
flange. Provrde: 3a \erticdl -land-off
so that Taskline can be tilted with
adjusting knob to vary light distribution.

i:. _,_
6 /r- r (tFrr() r-r t= t?
SPECIFICATION FEATURES (1) SHIELDING: nlect on'molded b atera ray er'rs, 100% c ear acry c se pris.. sysicm coftro s distr bLrt of ol !lhl r--duces vel rg leflections
of the task C sect on meta channe re fforces eft re ength ol ens
(2) CHASSIS: D e-foffned stee ofl while ln sh (3) END PLATES:
D e casi. wh te baked enafle llfisfr lf]leadeal ho e for aitach rg mount ng
accessoTes MOUNTING BRACKETS(Cat No 10921) SUpp ed WIh
l xtlrre (for other opt ofa rfount ng accessor es. see order ng nformat on
be o!,i ) (4) COFD AND PLUG: Wh t-.r 3 wlre x lB ga . 10' o rg groLrf ded
cord w tfr mo ded p Lrg. ocated n--ar r ghl --ll (l ol llxl!re (5) PUSH
BUTTON SWITCH: Locatcd ne3r flqi t eNd ol frl!re (6) BALLAST:
Thermal y prolecled C ass P 20W Tr gller Siart LPF 30W and 40W
Rap d Start LPF

M I'


Far marc detailed infarmation an , Option'"| Tilt4di,r"t A""""sories (Order Separately)
I A S K Ll N E maunting accessores
and furniturc campatibility, ask t
yaur Lightoliet rcpresentative far
Cam pati b ility Specif i catio, Sheel
irl uQ':{--j
'{! fi
Na.10921 For wood or
,--- \
shelf or cabi For wood or For I anged For vertica For s otled STAND C-,-
nel. Bracket ho ow meta sheet meta pane s For converting
TASKLINE LUMINAIRE supp ied wilh shelf or shelf or Taskline to
um na re. cab nel portab e lamp

Length: 25
Width: 5rf 6'
Heishr 2e! 11253 10921 10922 10924 10923 10926 10927
- Balast": Trigger Start LPF, t22', - 37',
lhermally-ProtectedClass P' c. c of slot)

Length 371! '

10921 10922 10924 10923 10929 10927

Ba last"Rapid Start LPF.
thermally-prolected C ass P

Length: 49t,'
Balast'-: Rapid Siart LPF,
112s7 10921 10922 10924 10923 10928
(37" 60'
thermaly protected Class P c.-c oi slot)
l-l(il-lT()l-l l=l?
346 Claremont Avenue.
Jersey C ty, New Jersey 07305
Jersey C ty, New Jersey
Elg in, ll nois
Fall River, N/assachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia
Dallas, Texas
Con oron {l qs Ange es'. Ca.,fo n a
Seattle, Wash nqlon
lMontreai, P Q., Canada
Toronto Ont , Canada
11 East 36th Street,
New York, N.Y. 10016
1266 N/erchand se N,4art,
Ch cago, lllino s 60654
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Atlanta, Geo rg ia 30336
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Dal as. Texas 75229
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