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We reserve the righl io chanqe detarls ol design, maleriais afd iinrsh rn
any way thar will not alre. insralLed appearance or redu.e iunclion

U.S. Palent Nos. 3 246 074t 3,286.052i 3,295,093i 3.496.518,3,E94,7811

3,498,782;4,082,3s5i 4,096.34S Other palents pending or !.anted ld lhe
U.s. and fo.eign co!nties.
Copynghl 1981 by Lrghlolier lncorporated.
tytespan" Af rl Ior ra-.cesised itsta al cf s
i|-af|::tr! t,,!o l\ri-tcs o: totrs
Advent Track ......4-5

I lfr"*hlghtins
1a'rqcd icr dry 1,\i pe ce: r.ts
or I arte e!s icr p alslet Lrr ccn BasicTrack ........6-r-
.ireie. lo a:s!re c e;lt alela, f!l Suspension Beam Housings..B g
Lytestruct Housings . . . .... l0 l1
raf ale oii,tca,6:isot es
/\,,r"' alC
Recessed Housings .......12 13
[,r]onoDo|ti ll! 1pc Il LytespotSelector .........
Two Llles track svster:.1 r!'e !lrtaa B:1se Mo|oll0 nt
'rf rl B;r c P rLrit !'oV ilc th-. alD arl
t ' r .. 1e)( b lv ailtr:tck af al caI it-.
rlrl Faclr s'j/ste'r car lle lndex
lf il!l 'ea.l I a mo:t :t rr- vii.L',, Lre LrSerl i)lr !i/itelt Olie 1!4,rO Cr
I PaoP Cai No P aoe
lilr0,... L\,,Ie:pois are TeLlt t0d ...
;rlr:t|!le Ii.vr1!a yat!,CCl l{l 6000
6001 ...
r, ,:iir ;r I lrr: lti zcd ,,,, th
L Other lrack s/ste'Tts Ic Ide 6002 ... 6445
:t if drr/ l,fte ol alrl ita irit lyl,.siraf I
ar. arclt lectL]la y 6003 ... 6446
6015 ... 6450
:tal'.riil a'lil5k iqllt ll!l i largrated ae f g sysleT \,\lt ljn
6016 ... 6451
:rrar1 : it.rc ,,ra \/!iislr-oT la0 tateg rirp rj chargcs 01 6017 ... 6452
sr-.ace al:p.ry des gf alt-] 6018 ... 6453
Alr,i:lrt rs a \.'e'sai e clte oT 6020 ... 6454
glrl r!l 6021 ... 6455
i!"ro C [Cr] i irsck v,,lr cir pfa,.y al,.S 6022 ...
,I:; lrrrTr slr lath itat capab tl,, :larir 1,,..r:.|.1 :l-. e.,i,r I.r,;p! t.,l rir 6023 ...
.:ral a slrcf at proii c \'\'(-. isir ted
6025 ...
6026 ...
1orse lr sLrspent]eal 'lu:t Bas c 6027 ...
saofe c lc! ' iTatck :-rlrit ar!'\' ef 6028 ...
6030 ...
afc o\{cr | ,r 1a cosi l tfe| 6031 ...
C;llr ll-. sLrilitc-o or slel'] 6032 ...
6033 ...
'TroLftt-oaJ. ltsiit lril :r{i V dLia y 6050 ... 6475
or conl f -roLts f!lts lo'tcal wltlr
rr 6051 .. 6476
,Jat able r;id r;s corners ot r fs 6052 ... 6480
6053 ... 6481
Ts or X s arcl car re lrscal vr.rl 6054 ... 6482
ca f or hor zont:i !'on wa : 6060 ... 6483 .......
6061 ... 6484 .......
Fas: fsl: al{)r s:t leai:tre cl 6062 ... 6485 .......
6065 ... 6486 .......
borh il,i Lres.if traak Secia]lrs 6066 . ..
p uq toqetlref f slI f t ,t iitrm cne 6067 ...
6068 ...
c -oal se:rllr sf:ti]-f w r fal MULTIPOINT
6069 ...
pctfiiis c teci coitnecl r-rlrs !! ift 6070 ...
6071 ...
ot]t sp a iro
6072 ...
Se ec; 'torf :tr .tf .a\,i !J
6090 ...
6091 ...
f r slrcs cl eeir f(l po 6092 ...
609s ...
af i qire brass foi iireta a i..c
6'101 . . .
cer:s brof ze oi malle b itck to 6102 ... 7516
b {-.n0 w ih dark b-.arrs or 0-. 6103 ...
6121 ... 7582
rlals !r narllc r./",h i,. ta r. iiCl' 6122 ... 7584
wh t-. ce tq,r;llt( wa s 6123 ...
6150 ...
here s a clr{t a{: all lta!s ltls 6151 ... 7596
6'15 2 ... 7599
10. erc os ir! afal s! plo rl fal 6153 ... 7619
.r ther Ail,,,,ef l ci B:is c tlack it 6154 ... 7629
s.rsp.lrfleai Llse. oI sJIilts 6160 ... 7680
6165 ... 7681
cli-r es ov-o' oft!l sfta:]lrs o' lt 6166 ... 7683
6167 ... 7690
sta eal wilil 1O \,^,/a litete :j il
6168 ...
cho c-o.rf S!spef s oll Beam a 6169 ...
'!qQec L 2 x 211r" exlrLrccri ,t L, 6190 ...
WEIGHTED 6192 ...
llt l't]'f harits rg'llsheil :r rr-aila BASE 6194 ...
."!h ie i-.ioltzr-. a]a '",to::fr,{t:
ot 6195 ...
a2:i. J extt!aleal ;lIiIIII I. I'|
(.,, 6197 ...
6440 ...
l'lrirs rq f I slr{rd if po si--..] 6441 ...
6442 ..
IIaSS ot iit !lrt tLrfl uoilt 1',/[eS
o'lrous ng:50 al i aia-.iir ea:e
space aleqrale ajrrl fat w tl.

t- t (t Ft T()t-l t= I? 13
Advent TRACK

Lytespan' 4'lndividual

6101 6121
B ack

1or2-Circuit 8'lndividual 6102 anN

Advent track has a sturdy cross-
section that works especially we
in suspended insta lations, lends it 8'Joiner 6103 6123
self to many applications where a
strong vlsua statement is desired
Advent can be used for one circuit
or rwo, borh of wt- cl a'e i1d vidJ
ally controllable, thus providing
maxirnum switching flexib lity. Tota/
track capacity is 40 amps when
suppl ed by a 12A1240V. three-w re
branch circuit. lt can be mounted
ia a va pty otsur'dce o' sle'r pat
terns insta ed vertically or hor -
zontally on walls . . . and used with INTERCEPTS
Suspens on Beam, Lytestruct or
"l-'Connector 6150 6165
Recessed Housings. A cho ce of
power feed is available, including
an nvisib e feed which permits the
track to be mounted flush to the
ce ling and preserves the integrity
of the linear look.

I #
"T" Connector 6151 uruuo

_t .-i:-..

Track Selection in
Straight Runs or Patterns
F-or straight runs, order one "X" Connector 6152 6167
4' or B' indivldua track sec
t on and as many B' Joiner
Track Sect ons as required
For patterns orde r one 4'
or 8' nd v dua track section
and as many 8' Joiner Track
Sections as requ red for
each stra ght run of track
between intercepts.
Variable Angle 6153 6168
Con nector


4/ r-r('FtT()r- =
ADVENT Lytespan Track
End Feed Canopy MO NOPOINT
Mounting Kit
[.4ounts to L]ve End, ln-
Line, ' 1", "T", "X" or
For surlace mounting oi any single
Varlable An0le Connec- Lytespot over any standard outlet
tor for power feed from box. 4Yr " diameter.
3" or 4" octagonal outlet

For surlace mounting ol up to

Floating Canopy 6061 6071 three Lytespols, depending 0n lix,
Mounting Kit lure size. over anv slandard oullel
N4ounts at any point box. 41r" width. 141/$" tenath
along track for power Track lenqth 11 rr116"
feed from 3" or 4" oc-
taoonal oLrt et box. Sup-
p ied with 4'of 12 ga.
flexible stranded wire For wall mounting ol any single
and wireway cover. Lytespot. 15' cord and plug.

p Built'in switch on backplate.

41/r " diameter.

ln-Line 6154 6169

For power leed in WEIGHTED BASE
opposile direclions or to ...:w) i€r
feed continuous runs.
E -r+
Add Canopy Mounl ng
Kir (6060,6070) if F 41/2,,
Provides portable upliahtinq using
moLnted over outlet any single Lytespot. 8'cord and
box. p[]9. Built in swltch
4Y, " diameter.

Grid Ceiling 6095

For mountito track to
Tee runners of exposed
grid ceilings. lnclLdes -
outlet box which
n'rounts to Live-End, ln,
Llne, "1", 'T" or "X"
Connector.9 Grid
l\,4ornting Clips

Conduit Adapter
by others
Live end is ready
lo receive slandard
conduit llting.

lnvisible Feed 6160

Mounting Kit 7 nc PLaled
Permits track units to be
mounted f ush to cei -
ing. Power is fed di-
rect y to Live End or
ln Line Conneclor from
above Lsing condutt or
cable. No outlet box or
canopy required.

For Stem Mounting Kits, see page 7.

I-I('FI?(tt- =l?
Lytespa n'
Basic Lytespan, with a mini- 8'lndividual
mal prolile that blends easily
with the surround, is ideal 8'Joiner
where low initial cost is a re-
quirement. A wide range of
finishes offers the choice of
dramatic accent or blend-in
effect. Basic Lytespan can
be mounted in a variety of
sur{ace or stem patterns,
installed vertically or horizon-
tally on walls. lt can be used
with Suspension Beam and
Lytestruct housings wherever
a stiffer c ross-section and INTERCEPTS
stronger visual statement is
desired. A choice of Be- "r'connecror 6050 6065
cessed housings is available
for either dry or wet type ceil-
ings. The power feed options
include a cord and plug set for
use where an outlet box is not
available. Capacity is 20
amps at 120V per branch

Ts "T'connector 6051 6066

I lta

Track Selection in
Straight Runs or Patterns
For straight runs, order one
connector 6052 6067
4'or 8' ndividual track sec-
tion and as many 8'Joiner
Track Sections as req uired.
For patterns order one 4'
or 8' ind v dua track section
and as many 8' Joiner Track
Sections as requ red for
each stra ght run of track
between intercepts.

Variable Angle 6053 5068

Con nector

6/ Lr(tFrr()t-ilEr?
POWER FEED-lNS to surface mounted STEM MOUNTING KITS for
BASIC Lytespan Track N4atte ADVENT and BASIC Lytespan Track
For 4'track nstalled indlvldral y,
End Feed use 2 stems:for I track insta ed
Canopy ind v dually, use 3 stems. For con-
Mounting Kit
lilounts to L ve End, n- )tor, tinuous runs, use one stern every
4'. Canopy diameter 4%".
Line, L,'T,"X'or
Variab e Angle Confec-
tor for powerfeed from
.ir,. 18" 48" 48"
txtens on
3 " or 4" octa0onal outlet
box. It4atte White 7544 7586 7582
It4atte Black 7683 7681 7680

Floating Canopy 6061 6071 Po ished Brass 6090 6091 6092

Mounling Kit
Po shed Chrome 7477 7457 7 467
IMoLrnts at any point
a onq lrack for power
feed fro m 3" or 4" oc-
tagona outlet box Sup-
p ied with 4'of l2 ga.
w re and w reway cover.

ln-Line 6054 6069

For power leed in
opposil€ direct ons or to
'/: Suspension 7437
f€ed continuous runs.
Display Hook
Add Canopy lVounting Slpports 25 bs. max.
Kl (6060, 6070) I
mo!nted over o!1et

Grid Ceiling 6095 Pendant Adapter 7599

Adapter Matte White.
For mounl nO trackto Supports 10 lbs. max.
Tee runners ol exposed
gr d ceilings. lnc udes
outlet box wh ch
mounts 10 L ve End. ln
Line, L T'or "X' r Fl"
Connector, and I Grid
[,40 ! nling C]ips.

Altachment 7589
Conduit AdaPter Matte While.
For feeding powerto Supporls 25 lbs. max.

^l--r i-
L ve End f rcrn surfac€
conduit wh ch has r/2 '
PS threaded coffector t,2 t,

Cord and 6062 6072

Plug Set
lfcludes 15
2-cofductor cordset
and p !g with
n lin e switch

t- I (it'tr() I-l l= It- /7

Rirgged extruded alum num hous ng to en
c ose and support Advent or Bas c track over
long spans. t requires a rnlnimum of support
when sus pe nded on rigid stems or s e nder
f exible. a most nvisib e cab es spaced B'on
center Stems and cab es can be cut to length
in the fie d. lntercepts permlt a variety of ght-
ing patterns Covers are availab e for sect ons
of hous ngs used w thout e ectr fied track
Housings can be insta ed wa to wa in spans
Lrp 10 l2' (can be cut in the fie d for exact fit)
w thout ce ling supports



--, > ;.


(for Suspension Beam, Lytestruct ll and Recessed Housings)
Ho-sr,,,o -l




For patlerns, orderone

4 or8 lndvidua Track
Secl on and as many S
Jo nerTrack Sectons
as requ red foreach
stra ght run of track
bet\reen intercepts
ln palterns, plan po,,,rer
-Q feedat L, T or'X

Use with the f0ll0wing L!,tespan Track Units.
4'lnd vidual 61 01 (white) 6001 (whire)
4'lndividLal 6121 (black) 6016 (bronze)

8'lndividua 6102 (white) 6002 (white)

8'Joiner 6103 (white) 6003 (white)
B'lndividual 6122 (black) 601 7 (bronze)
8'Joiner 6123 (black) 6018 (bronze)
*For other fin shes see pages 4
or 6.

Track Selection in Straight Runs

For straight runs, order one 4'or B' incli
8' Cover for v dual track section and as many 8'
Housing Jo ner Track Sections as requrred

Track Selection in Patterns Between lntercepts AUXILIARY ELECTRICAL
For patterns, order one 4'or 8' lnd v clua Track Section CONNECTOB KITS
and as many B'Joiner Track Sections as required for 0rder one Ki1 lor continuous
each straight run of track between intercepts wir ng throuoh each inlerce0ls.
n patterns, plan power feed at "f', 'T" or "X nterceots. ORDER SEPARATELY!
See lustrated examp e paqe B. ADVENT BASIC
"U'Housing/ 6454 6444 6467 6464
Splice Box
Ad ww
(sel oi 2) lset of 2)

"T" Housing/ 6453 6443 6465 6462

Splice Box (sel oi 4) (set 014)

\ -€ r< W\Y
"X" Housing/ 6452 6442
Splice Box 6465 6462
(set ol4) (sel0l4)

\4 Ed\y
v5 +: /\

Wall Mounting Plates & covers Stem Mounting Kits * Cable Mounting Kits* e G
(Set of 2) Forstem mountlng, powei may be For cabre mo,rnring. I IIJ
powe.l0r I 0,
Forwall mounting,
power may be fed
fed no closer than 6" from end of 2 circuits mav 0e {ed cl0se' I
.10 l/i
Suspension Beam ho! sing. lhan 6" lron ero of Suspension I l//
from 3" 0r4" Canopy diameter 4rr".
18', 48',
Bean Housilg. Caropy d'a. 'o' I ll
ociagonalwall outlet 48', Non-Eleclr.lieo 2l?" Canoau c,ia I Il
boxthrouoh end of Extersions 'orr,rrtr'''r.ll.'
Suspension Beam
housing, for straight
runs 0nly.
white 7584 7586 75A2
rr'"' t fl
l,?i,,?l''-" 74sa 746s il \
7683 7681 7680
fff,l|i 64b5 Pol.
Brass 6090 6091 6092
;ft;j!'S* t*, ?46, I l)
gronze 6445 Pcf,)
7477 7 457 7467 Btac{Lrec. € e<
' Mar. spacing 8' center lo center ' Max. spac ng. I'cenler lo cenler

t_ I (iFtT()t_t t= t? /9
Sturdy extrLrded a umlnum hous ng encloses and
supporls Advent or Basic track. can be sus
pended on r g cl sterrs or slender, a most nv s-
ib e cables that can be cu1 lC' ength in the fle d
llo!s ngs can be insta ed wa to wa in spans
up 10 T2'without ce ling supports Covers are
avai able for sect ons ol hous ngs used wjthout
e ectrified lrac k

! __-


Actual size
HOUSING Use wilh the f0 0wirg Lytespan Track Units-
4'lfdivldLal 6121 (blrc[) 6021 (blarh)
,1' nd v dLral 6121 (b ack) 6026 (pol brass)

B ndivid!a 6122 (black) 6022 (b ack)

8'Housing B Jorer 6123 lblack) 6023(back)
B indiv dual 6122 (b ack) 6027 (pOt. brass)
B J0 r€r 6.123 (black) 6028 (p0l brass)
*For olher lin shes see pages 4 or 6

Track Selection in Straight Runs

8' Cover for For stra qhl rrns ordor orc 4'or 8' if(l
Housing v alra lrack seci on anal as mafy 8
Opening J.-,:d..q .1.^o

Track Selection in Palterns Between lntercepts AUXILIARY ELECTRICAL
For patterns order one 4'or E' nd v dua Track Section CONNECTOR KITS
and as many 8'Jo fef Track Sections as requlred for 0rder one Kit lor coft r!ous
each straight rur of lr-ack bctween intercepts Po ished Polshed
w[ fg lhrough each ntetcepts
n patterns p an power feed at f. T or "X ntercepts. Chrome Brass OFIDER SEPARATELY!
See ustraled exarnple paqe 8. ADVENT BASIC
90'Elbow 6474 6484 6467 6464
Co n nector isel cl 2i lser 01 2

A (4 \lnVP

120" Two or Th ree 6473 6483 6465 6462

Way Con necto r
E c?z
90' Four Way 6472 6482 6465 6462
Connector (ser !l 4r (se1 ol,i)
\e, .{?
=z /\

Wall Mounting Plates & covers *

Stem Mounting Kits Cable Mounting Kits "
(Set of 2) For stem mountin0, power mav be For cab e mountlng, power lor 1
For wall mounting, led no closer lhan 6" lrom end 01 or 2 circuts may be led no
power may be led Lyteslrucl housing. Canopv closer than 6" lrom end oi
lrom 3" or 4" oc d amelet 4!, Lt'testruct houslng. Canopy dia.
tagonal wall outlel 18', 48', 48', for Non-Electrilied 212". Canapy
box through end ol Extenslons dia. tor E ectrilied 41, "
L!4eslrucl housing, tvlatie
7584 75A6 7582
for straight runs While 60" 120"

0n y. IVlafle
B a.k
7683 7681 7680 F?]';tl'o'u z+sa z+ss
0hrome TO BE
6090 6091 6092 F[l',?i?* 745s 746s
Polls lred CONSULT
Black Elec.
Brass .1ttone 7477 74sz 7462 Feed

' Max spac fg. S cenler io ce.ler ' Ma,. spac nq S cenler io cenrer

t- I (i t-l T() I_ I t= I? /11

When recessed, Advent or Actual
Easic Lytespan track is Sze
encosed naseparate
extruded aluminum hous-
ng that can be fie d cut to
ength. The F anged
Hous ng is for use with dry
type cei ing mater als. The
Flanged Housinq with Advent Track Flanged Housjng with Basic Track
F angeless Housing s
used n plaster or concrete
ce ings or with 3/a" kerfecl ELECTRIFIED COMPONENTS
HOUSING [/]atle
Use with the following L,4espan Track Units*
acoust c tile. The track may White
thus be easily removed for ORDER SEPABATELY!
nspection or serv cing. ADVENT BASIC
Recessed track is fed 4'Housing 4'lndividual 6101 (white) 6001 (white)
frorn "End", "L' "T" or'X'
Housing/Sp ice Boxes
installed at the end of or
8'Housing B' lndividual 6102 {white) 6002 (white)
8'Joiner 6103 (white) 6003 (white)
between housings .For other finishes see pages 4 0r 6.
Track Selection in Patterns Between lntercepts AUXILIARY ELECTRICAL
For patterns, orcler one 4'or B' nd v dral Track Sect on CONNECTOR KITS
Ceiling Details 0rder one Kit lor continuous
and as many B'Joiner Track Secl ons as required for wiring through each inlercepls.
each straight run of track between intercepts.
ln patterns, p an power leed at "L', "T" or "X" ntercepts ORDER SEPABATELY!
See lustrated examp e, page 8. ADVENT BASIC
"r'Housing/ 7690 6467 6464
(set ol 2) (sel ol 2)
Splice Box
\ @/ Ed\y
(Flanged Housing)


"T" Housing/ 6465 6462

7691 (sel ol 4) (sei ol 4)
(Flansed Housins)
Splice Box
\rr/<s=- WV
- ;- \f'.i

"X" Housing/ 6465 6462
\4 A= ww
(Flanqeless Housinq) (ser oi 4) (sel ol 4)
Splice Box

=5 /\

End Housing/ 7517

Splice Box
May a so be inslal ed
between housings.

Poured concrete
(Flanseless Housing)

12l t- I (i t-t T() r- r l= l?


S i7e

Flangeless H0using with Advent Track Flangeless Housinq with Basic Track

HOUSING l\/late
Use with the fOllowing Lytespan Track Units.
4'Housing 7512 q'nat nual 610l (white) 6001 (white)

8'Housing lrdividua. 6102 {white)

7513 88 Joiner 6002 (white)
6103 (white) 6003 (white)
tFor other finishes see pages 4 0r 6.
Track Selection in Patterns Between lntercepts AUXILIARY ELECTRICAL
For patterns, order one 4'or 8' lndividual Track Sect on CONNECTOR KITS
and as many 8' Jo ner Track Sections as requ red for 0rder one Kit ior continuous

each straight run of track between inte{cepts. wir nq throuqh each intercepts
ln patterns, plan power feed at'f', "T" or "X" ntercepts. ORDER SEPARATELY!
See illustrated example, page 8. ADVENT BASIC
"lJ'Housing/ 7693 6467 6464

Ad ww
Splice Box (s€lof 2) (ser of 2)

,/+. .h\

"T" Housing/ 7694 6465 6462

Splice Box
(se1of 4) (s€t ol 4)

-v w\P
"X" Housing/ 7695 6465 6462
Splice Box
\s w\v
(set ol 4)

=e€ /\
(set ot 4)

End Housing/ 7514

Splice Box t'
I lt\DlvlDuAl FA(-h-l JO NER IFAC^
N,4ay also be nstalled
between housings.

Track Selection in Straight Buns
F-or straight runs, order one 4' or 8' ind -
vidua track section and as many 8'
Joiner Track Sections as required.
t- t (it-t T() r-r r= l? /13
Lytespots...the Lytespan system's fully
adjustable lightirrg units...offer a broad
choice ol scale. form and finish and a
choice oi distribution: narrow lor ac-
centing details; medium or wide for
bathing large areas in light; high'
intensity, uniform washes of light for ver-
iical surfaces; sharp'edged patterns of
light for dramatizing paintings and
displays. All Lytespots can be used with
Advent or Basic LytesPan track.

Finish Catalog No.

Matte While 6223 6228 6233 7530 7631 7533 7539 7637 7 531 7645 7626
l!4atte Black 7 520 7630 7523 7529 7638 7644 7625
Polished Brass 6220 6225 6230
Oxidized Brass 6221 6226 6231
Satin Aluminum
Polished Aluminum
Polished Chrome 6222 6227 6232

7597 7597 7597 7598 7597

Color FilterSoread Lens a a a a

Barn Door 7650 7650 7650 7651

F in ish Catalog No.

7155 / oJo
,4atte White
Bronze 6358 6354 6356 7158
Matte Black 6355 5350 6351
Polished Brass
Antique Brass 637 4 6377
Polished Aluminum
Polished Chrome
Old Green
Bi-qht White
Teakwood (VinYl

t= o
(lo or Frller/Snreao Lens
Barn Door I- rr--j trtl I 79!! l

L_ll ; I

7628 7627 7101 7111 7121 7141 7185 7't 51 7670 7674 7 546 7 524 7518 540

7687 7587 l 7140
6260 6261 6262

HFi -H
----lr-f-f-- 7511
7 671 7675 7544
7 527 7519 7 521

nl---T_-r--_l ffi f-T-f--__-l

t--f-]_:l t---r-----r

6320 6324 5325 6344 6345 6346 6360 6361 6362 F61ol F4esl f-__l
6321 6314 6315 6316 6334 6335 6336 6367 6368 6370 6202
6341 6342 6343
6317 6318 6319

6327 6328 6329 6364 6365 oooo

6205 6207 6200
6339 6340

,iir,-l--r-i l--tn F+= ri ti
f-r--Hti tilt
I f--_l
t-t <t FrT() t-t t= r? /15
346 ClarE.'r3i i Aieniie
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