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FOG HORN April 2019

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Spyderco ATONOMY 2

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Spyderco ATONOMY 2 2019

Spyderco ATONOMY 2 – the Spyder deployed even with a heavily gloved hand, not
susceptible to rust from salt water use, easily
strikes again!
maintained and cut with extreme authority.
By: Sal Palma From this origin emerges the Spyderco
AUTONOMY 2, a more general use automatic
folder, in 2019.

Unlike fixed blade knives, the folding knife has

to be more closely scrutinized in order to
evaluate a number of critical design
characteristics. I’ll start with the gorgeous leaf

ATONOMY 2 features a full-flat ground blade

sharpened to a razor’s edge. The leaf profile has
a very slight belly to enhance its considerable
This is my first review of a Spyderco automatic
slicing prowess. The edge terminates in a very
folder, so if I appear to be spilling over with
aggressive point capable of easily puncturing
enthusiasm kindly overlook the exuberance,
through a variety of materials. The LC200N
which I’ll make every effort to keep under
blade material is a nitrogen enriched tool steel
control throughout this review.
with a high degree of hardness at HRc of 58 –
Spyderco introduced the ATONOMY 2 as a 60. Compared to the more common tool steels,
completely revised offspring of the original LC200N exhibits a high degree of corrosion
ATONOMY. resistance.

The original
developed in
response to a
request from the
U.S. Coast Guard
for a cutting tool
that would meet
the demands of its
rescue swimmers. The knife had to be easily

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Spyderco ATONOMY 2
Moving to the handle, the two deeply textured Spyderco did something on both the ATONOMY
G10 scales sit on a robust stainless steel liner. I and ATONOMY 2 that I thought was a very nice
generally don’t like grips with a lot of finger feature, they engineered a patented removable
coils so the ATONOMY 2 did not disappoint, a module that encapsulates the spring, so In the
marked improvement over the original event you need to replace the coil spring,
ATONOMY, in my opinion. The grip size is simply use Spyderco’s optional tool and spring
generous and fits securely and comfortably in replacement kit without having to disassemble
the hand. the knife. A great idea!

The handle is an open back design which makes

for easy cleaning and removing any debris that
may be collecting.

Looking through the handle there are two torx

standoffs securing both sides of the grip.
Spyderco moved away from the wire clip of the On the flip side of the handle you have the
original ATONOMY and replaced it with a safety, or locking button, the firing actuator and
relocatable hourglass clip to accommodate left a pivot point tension adjustment torx. Although
or right tip-up carry positions. The clip straddles pivot tension is adjustable via a torx screw, I
an oversized lanyard hole that will easily allow recommend that you leave it alone, unless
550 paracord, most fobs, etc. there is a specific need to adjust the pivot point

Operating the knife is intuitive and easily done

even with a gloved hand. When the safety is in
the up position, the blade will not fire or close;
in the down position, as shown in the picture,
the blade will fire, with considerable authority,
and will close when the actuator is depressed.

When carrying the knife you should always

engage the safety to avoid an accidental firing
of the blade. When working with the knife,
always engage the safety to ensure the blade
does not accidentally close.

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Spyderco ATONOMY 2
Final Impressions

The ATONOMY 2 is the exemplification of a Manufacturer Specifications

superb general purpose EDC knife, but its
balance, right at the locking button, makes the  Overall Length 8.44" (214mm)
tip very fast, which combined with its  Blade Length 3.50" (89mm)
aggressive drop point also serves as an excellent  Steel LC200N
backup to your CCW firearm.  Closed Length 4.94" (125mm)
 Edge Length 3.37" (86mm)
The grip size and shape, along with its G10 scale  Weight 5.6oz (159g)
texturing, provide a very secure grip, be it a  Blade Thickness 0.114" (2.9mm)
saber grip, reverse or icepick the ATONOMY 2  Handle G-10
sits in the hand securely and is accordingly very  Clip Position Ambi
controllable. But, could one improve on its
 Tip Carry Position Tip-Up
design? Maybe.
 Lock Type Button Lock
I’d like to see an ATONOMY 3 with blade  Grind Full-Flat
jimping at the thumb shelf just forward of the  Sheath N/A
pivot point.  Origin United States
 M.S.R.P. $290
In closing, this is one of the best production
automatic folders I’ve seen. Materials, Know your local laws governing automatic
workmanship and design are all a cut above and knives.
classic Spyderco elegance.

The Spyder strikes again!


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