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Republic of the Philippines

Region VII, Central Visayas

Division of Cebu Province
Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu
Anapog Integrated School
Anapog San Remigio, Cebu


At the beginning of the class, I have greeted the students and let them
greet the observer which was the Principal of the school who that time setting at
the observer’s table.
Taken the routine of the daily attendance. Number routine that includes asking
the reasons for the absences of 1 student to his neighbor.
Started reviewing what they did last class and asking them about the
previous topic discussed from the class. Then started explaining the new lesson
by using a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the new topic. Asked the
students to present their opinions orally according to the discussed topic. Most
of the students offer their comments and opinions and the instructor reinforces
these responses with positive remarks such "good", "excellent" and "Wonderful.
After discussing the topic, explained the instructions and read the statements
aloud before playing the tracks for them. Then turned on the short clip and the
student viewing in to it. Played it again because some students did not
understand at the first time.
After viewing the short clip, the students had been given five minutes to
answer and do the activity. the questions related to the topic exercise. The
students presented their performance cooperatively. Divided the students into
five groups and asked them Dramatize, sing, rap, picture collage etc. with the
connection to the topic.. After that, she asked each member of the group must to
present. At the end of the class, the students to answer a ten item test which is
posted on the Black Board. After that finished the lecture by giving an overview of
lesson content, taking the attendance again and asking them if they have any

The use of technology in the class

In the first visiting, the lecture was concentrated on the use of technology. At
the beginning, the lesson was presented through the use of projector to present a
power point presentation. Then listening skill was enhanced by the use of
computers and headphones to listen to different tracks. Black Board also was
used to post the assignments, Power Point presentation, discussions related to
the course… etc..
In the second visiting, The concentration was on the speaking skill.. They
enjoyed these presentations especially all of them were asked to participate.
Content organization and presentation
Instruction/Student Interactions
Encouraged the student questions and discussion. Tried to involve
students into the lecture by asking them to express their opinion or explain
some issues. She reinforces these responses with positive remarks such "good",
"excellent" and "Wonderful. Tried to do different activities such as cooperative
learning to enhance the students learn from each other.

”Updating school programs with current technological tools and devices for
both students with and without disabilities has become necessary". (Alnahdi,
2014). I think that the learning of a second language is a process that must be
developed with the help of technology because it gives the learner more
opportunities to learn and practice the language. I have observed that many
teachers follow the same traditional methods in teaching without trying to
improve them or include any technological tools to reinforce their teaching. There
are many common teaching methods to teach English as a second language, but I
think that the most effective one is the method that is enhanced with a
technological tool
Using computer in teaching and learning language is necessary because of its
benefits that can bring to both teachers and students. It is the most efficient
instructional tool which plays a central role in making the learning environment
more motivating, encouraging, and interesting.

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