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List of Standards on File

Noise Management

Standard Title
Work Cover Code of Practice, commenced May 1997 Code of Practice for Noise Management and
Protection of Hearing at Work
AS 1269:1989 (superseded by 2005 version) Acoustics – Hearing Conservation
AS/NZS 1269.0-4:2005 Occupational Noise Management
AS/NZS 2107:2000 Acoustics – Recommended Design Sound Levels and
Reverberation Times for Building Interiors

Noise Measurement

Standard Title
AS 1055.1-3:1989 (now 1997 version) Acoustics – Description and Measurement of
Environmental Noise
AS 1081.1:1990 Acoustics – Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted by
Rotating Electrical Machinery
AS 1191:1985 (now 2002 version) Acoustics – Method for Laboratory Measurement of
Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building
AS 1217.1-7:1985 Acoustics – Determination of Sound Power Levels of
(withdrawn Aug 2006 – refer ISO3740:1980) Noise Sources
AS 1277:1983 Acoustics – Measurement Procedures for Ducted
AS ISO 140.4:2006 Acoustics – Measurement of Sound Insulation in
Buildings and of Building Elements
AS1633:1985 (withdrawn Aug 2006) Acoustics – Glossary of Terms and Related Symbols
AS 2253:1979 (superseded by ISO 140.4) Methods for Field Measurement of the Reduction of
Airborne Sound
AS 2659.1-2:1988 (withdrawn Aug 2006) Guide to The Use of Sound Measuring Equipment
ISO 6190:1988 Acoustics – Measurement of Sound Pressure Levels of
(withdrawn 1998 – refer ISO 10494: 1993) Gas Turbine Installations for Evaluating Environmental
Noise – Survey Method
AS/NZS ISO 717.1:2004 Acoustics – Rating of Sound Insulation in Buildings and
of Building Elements

Pressurised Systems

Standard Title
AS1210:1997 Pressure Vessels
ASME B31.1:2004:Addenda 2005:Addenda 2006 Power Piping
AS4041:1998:2006 Pressure Piping


Standard Title
AS1530.4:1990 Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials,
Components and Structures
AS1554.1:1991 Structural Steel Welding
AS1668.2:2002 The Use of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Buildings
AS1905.1:1990 Components for the Protection of Openings in Fire-
resistant Walls
AS2380.4:1994 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres –
Explosion Protection Techniques
A463/A 463M – 99a Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Aluminium
Coated, by the Hot Dip Process