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Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

SAP Solution Brief


SAP HANA®: The In-Memory Platform

for Digital Transformation
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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Accelerate innovation and simplify IT

Digital transformation is a top priority. IT systems must adapt quickly to tech­ Accelerate innovation and simplify IT

nologies and business models that arise at a dizzying pace. Let the SAP HANA®
platform replace complex systems and isolated applications to help you transform
IT. It supports modern applications that help you reimagine business processes
and deliver real-time insights from data that’s always fresh.

SAP HANA is one of the first data management administrative effort by consolidating multiple
platforms to handle both transactions and analyt- workloads onto SAP HANA. Being able to Run
ics in memory on a single data copy. It converges a Simple helps you deliver insight into ongoing trans-
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state-of-the-art database with advanced analytical actions, so your organization can respond in real
processing, application development capabilities, time to market change, seizing new opportunities
data integration, and data quality. You gain a single more quickly than your competitors. And you
secure environment for all your mission-critical can develop innovative applications on SAP HANA
data assets, so you can manage large volumes of that combine transactions and analytics and
structured and unstructured data efficiently to deliver engaging personalized experiences over
improve total cost of ownership. At the same time, any device.
you can simplify your IT landscape and reduce

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Reimagine your database

SAP HANA is built on an in-memory columnar When you set up multitenant database contain- Reimagine your database
store that optimizes the benefits of multicore pro- ers, you can manage several databases as one
cessing and the single-instruction, multiple-data while maintaining their isolation from one another. Accelerate analytics exponentially
instruction set. It’s fully compliant with require- You can perform administrative tasks such as
ments for the atomicity, consistency, isolation, backup and patching on all tenants at once and Create and manage
and durability (ACID) standards. optionally allocate resources to each tenant sepa- innovative applications
rately to protect performance. You can meet
Intuitive modeling tools and preconfigured func- service-level requirements handily while lowering Optimize data access, integration,
tion libraries let you run complex business logic capital and operating costs. and quality management
directly inside the database. And that means you
avoid latencies from moving data between the With multistore tables in SAP HANA dynamic tier-
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database and the application servers. Stored pro- ing software, you can keep frequently accessed
cedures take advantage of optimized in-memory data in memory while moving rarely accessed
calculation engines to run faster. data to disk, managing Big Data economically
without the constraints of memory size. Applica-
tions can access data independently of storage
location, and you can modify storage preferences
whenever demand changes.

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Accelerate analytics exponentially

With in-memory processing, you can run on-the- that can learn and automate some of the manual Reimagine your database
fly aggregation, eliminating the need for pre­ business processes. Text search and text analysis
aggregates, materialized views, analytic indexes, extract meaning from semistructured text and Accelerate analytics exponentially
or database accelerators. Business users can transform it into a data model for analysis.
retrieve high-level summaries quickly and also SAP HANA provides native support for spatial Create and manage
drill down to granular details. data – points, lines, and polygons – and spatial innovative applications
functions. Base maps in SAP HANA – with
SAP HANA includes native high-performance political boundaries and points of interest – Optimize data access, integration,
predictive and machine learning algorithms and help accelerate development of location-aware and quality management
integration with TensorFlow and R Server to reveal business applications.
meaningful patterns in data and build applications
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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

You can also process and analyze streaming data Reimagine your database
from sensors, plant equipment, the Internet of
Things, or financial transactions with SAP HANA. Accelerate analytics exponentially
Series data processing helps you store and query
time-series data like price fluctuations, seasonal Create and manage
trends, and information on machine efficiency innovative applications
and network flow. Finally, SAP HANA can store
highly interconnected graph data in a dynamic Optimize data access, integration,
data model. and quality management

SAP HANA is a single platform for building Prescient uses SAP HANA to build
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applications that combine text analysis, spatial innovative applications that help
analysis, predictive analysis, and graph data
processing on the same live transactional data,
keep travelers safe through advanced
streaming data, series data, and data from exter- sentiment and geospatial analysis.
nal sources. A wealth of new possibilities helps
you reimagine business models, design new
services, and expand into new markets.

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Create and manage

innovative applications
SAP HANA connects with existing applications prise architecture. ABAP® programming language Reimagine your database
using open standards and offers a choice of ways programmers and users of SAP PowerDesigner®
to build Web-based applications and applications software can exploit the power of SAP HANA with Accelerate analytics exponentially
based on microservices. SAP® Web IDE for their preferred tools as well. Integrated lifecycle
SAP HANA offers a comprehensive lightweight tool management features help you define application Create and manage
set for data modeling and application development. structure, track object changes, and assemble innovative applications
You also can use the edition of the SAP Enterprise applications and deploy them to the production
Architecture Designer Web application that works system. Optimize data access, integration,
with SAP HANA to model data for building enter- and quality management
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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

SAP HANA supports a variety of programming Reimagine your database

languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python,
Go, Node.js, and JSON, so you can use Accelerate analytics exponentially
a familiar language for development. It contains
several preconfigured business functions, dis- Create and manage
counted cash flow, and interest rate management, innovative applications
to further accelerate development. These run
inside the database for optimal performance and Optimize data access, integration,
can be called directly from SQLScript. SAP HANA Running on premise or in the cloud, and quality management
also includes a framework that lets you create
your own data processing algorithms to run inside SAP HANA is built to be the one
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the database. platform for everything you do.

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Optimize data access, integration,

and quality management
SAP HANA offers functionality to manage data complete visibility. With smart data quality, you Reimagine your database
virtualization, quality, and synchronization, so you can validate and match entities such as names,
can retrieve and use data inside and outside your phone numbers, and addresses to help ensure Accelerate analytics exponentially
organization with unprecedented ease. accuracy. Finally, features for remote data syn-
chronization help you synchronize data bidirec- Create and manage
With smart data access, you can federate queries tionally among databases in SAP HANA and innovative applications
to external data sources such as other databases, the SAP SQL Anywhere® suite that are embedded
Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark to perform in devices located beyond the reach of high- Optimize data access, integration,
queries without costly data movement. When you bandwidth connections. That means you can and quality management
need to move data across SAP HANA and multiple synchronize devices at distant locations and
data sources, smart data integration can help you shorten response times across the enterprise.
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do so to support informed decision making with

An SAP HANA project at the National Center for Tumor

Diseases in Heidelberg used data from diverse sources
to inform surprising new medical insights.
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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Maximize availability and

reduce administration
SAP HANA protects your business against a broad Several tools help you monitor infrastructure Maximize availability and
range of outages, from software error to natural health: reduce administration
disaster. Full data-at-rest encryption support •• The SAP HANA cockpit platform provides a
secures your data. To help you maintain agility, the Web-based tool that lets you administer and Tally the benefits of deploying
platform scales up and out to support many deploy- monitor multiple SAP HANA instances. A secu- SAP HANA
ment scenarios and is available for use in public rity dashboard in SAP HANA cockpit helps you
and private cloud environments. And remember meet compliance requirements with confidence
that, with database multitenancy, you can perform and operate applications running on SAP HANA
administrative chores once for multiple tenant on the same solid security foundation.
databases. (See figure on the next page.) •• SAP Solution Manager supports holistic
monitoring of SAP applications running on
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You can minimize downtime and shorten recovery SAP HANA.

times using multitier secondary systems and one •• A modern tool set for performance and work-
of several high-availability and disaster-recovery load analysis provides in-depth insights on
solutions delivered with SAP HANA. Offload read- query execution plans and resource utilization.
intensive workloads to secondary systems with
SAP HANA active/active read-enabled option
software for additional load balancing and hard-
ware utilization.

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

SAP HANA® Platform Maximize availability and

On premise | Cloud reduce administration

Application development Advanced analytical processing Data integration and quality

Tally the benefits of deploying

Web server JavaScript Spatial Graph Predictive Search Data Extract, transform,
virtualization load, and replicate

SAP Fiori® Graphic Application Text Streaming Series Business Data Apache Hadoop Remote
user experience modeler lifecycle analytics analytics data functions quality and Apache data sync
(UX) management Spark integration
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Database management

Columnar store Multicore and Advanced Multitenancy Multitier Data Openness Administration High availability
– Transaction parallelization compression storage modeling and security and disaster
and analytical recovery

Figure: SAP HANA – In-Memory Platform to Build Next-Generation Applications

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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Tally the benefits of deploying

Companies worldwide use SAP HANA – one of The in-memory database lets you process large Maximize availability and
today’s most advanced data-processing plat- data volumes at high speed with less administra- reduce administration
forms – to transform business and create value. tive effort. You do not need indexes, preaggregates,
SAP HANA can process both transactions and or materialized views to speed up analytics. To help Tally the benefits of deploying
analytics on a single data copy. You can uncover you improve performance, special tools let you SAP HANA
new opportunities from data anywhere and visualize query execution plans and monitor CPU
analyze fresh transactions to support real-time and memory usage.
decision making. Since you can process multiple
workloads on a single system, key business pro- SAP HANA also includes a number of predictive
cesses like period-end closing take far less time. algorithms, some self-improving. Many run
And you can simplify IT operations, making room on streaming data as well as structured, text,
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for more strategic work. spatial, and time-series data, so you can build
next-generation applications that enrich insight

Vodafone Group saved an entire day in its month-end close

process using SAP HANA.
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SAP Solution Brief Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts

Summary Solution
The SAP HANA® platform helps you reimagine •• Advanced in-memory processing to eliminate
business by combining a robust database with latency
services for creating innovative applications. It •• Real-time insight from Big Data and the Internet
enables real-time business by converging trans­ of Things
actions and analytics on one in-memory platform. •• Integrated data management that increases
Running on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA scalability and lowers complexity
untangles IT complexity, bringing huge savings •• Support for modern applications that use
in data management and empowering decision geospatial and streaming data
makers everywhere with new insight and predic- •• Tools to keep business secure and minimize
tive power. downtime

Objectives Benefits
•• Speed response and analysis while simplifying •• Accelerate data processing for real-time insight
IT and action
•• Acquire and integrate data from a wide range •• Draw insight from complex data sets and
of sources to boost visibility ongoing transactions
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•• Uncover new insights to help stakeholders •• Reimagine business processes and create
work smarter innovative applications
•• Ride the next wave of change with innovative •• Achieve business agility and streamline IT
new applications
•• Maintain security and business continuity Learn more
For more on using SAP HANA, visit,
and (free SAP HANA,
express edition).

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