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Dear Sir/ madam

I am Rahela Thanveer studying MBA in SMS-JNTUH. I am doing a project on “A Study on

SOURCING OF HOME LOANS”. As a part of it, I have designed a questionnaire to know
your views and satisfaction level on home loans. Please fill the given as per your thinking and
experiences. I will be thankful to you.
i) Age : ii) Employment sector
(public/private): iii) Qualification: iv)
Income/Salary (Range):
v) Designation : vi) Gender :
vii) Marital Status : viii) Location :

1) Name of financial institution/bank from which you have taken/applied for home loan

2) Type of home loan taken:

home purchase bridge loan land purchase
re-finance loan home expansion balance transfer
home construction home conversion stamp duty loan

3) Reason for home loan:

Investment Desire for home Income tax relief
To receive rent income Others (Specify)………………….

4) What is your source of information about home loan products/schemes?

Newspaper Hoarding/Banners Television Internet Bank-staff
Friends/Relatives Agents/Counselors Others (specify)

5) Approached for home loan through:

Directly branch Builder Agents/Counselor

Known personal in bank/F.I Others (specify)_____________

6) Why this financial institution/bank to apply for a home loan. Rank the factors from
1-7 in the order of preference (1-highest rank to 7-lowest rank)
It’s Known Service Low Less Near to Less
Reputation personnel in quality/Facilities Interest rate processing residence processing
Bank fee time

7) For the following factors, rate your financial institution/bank on a 5-point scale:

5-Strongly Agree 4-Agree 3-Neutral 2-Disagree 1-Strongly disagree

5 4 3 2 1
a) Speed of approval and immediate
b) Simpler procedure/Less bureaucratic
c) Rate of interest charged is reasonable
d) Existence of one or more guarantors
e) No hidden charges
f) Deferral of installments if you have
something unexpected
g) Possibility of partial/total early
repayment anytime you want
h) No need of underwriting property
i) Repayment period is adequate
j) Additional loan provided
k) Provides an insurance program to
protect the payment of installments
l) Communicated if interest rate is

8) Based on your experience, rate your satisfaction level at your financial institution/bank
on a 5-point scale:
5-Highly satisfied 4-Satisfied 3-Neutral 2-Not satisfied 1-Highly dissatisfied

5 4 3 2 1
a) Desired loan amount sanctioned
b) Documentation procedure
c) Processing fee
d) Rate of interest charged
e) Processing time
f) Hidden cost/unknown deduction
g) Down payment
h) Repayment terms
i) Complaints and grievance service
j) Insurance program to protect the payment
of installments
k) Relationship with bank/financial
l) Pre-closure terms
m) Response given to your queries
n) Overall how satisfied are you?

9) Rank the most influencing loan factors for taking a home loan:
desired loan amount being sanctioned
interest rate
repayment terms
processing fee
speed of approval
documentation procedure
documentation charges
pre-closure terms
insurance protection
additional loan
Complaints and grievance service

10) Problems faced while getting home loan:

Lack of knowledge Procedural delays Non cooperation
Desired loan amount not being sanctioned Others (specify)___________________

11) Would you recommend your bank/financial institution to others?

Yes No (If no, specify reason):…

12) Suggestions to improve home loan process/schemes.

Name & contact details: