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What Lies Within…


Randall K. Holmes, ACH, CtHA

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies
within us.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The human mind has an amazing capacity to learn. Some people access genius
levels of brain function and can learn seemingly without effort. Others are able to learn
numerous languages quickly, almost effortlessly. Savants can utilize certain untapped
parts of the human mind to do amazing mathematical calculations, computations or show
remarkable musical ability. Some people are naturally gifted with a photographic
memory and can remember anything easily. These are all abilities latent within us all.
Have you ever had a song running through your mind that you couldn’t get out of your
head? That shows the power of your mind to recall information.

It is estimated that the most mentally gifted people among us only approach
somewhere below 10% of the brain’s capacity. While the average person uses between
3% to 5%, the other 90-plus-or-minus-% is there within each of us – untapped except in
moments of inspiration.

Anything that we experience, everything we see, hear or feel, is recorded in our

subconscious and during hypnosis we can easily remember anything stored in the
unconscious mind. A recent hypnotherapy session reveals just how much the mind can
recall. While searching for the root cause of a current life problem, I regressed one client
back in time 34 years to the age of two-and-a-half. While his present memory of that day
was vague, in hypnosis his memory for minute details in the room was amazing.

Is there something that happened in that past that when you think about it you
remember all the details clearly? Most everyone can recall in detail some past
circumstance that upset them and sometimes still does. That shows the power of the
mind to recall information focused on the negative. But our minds can do the same with
positive or technical information if properly programmed to do so. Hypnosis is a
wonderful tool which enables us to make better use of the untapped capabilities latent
within us.

While hypnosis can be used in therapy to remember long forgotten details of the
past, post-hypnotic suggestions can also be used to enhance our memory for daily use.
An example of how the memory can be improved through hypnosis occurred during a
private session I did a few years ago. One of my clients came to see me about a personal
problem she had not been able to get over since childhood. In the course of her
hypnotherapy to release the past she added a request for help with her spelling. After
raising a family she was returning to school late in life to become a nurse. She asked if I
could help her with her spelling since at that time she was struggling with her medical
terminology class. I added appropriate suggestions into her next session to improve her
memory and concentration.

I received a call from her about a month later. During our conversation she
suddenly asked, “Guess what I made on my medical terminology test?”

I said, “I don’t know, 90?”

Excitedly, she said, NO! 105. Do you know what that means?

“No,” I replied.

Proudly, she explained, “Not only did I get all the words on the test right, I got the
5 bonus words right too.”

This is just another example of how the mind responds to correctly applied
suggestions and can access latent abilities.

We have within us an amazing ability to learn and recall information. Hypnosis

applied to education is a great way to enhance one’s ability to learn. Education is just one
application of the limitless ways to utilize the mind expanding tool of hypnosis to
discover what lies within us.


Randall K. Holmes, ACH, CtHA, is a Hypnotherapist, Success Coach and NLP-based

Business Trainer. He can be reached at 706-509-9537