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Scott Zanichelli

Mrs. Gravel

Interdisciplinary Studies

22 March 2019

Reflective Essay

Other than my height over the years, I feel that I have grown to become a well-

rounded person in intellect by participating in MMSTC for the last four years. I have

become more accustomed to advanced mathematical concepts by challenging myself in

harder classes. I can confidently say that my skills in multiple different scientific fields

(Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) have improved since eighth grade. Finally, I am able

to say that my branches of intellect have grown to the point where can go off on my own

journeys to higher forms of learning in college.

Since being a freshman, I feel that my confidence most of all has improved along

with my ability to speak in front of audiences. My confidence has improved, because I

have become more accustomed to unfamiliar situations and making them into situations

where I am comfortable/adaptive. This aspect of my character development leads into my

improvement in public speaking, because now I do not get as nervous. Overall I am glad

that I went to butcher so that I may be able to develop these skills correctly.

The most beneficial experience that I gained from attending MMSTC was being

able to communicate properly and convey myself properly. This is very beneficial,

because it made me more confident in my ability to talk to those that can determine my

future (i.e college counselors). Also, another beneficial experience for me was going to

the different colleges and seeing their campuses for myself. This helped me make my
decision and help me set a standard of what I was to expect from a college I would want

to go to, or if I want to even go to college yet.

It has helped me close my scopes onto an engineering field of some sort,

specifically aerospace engineering. I came upon that conclusion by the MMSTC Alumni

Job Fair that we have and hearing of the job that an aerospace engineer has. This is not

my only choice though, because I also like computer and mechanical engineering.

MMSTC has also helped me realize that I might not want to go to college right away and

possibly go into the military. I came upon that realization of when we had the multiple

assignments of looking at the possibilities of colleges, in particular AFROTC. In the Air

Force or Marines I would like to become an engineer/pilot and serve my country. I know

there are a lot of decisions to make right now, and is the main reason why I am

considering both options as a possible career.

Overall, I am glad for MMSTC and all the hardships that it has made me go

through, because these hardships are what developed me as a person and has made me

into the young adult that I am today. I am also extremely happy about all the relationships

that I have made and lost throughout my years of being in MMSTC, because it taught me

how to be an individual and to know when to move on from a relationship that might not

benefit me anymore. Most of all, I am glad for the wonderful teachers at MMSTC (even

though some are more amazing then others ;P). Thank you for my development as the

person I am today.