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Author Title Journal/Thesis Year Remarks

1. EI-Salakawy Slab-Column Edge connections Canadian 1998 Completed
subjected to high moments Journal of Civil
2. Ehab.F.EI- Reinforced Concrete slab-column ACI Structural 1999 Completed
Salakawy Edge Connections with Openings Journal
3. Amin Ghali Design for Punching shear ACI Structural 1999
strength with ACI 318 Journal
4. EI-Salakawy Reinforced concrete slab-column Canadian 2000 Completed
edge connections with shear studs Journal of Civil
5. EI-Salakawy Punching shear behaviour of Flat Journal of 2004 Completed
slabs strengthened with Fiber Composites for
reinforced Polymer Laminates construction
6. Susanto teng Punching shear strength of slabs ACI Structural 2004 Completed
with Openings and Supported on Journal
Rectangular Column
7. M.A.Polak Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Computer 2005
Flat Slab-Column Connections Aided Civil and
8. Hong Guan Finite Element studies of Canadian 2007
reinforced concrete slab-edge Journal of Civil
column connections with Engineering
9. Guan, Hong Prediction of punching shear Advances in 2009
failure behaviour of slab-edge Structural
column connections with varying Engineering -
Opening and Column Parameters An
(Special Issue)
11. Wensheng Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced ACI Structural 2009
Bu Concrete Slab-column Journal
Connections Using Shear bolts
12. T.F.EL.Shafi Bhaviour of Flat slabs with 4th International 2011
ey openings adjacent to column Conference on
concrete repair
13. Nazar Punching shear strength of Journal of 2014
K.Oukaili Reinforced Concrete Flat plates Engineering
with Openings
14. D.C.Olivira Punching shear in reinforced Ibracon 2014
concrete flat slabs with hole Structure and
adjacent to the column and material
moment transfer Journal
15. Hesham Eid Punching shear strength of Pre- World Applied 2014
stressed Flat slab in case of Near- Sciences
Column Openings Journal
16. Liana Punching shear of reinforced ACI Structural 2014
L.J.Borges Concrete Flat plates with Journal
17. Ozgur Anil Effect of opening size and Magazine of 2014
location on punching shear concrete
behaviour of two-way RC slabs research
Mahmoud Numerical Analysis of International 2015
Elsayed strengthening RC Slabs with Journal of
opening using Ferrocement Engineering
Laminates Research
18. Taehum Ha Effects of openings on the The Structural 2015
punching shear strength of RC flat Design of Tall
plate slabs without shear and Special
reinforcement Buildings
19. Cengizhan Effect of opening size and Engineering 2015
Durucan location on the punching shear Structures
behaviour of interior slab-column
connections strengthened with
CFRP Strips
20. Taehun Ha Effects of openings on the The structural 2015
punching shear strength of RC design of Tall
Flat plate slabs without shear and special
reinforcement buildings
Roshini Analysis of Tw0-way slabs with International 2016
T.Mohan and without Opening for Different Journal of
Boundary Conditions Scientific and
21. A.S.Geniko Damaged Plasticity Modelling of 9th International 2016
msou concrete in Finite Element Conference on
Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Fracture
slabs Mechanics of
Concrete and
22. R.T.Mohan Effect of Opening on Yield and Asian Journal 2016
Ultimate Strength of Two way of Science and
Reinforced Concrete slabs Technology
23. S.Teng Effect of Large Openings and Thesis 2017
Column Rectangularity on
Punching shear strength of sabs
24. M.T.Abdul Experimental Investigation of Journal of 2017
Jaleel Two-way concrete slabs with Engineering
Openings Reinforced with Glass Science and
Fiber Reinforced Polymer bars Technology
25. S.M.Abdolla Shear capacity of Reinforced International 2017
hi concrete flat slabs made with Journal of
High-strength concrete: A Engineering
Numerical Study of the Effect of
size, location, and shape of the
26. Rajai Al- Influence of polypropylene fibers Willey fib 2017
Rousan on the flexural behaviour of
reinforced concrete slabs with
different opening shapes and sizes
27. S.M.Abdolla Analytical Study of Effective Asian Journal 2017
hi Factors on Increasing Punching of Civil
shear strength in reinforced Engineering
concrete flat slabs connections (BHRC)
with an opeing
28. M.S.Shoukry Experimental Study on 5th Internatinoal 2017
continuous RC Flat Slabs with Conference on
Openings Strengthened with Advances in
CFRP Civil,
Structural and
29. J.A.Silva Punching of reinforced concrete REM- 2017
flat slabs with holes and shear International
reinforcement Engineering
30. A.S.Geniko Investigation of the effect of Willey fib 2018
msou openings of interior reinforced
concrete flat slabs
31. EI-Sayed Non-Linear Finite Element Housing and 2018
Ibrahim analysis of Reinforced concrete Building
flat plates with opening adjacent National
to column under eccentric Research
punching loads Center (HBRC)
32 Alaa Elsayed Punching shear behaviour of RC 114th IASTEM 2018
Flat Plate with Openings rested on International
Coupled Columns Conference,
33 E.A.P.Libera Failure analysis of punching in Engineering 2019
ti reinforced concrete flat slabs with Structures
openings adjacent to the column