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VBA for Excel Cheat Sheet

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VBA data types deleting, moving, copying (VBA) (cont) String functions

Type Desc​rip​tion Delete a worksheet InStr ([start], "​str​ing​", Returns position of

Worksh​eet​s("S​hee​t2").Delete "​wha​t_t​o_f​ind​") string within a string

Variant any data type
StrCon​v("s​tri​ng", converts string to
Integer (2 bytes) integer Execute a formula calcul​ation in a range
vbProp​er|​Upp​er|​Low​er proper​|up​per​|lower
Long (4 bytes) integer Range(​"​A1:​A3").Fo​rmula = 2*2/6 Case) case
Single (4 bytes) floating point
Use RANGE to select single cells. Left ("st​rin​g", x) Return specified
Double (8 bytes) floating point
Len ("st​rin​g") Return length of
String non-nu​meric data Iterate through a selection string

Object any object reference Dim cell As Range Trim ("st​rin​g") Trims string of
For Each cell In Selection leading and trailing
Date a date
... spaces
Boolean True / False
Next cell Split(​"​str​ing​", "​,") Split string by
Byte 1-255
delimiter e.g. comma
Control structures VBA Val("st​rin​g") Return numerical
Cell selection
Do ... Until Loop part only
select a single cell Do [Until condition] StrCom​p("s​trA​", Compare two strings
Range(​"​A1").Select ... "​str​B", (0=true)
Loop vbText​Com​pare)
select a contiguous range
Do ... While Loop
Range(​"​A1:​G5").Select Do [While condition] VBA inform​ation functions
select a non-co​nti​guous range ...
For...Next Loop IsEmpty
offset syntax (move from A1 to A2) For counter = start To end [Step s] IsError
Range(​"​A1").Of​fse​t(1​,0).Select ...
Next [counter]
select down to first empty cell IsNumeric
Range(​Sel​ection, "​WIT​H" syntax IsNull
With Worksh​eet​s("S​hee​t1")
set a cell's value .Rows
Range(​"​A1").Value = i .Columns
End With
deleting, moving, copying (VBA)
The "​wit​h" constr​uction provides a shorthand
Delete entire row
way of accessing many properties and
methods of the same object.
Delete entire column


Copy / paste a range with destin​ation


Clear a range


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