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qRepublic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Lipa City
Lipa City North District

I. Objectives:
A. Solves percent problems such as percent of increase/decrease (discounts, original price, ratio
of discount, sale price), commission, sales tax, and simple interest. M6NS-IIe-144
1.1 Solves percent problems such as percent of decrease (discount, sale price).
B. Write the number sentence and solution correctly.
C. Spend money wisely.

II. Content
Subject Matter: Solving Percent Problems such as Percent of Decrease (discounts, sale price)

III. Learning Resources

A. References:
Curriculum Guide p. 192
Lesson guide in Elementary Mathematics 6 pp. 332 – 336
Mathematics in a Challenging World pp. 224 – 227
Math Beyond Excellence 6 pp. 274 - 280

IV. Procedures

Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity

A. Preliminary Activity
 Prayer
“Please stand and let us pray”
 Greeting
Good Morning mathematicians! Good Morning sir!
 Checking of Attendance
Who is the secretary of this class, please state
who is the absent for today?
 Drill
a. I will group you into 5 groups
b. Teacher flashes the activity by using power
point they will show their answer using show
me board
1. 50% of 600 is____? 300
2. What percent of 350 is 35?___ 10%
3. 40 is 10% of what number? ___ 400

Very Good!

B. Review

1. Of the 80 trees in the orchard, 25% are

mango trees and 15% are avocado trees. How
many are mango trees?
A. 20 Mangoes Tress B. 20 Avocado Tress A
2. In the student council, 30% of the members A
are girls. If there are 9 girls, how many are
there in all?
A. 30 students B. 10 Students

Very Good!

C. Motivation
Game: Maria went to market
I will divide the class into 2 groups to play
this game, I need 3 player in every group to
play this game and 2 person that serve as the
turning point of the player.
Mechanics of the game:
The player one will wear the dress, head ban
and bag. After wearing this thing they will go
around to the person then undress the outfit
and put them on the same place where they
get it then tap the next player until the last
player if you were done shout your yell to
indicate me that you are done. The fastest
group will win this game.

Is that Clear? Yes po!

What is the title of the game? Maria went to Market

How can you relate this sign to the market? Sir we can get a discount in every item.

Very Good!


Our lesson for today is Solving Percent

Problems such as Percent of Decrease
(discounts, sale price)

D. Analysis/Discussion
1. LTFRB give 20% discount for students and
senior citizens, if the minimum fare is P 10
how much was the discount? How much is
the transportation fee?

But before solving this problem we need to

know the formula to solve this

I will click the Discount, to flash the formula
on how getting it.

Discount = discount rate x marked price

Original Rate of Discount Sale

Price Discount Price
P 10 20% P2 P8

Discount = original price x discount rate
= 10 x 20%
= 10 x .20
= P 2 pesos is the discount
Sale Price = original price – discount
= P 10 – P 2
= P 8 is the transportation fee

2. Laura get her dress for P 400 with a

discount of 25%. How much is her discount?

Discount = Original Price x Discount Rate Discount = Original Price x Discount Rate
= 400 x 25% = 400 x 25%
= 400 x .25 = 400 x .25
= P 100 is her discount for her = P100 is her discount for her
dress dress

Sale Price = Original – discount Sale Price = Original – discount

= P 400 - P100 = P 400 - P100
= P 300 is sale price = P 300 is sale price

E. Group Activity
The class will divided into 3 groups then they
will answer the activity.

1. Cooperate to the group.

What should you do when doing group 2. Lower the voice while speaking
activity? 3. Listen to the instruction of the teacher

Each group have different task to solve, I will

give you 10 minutes to do that activity.

Group 1 ( Addition sign)

Priscie bought a blouse and she get 25%
discount. If the price of blouse was P1000, Priscie got P 250 discount on the blouse
how much was the sale price of the blouse 750 is the sell price
Group 2 (Subtraction sign)
A stored offer 35% off sale on all items. Rina
Bought a pair of shoes worth P 1000. How Rina saved P 350 on buying shoes.
much did she save? 650 is the sell price of the pair of shoes.

Group 3 (Multiplication sign)

Poem Nena got P 160 discount on the bag she got.
Nena got 40% for buying a bag. If the bag
was originally priced at P400, what was the 240 is the sell price of a bag.
sale price?

Group 4 (Division sign)

News casting P 1000 is the discount on buying CD’s
DVD store offer 20% discount on all items. If
you buy CD’s amounting to P 5000, how 4000 is the sell price of the CD’s.
much is the discount.

F. Generalization
How do you solve for percent problems  To get the discount we need to
involving discounts? Sale price? multiply the original price to discount
 To get the sale price we need do
G. Application subtract the original price to discount.
1. James got 10% discount from buying an
aircon. If the aircon was originally priced at P
15000, how much was the discount
A. P 1500 B. P 150 C. P 15 A
2. Senior citizen are entitled to a 20%
discount on all their purchases. If your
grandparents buy medicines amounting to P B
5000, how much is the discount?
A. P 100 B. P 1000 C. P 200
3. What is 30% of 200 A
A.P 60 B. P 50 C. P 20
4. Mister Fung got a 50% percent off on
buying a bag. If the original price of the bag
was P 5000, how much did he save? A
A. P 2500 B. P 3000 C. P 1500
5. At Christmas sale on SM the all item has
75% discount. If Maria buy a blouse that cost
P 500 pesos, how much did he save? B
A.P 400 B. P 375 C. P 275

V. Evaluation
1. Moneth got 10% discount on buying a bag. If the original price of the bag was P 200 how
much did he saved?
A. P 20 B. P 40 C. P 120
2. Boyet bought a shoes and he got 20% discount. If the original price of shoes was P 250, how
much did he saved?
A. P 40 B. P 50 C. P 31
3. Marry ordered a cake she got 30% discount. If the original price of the cake was P 600, how
much did he saved?
A. P 180 B. P 160 C. P 120
4. Newstar sale, a 50% discount in all item. If Ranniel buy a Christmas tree and the original price
of the Christmas tree was P 900, how much would he pay?
A. P 320 B. P 380 C. P 450
5. Maricel bought a 1 sack of rice, then she got 20% discount. If the original price of 1 sack of
rice was
P 1050, how much did she saved?
A. P 310 B. P 410 C. P 210

VI. Assignment
Search for the formula on getting the commission, commission and Gross proceed.

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Principal II

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