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Nurse : Good morning, I am nurse Suzy. What can I do for you?
Patient : I need to see the doctor.
Nurse : You will. May I know your name?
Patient : I am George.
Nurse : What is the matter with you, Mr. George?
Patient : I feel hard to breath.
Nurse : How long have you been feel this way?
Patient : About one week.
Nurse : Have you been consume any medicine before?
Patient : No, I haven’t.
Nurse : You will see the doctor soon, please wait here.
Patient : Ok, thank you.

Nurse : As the doctor suggest, you need oxygen help. So, I will do the procedure to give you
oxygen addiction. Do you agree?
Patient : I do.
Nurse : I am very sorry for this uncomfortable while you wear it.
(while do the procedure).
Nurse : Well, it’s done. Do you feel better?
Patient : Yes, thank you.
Nurse : welcome.


Nurse : Good morning Mr. George. How do you feel today?
Patient : Good morning, I feel better now.
Nurse : Have you a breakfast?
Patient : Yes, I have.
Nurse : good, this is time for you to take this medicine, it will help
You to get well soon.
Patient : ok, thank you.


Patient : Nurse!
Nurse : Yes, sir. What can I do for you?
Patient : I’m sorry to bother you, but I think I need to bowel.
Nurse : It’s okay. I’ll bring you a chamber pot. ( the nurse bring the chamber pot to the patient)
Nurse : I’m sorry I need to open your trousers and pant.
Nurse : Would you please little lift up your buttock, I will put this chamber pot under it. Please
tell me if you already finish.
Patient : thank you, nurse.
When the patient already finish
Patient : Nurse, I’ve been finish.
Nurse : Well I’ll clean it the swab, sorry for this uncomfortable
The nurse cleans the patient and help him to wear the pant and trousers again.
Nurse : Do you feel comfort right now?
Patient : Yes nurse, thank you for your favor.
Nurse : Most welcome.


Patient : Nurse!
Nurse : Yes, sir. Can I help you?
Patient : I think I need to urinate and I don’t strong enough to go to the toilet.
Nurse : Ok, I will help you to urinate in the bed using a pot.
Nurse gets the pot and brings it to patient
Nurse : I’m sorry I need to release your pant.
Then the nurse put the pot.
Patient : I’ve finished nurse, thank you.
Nurse : You’re welcome. Please don’t be hesitate to call me if you need any help.
Patient : Ok, Thank you for your favor.


Nurse : Good morning, sir. How are you today?

Patient : Much better nurse.
Nurse : I think you’ve already known that the doctor allowed you to back home today.
Patient : Yes, that’s the good news for me.
Nurse : for me too, sir. Now, I will release the infuse from your hand, you don’t need it anymore.
Patient : Please nurse
Nurse : Apologize me if it cause a little pain ( the nurse is doing the procedure).
Nurse : Done sir. A pleasure for us to serve you during this several days.
Patient : thank you nurse, it’s a privilege to get your kindness nurse.
Nurse : very welcome sir, see you in another chance.
Patient : see you.

Nurse : Good afternoon, sir. We will care your wound to clean it and check the condition.
Patient : Ok, please nurse
Nurse : Done sir. It don’t show infection signs, we’ll keep it improve.
Patient : thank you.


Nurse : Sir, this is a time for clean your body. Your relatives can help you to take a bath on bed, or you
can get my assist if you want.
Patient : I think, I prefer to get assist from my wife
Nurse : Well, I put the com and water here.
Patient : thank you nurse.

Nurse : It is a time for inject the medicine, ma’am. I will give it by IV drip. (it could be IM in
buttocks or SC or IC (skin), just inform it)
Patient : Yes nurse, please do it gently.
Nurse : Ok, it’s done. Get well soon, ma’am.


Nurse : Good morning, sir. I’m nurse Okta. Can I help you?
Patient : Yes, I have a bad stomachache.
Nurse : Well, we’ll help you soon. May I know your name, sir?
Patient : John.
Nurse : Please lay on this bad Mr.John. We’ll check your vital signs.
Patient: ok. (While Nurse is checking vital signs, he/she can directly ask about patient identity).
Nurse : Where do you come from Mr.John?
Patient : Netherland.
Nurse : When the first time you feel the ache?
Patient : This morning.
Nurse : Well, I’m going to check your blood pressure, temperature, pulse and breath.
Nurse : Your blood pressure is 150/100, your temp is 390, your pulse 90 times per minute. The doctor
will come soon to check you, please wait here for a minute.
Patient : Thank you for you favor, Nurse.
Nurse : You’re welcome, sir.


Nurse : Mr. John, the doctor think you should stay in hospital for several days to get a bed rest and liquids
support. We’ll also need to take your blood sample. Are you ok with it?
Patient : Ok, nurse.
Nurse : I’ll do the procedure now and it may cause a little pain when enter the infuse to your body and
take the blood sample. Do you agree with the procedure?
Patient : Yes, please do it. (The nurse do the procedure)
Nurse : Done. I’ll do a skin test, it’s for know do you have medicine allergic or not.
Patient : Is it cause a pain again?
Nurse : Yes, sir. But it’s ok, it just like an ant stink.
Nurse : We’ve finished. We’ll move you to your room.
Patient : Thank you.
Nurse : Welcome.