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Oscar Blaber

Windmill Ave, Kettering NN15 6ER

Work Experience
I completed sixty hours of work experience over two weeks during January of 2017 as part
of my college course, this was at Juniper Trading Ltd in Wellingborough Northamptonshire,
my work included unpacking and preparing materials, managing work spaces and making
sure that they were clean and safely organized as well as helping the production of products
to meet deadlines

I am currently producing a video game (23/03/19) upon unpaid commission as my current

work experience, this has so far included coding all of the mechanics and content, sourcing
and producing 3D assets and organizing work and files in a professional manner

-Tresham College: Subsidiary Diploma in IT and Computing level 3 completed in 2017 and
currently I am on my second year of a Digital media and Games design level 3 course

- GCSE qualifications at Huxlow Science College:

First Language English Opt BS(A*-G) C

Mathematics A (linear) Option H(A*-G) C
History B(A*-G) D
French(A*-G) C
Biology B(A*-G) D
Chemistry B(A*-G) C
Physics B (A*-G) C
English Literature (A*-G) E


 I am able to think through and systematically solve problems

 I am able to communicate my plans and ideas in a clear manner
 I am able to work with others in a dynamic environment as it is something that is
done often at college
 I can code in the C# language for the purpose of creating video games and 3D
Oscar Blaber

 I can 3D model in the Blender studio software including the use of the animation
systems within it
 I can easily adapt to different roles when needed

Hobbies and Interests

 Programming, designing and creating video games using the Unity game engine,
specifically using C# coding
 3D modelling in the Blender software
 Airsoft and Paintball sports
 Collecting historical items and learning about historical events

About me

I do believe I am a very motivated person, when set to a task I believe I

am able to get through it without being distracted easily, as well I
believe that because of my experience with coding and programming it
has helped me learn to be able to easily troubleshoot problems and
easily search for the best solution that is required, I believe I am
someone who is often wanting to help others and make sure that others
are happy, putting them before myself to make sure the best results are
achieved, I also believe I am often the first to pitch in new ideas when
they are useful, as well as this I believe I can be very creative and unique
with my ideas and projects.