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Signature Assignment: Learning Plan

Taylor Petrus

ITL 608


December 15, 2018



This lesson plan contains the 6 elements of a learning map which includes learners, teacher,

target, assessment, and classroom management. It also includes UDL with multiple means of

engagement, representation, and expression.



This lesson is an expansion on the previous lesson in a first grade classroom within the

subject of the Language Arts. The students are currently working on their reading skills and

mastering challenging high frequency words in text and stories. The goals of this assignment are

to increase my knowledge and application in creating a lesson plan that involves a learning map

and UDL principles. The purpose of this assignment is to test my current ability to create an

effective lesson plan.

Teacher: Ms. Taylor Petrus Grade/Subject: 1st Grade/Language Arts

Academic Standards:
1. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when
writing or speaking.
i. . Use frequently occurring prepositions (e.g., during, beyond, toward).

The students will know how to use prepositions frequently in a short story.
The students will know how to use clues from the text and images to complete a story.
The students will understand the definition of a preposition.

Student Social Goals:

The students will be able to work with partners to complete an activity using effective
communication skills.
The students will interact with students they do not normally sit by or talk to, to make new

The students will fill in appropriate prepositions into a story based on clues from the text and
The students will present their short stories emphasizing the prepositions they chose in their
The students will sing the provided list of prepositions to the tune “Jingle Bells”.

Students (Learners)

● 35 total students, 19 females and 16 males

● 1 African American, 8 mixed race, 5 Asian American, 13 Hispanic, 8 Caucasian students

● 2 English Language Learners, 2 special needs

● The students are very well behaved and participate in class.


It is important to remember that the majority of the class come from cultures other than

European descent. It is also important to remember that there is a small minority of students in

the class that have special needs or learning disabilities and they will need individual attention.

Previous Lesson

The students worked in groups that rotated between three different assignments within 45

minutes, each assignment was to be completed in 15 minutes. One assignment consisted of

independent reading of a short story with high frequency words. The second assignment

consisted of the students working on their chrome books completing scored reading lessons. The

third assignment consisted of reading a short story out loud to the teacher in turns reading and

being evaluated on their ability to read high frequency words.

Lesson Plan



List of prepositions on take home sheet

Pencils and crayons

Access to YouTube and speakers

Jingle Bells instrumental


Classroom Management

● Students are allowed to place a marble in the jar for good behavior.

● If the talking level is getting too loud, play the music box in which they must lower their

voices lower than the music.

● The students are seated in groups of three. During the assignment, they may talk to their

partners they are seated next to, they may not get up from their seat unless they need to

grab crayons from the crayon bucket.

● Students who do not finish their written work (not the picture coloring) will need to stay

in for recess to finish.

● Students who finish their work fast during the lesson will write the worksheet sentences

on the back of the paper to practice their writing.

Introduction (15 min)

Have students be seated on the front of the class carpet. Start off by asking the students if

they have ever heard of a preposition or if anyone knows what they are. Explain the definition of

a preposition and project on the board examples of prepositions. Give examples of prepositions

in sentences, then provide sentences and have the students try to point out the prepositions.

Introduce the preposition song and sing to the class. Explain that this song will be sung every

day for one week. Play the “Jingle Bells” instrumental on YouTube and sing the listed

prepositions to the music.


The students will be given a handout that consists of 5 sentences with multiple blanks

within the sentences for them to fill in. They will fill in the blank with a preposition that relates

and makes sense to the sentences and pictures on the sheet. The pictures on the sheet will give

clues to which prepositions will be appropriate to fill in the blank. For example, one image may

have a girl underneath her bed. The preposition used to describe the girl under the bed could be

multiple prepositions such as “beneath, below, under, or underneath”. All student’s stories and

filled in prepositions will be different depending on which preposition they chose. Each

sentence has at least three blanks to fill in, making the prepositions high frequency which

expands from the previous lesson (20 min). Once the students completed their worksheet, they

may color in the pictures (5 min).


Ask the students to describe or give the definition of a preposition. Have volunteers read

their stories they created, then sing the preposition song again as a class (10 min).


Student #1 Student #2 Student #3

ELL & Special Needs ELL Special Needs (Minimal
(ADHD) talking)

- Provided translation of - Provided translation of - May hum to the tune of the

worksheet in native language worksheet in native language preposition song while
- Provided translation of - Provided translation of following along the words by
preposition list in native preposition list in native pointing with finger
language language
- May be song leader
- Have crayon box on their
desk so they do not constantly
get out of their chair during
coloring time

Barriers to Learning

● Some students may not know the song or tune to jingle bells and will have difficulty

singing the preposition song which could set them back behind the rest of the class.

● Some prepositions may be difficult grammatically for these first grade students and may

be too advanced to spell or understand for their age group.

● Two students are ELL’s and will have difficulty reading the short story and be able to fill

in the blank with the prepositions.


Informal assessment - Give feedback on volunteers who read their stories out loud on

whether the prepositions they chose make sense or not.

Evaluation - Grading of their completed worksheets.


Teacher - Directed: Direct instruction from teacher by introducing prepositions, leading

the song, and addressing the assignment.


Multiple Means of Engagement

● Students in the beginning of the lesson will be learning their prepositions and singing the

song next to who they choose to sit by which may not be their table partners and the

teacher. Once they go back to their seats to do the assignment worksheet, they will be

engaging with their table partners.

Multiple Means of Representation

● Providing the list of prepositions along with its Spanish translation next to it for the

students to understand what the words mean.

● The YouTube “Jingle Bells” instrumental will provide for auditory learning while singing


● The pictures on the worksheets provide visual clues for the visual learners to complete

the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

Multiple Means of Expression

● The students may choose to just turn in their written work to be graded, or volunteer to

orally read their work to get immediate evaluation.

● The preposition song presented to the class will have the words projected onto the screen

for the whole class to read and also printed on a paper for each student so they can choose

how they wish to read the words.

● The students are allowed to choose any preposition word that would make sense on their


Teacher and Peers Feedback Suggestions

To provide more activity or a game in the introduction for the students to understand

prepositions better.

To have the students hum or listen to the “Jingle Bells” tune before they start to sing to the song.

Add in the social learning goals for the students.

Re-word the goals so they don’t start with “for the students”. Instead use “students will”.

Reflection of Feedback

After reading the feedback given from my classmates about adding more activity or

content into the introduction to help the students better understand their prepositions, I

completely agreed and added it in. After that being said, I did feel like the students needed more

content to the new topic than just a song and a simple introduction to its definition. Students this

young need more explanation in order for it to stick into their brains.

I thought that the feedback from the teacher to hum the “Jingle Bells” tune before singing

it was already implied because the students were going to have the YouTube instrumental to

listen to beforehand and I was going to sing the song for the students before they did.

I thought the social learning goals were important and I added them in because these

students are young, and they are interacting with multiple students with their singing and sitting

on the front carpet instead of their seats.


This assignment is appropriate and fun for this appropriate grade level. It not only

consists of learning a new topic, but also incorporates a fun activity, that being the song, in order

to get the spirits of the students going while also learning at the same time. This song was used

in my childhood and is something I still remember until this day which is what I hope to do with

these students.


Burden, P. (2016) Methods for effective teaching. New York. Pearson.