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Lesson Plan: Intro to Computer Science

Lesson Overview: ​In this intro to computer science lesson, students will internalize the importance of computer
science in their everyday lives, and make personal connections to the field of computer science. Students will
learn fundamental concepts and vocabulary needed to complete their first coding project, and then hop on the
computers to begin their first experience with code!

Student-Facing Learning Target: ​SWBAT use codesters to code their first program!

Pacing Teacher/Student Actions Materials

Student Actions: Student packets

Bellwork ● Students enter class and
(10 mins) grab packets before sitting PPT presentation
Write down your favorite app, ● Student engage in the
game or website. What are 3 bellwork question by
things that it does? writing responses on their
How do you think this app or ● Students share out their
website was created? answers with the class

Teacher Actions:
● Circulates as students
complete the bellwork
● Calls on volunteers to share
out their responses

Engage Student Actions: YouTube Video Link

(15 minutes) ● Students watch videos and
think about video response Packets
“What is Computer Science” questions
YouTube video ● After videos, students write PPT Presentation
down their responses to
questions on their packets

Teacher Action:
● Teacher goes over video
response questions with
class ​before​ playing videos
● After giving students
written response time,
facilitate whole-class
discussion on initial
impressions, noticing and
wonderings from the videos

Explore Student Actions: Student packets

(10 minutes) ● Read text from slides
regarding navigation of PPT slides
Getting started--Coding Python Codester and coding with
fundamentals Python
● Writes down answers to key
coding questions
● Students answer CFU
questions that teacher asks

Teacher Action:
● Ensures that students
understand how to navigate
their coding projects on
Codester, and having the
fundamental CS languages
and concepts before
jumping on computers
● Ask CFU questions after
every slide to ensure
students are understanding
and following

Elaborate Student Actions: Class set of laptops

(40 minutes) ● Take time to acclimate to
Codester program and
Independent Coding Time! experiment with the various
Code an Interactive Postcard code blocks and commands
● Work independently on the
Codester projects

Teacher Actions:
● Circulate and work
one-on-one with students
who need more help with
reading and/or typing
● Call the whole class
together to address
common misconceptions or
confusions regarding

Conclusion Student Actions: Student Packets

(10 minutes) ● Students independently fill
out the “learned” section of Post-Coding Survey
KWL Exit Ticket their KWL chart
What did you learn today? ● Students engage in a
whole-class shoutout to fill
Post-Coding Survey out the whole-class KWL
● Students independently
complete the post-coding
survey and reflect on their
dispositions towards
computer science and
whether or not CS is in their
future goals
Teacher Actions:
● Circulate and help students
with reading and writing
● Facilitate whole-class
shoutout by filling out the
“learned” section of the
whole-class KWL chart as
students shout out