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Contact:- Profile
+91 9034220019 To elaborate a bit about myself, I born in Delhi and brought up in the town named
Kaithal, Haryana. I belong from the closely-knitted family indulged in International
Email:- business from the countries like South Africa, Hong Kong, & Beijing-following which I possess a great knowledge about business policies and political affairs.

09 November, 1995
CBSE HSS Little Flower 2011 60%
Examination Visitation Senior
Residential Address:- (10th) Secondary
58-59, Pocket D-14 Convent School,
SECTOR-8 ROHINI, Kaithal, Haryana
DELHI-110085 CBSE SSS Little Flower 2013 62%
Examination Visitation Senior
Languages:- (12th) Secondary
Hindi, English Convent School,
Kaithal, Haryana

Bachelors in HCTM College 2016 65%

Business Kaithal
Administration (Kurukshetra

Masters in Tecnia Institute Of 2019 Pursuing

Business Advanced Studies
Administration (GGSIPU), Delhi

Possessing a keen interest in general affairs, business policies, and ethical studies-I
always have a curiosity to learn and have an opinion about new innovations, ideas,
and concepts.

Communication Skill:-Clarity being an essential of communication, along with

negligible jargons, I believe that I can convey and interpret facts, ideas, and one-
liners, along with having a quick understanding of people’s opinions, hence being
effective in mellow functioning of business operations.

Leadership:- My leadership skill is not limited to just commanding people and

assigning duties. What I believe is that everyone’s opinion has a considerable weight
in any conversation when it comes to operations. So I maintain a balance between
“Grasping the ideas of the team, along with suggesting them mine”, and together
working as a “WE” and provide with the efficient results.

Dynamism:- Being a management scholar, I personally believe that it’s the

responsibility of the employee to be able to adapt himself/herself according to the
prevailing scenarios of the business environment. That way, I can comment that my
dynamism can help me not only tackle the uncertain and immediate business risks,
but also, grasp the first mover advantages.

Recruitment:-Being an HR Student, what I believe is recruitment being the first

stage of the whole Human Resource Management process shall be itself the step to
be taken utmost care of. Maintaining an equilibrium between selecting apt candidate
as per requirement of the applicant, as well as enthusiasing them for the job by
promoting the unique identity of the company so as to establish a healthy link
between the employee in search and the organization.

Some other points of interest:- Basic to intermediate skills in information technology,

efficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools, Data entry & classification.


I like to watch movies and television series of ambivert genres, listening to music,
freestyle dancing, playing badminton (let’s not be professional with this sports
interest), traveling, and of course tasting newer delicacies.


I am a fresher. But I believe that one got to start at some point, and my skills and
commitment I believe could be an asset to the organization.