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Date: April 13, 19

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Contract Confidentiality:
This Contract is for internal use by the client only, and is not to be shown nor distributed to any 3 rd party without advanced
written permission from AGENCY

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Client Objective

AYUSH Conference & Exhibition is keen to start exploring the potential of social
media marketing. They are keen to generate brand awareness and advocacy social
media over channels and create a successful brand to consumer relationship.

1. Goals

Our ultimate goal is to achieve results from Social Media activities. However, in
order to achieve these goals, we will make sure that our activities are efficient and
focused on specific goals.
Social Media
Business Goals Social Media Goals

Grow following
Business Goals

Monitor and engage
Boost engagement

Decision Win Sales Promote Sales

Monitor for support

Retention Brand evangelism
Nurture relationships
with customers

a. Save time/be efficient

Social media management can
consume a huge amount of time,
and people can get easily
distracted by ‘feel good’
engagement which doesn’t really
drive business. Our team will use
best practices and tools to make
sure no time is wasted. Tools we
use help us to quickly create and
curate content and schedule it to
make sure our social networks
are filled with compelling posts.

© Agency

b. Gain visibility into key business metrics

As we manage social media activity and experiment with different strategies and
promotions, we will be able to see which tactics work. For example, what types of
posts are generating the most engagement? On the other hand, which Facebook
‘Comment to Enter’ giveaway campaign has the most entries? Analytics and metrics
are core to developing an understanding of which activities are driving your business
forward best.

c. Specific Social Media Goals

While these are not the only social media goals, here are ones that we commonly
target during engagements.
Grow social following and fan base
Growing a following and fan
base will help increase the reach
for social media activities. It will
increase the potential for
vitality to occur on popular
posts, thus exponentially
increases the audience for our
 We will create posts, marketing call-to-actions,
and other ways to encourage fans to follow and
like you.

i. Increase engagement
A high quality, targeted fan base will be open to engage with you, but
finding the right types of posts and carefully planning an appropriate
mix of promotional versus informative posts will critical to increasing
 We will create and curate content which is
engaging to your fans and ask them to engage

ii. Convert fans into leads

Sometimes fans are not ready to buy just yet, but moving them along
in your sales funnel is your goal. Encouraging fans to register for a
blog, free download, or event can grow your leads and increase your
options for contacting them later.
 We will promote your lead generation pages
and links on social media.

iii. Get sales

Converting a social fan to buying customer is your ultimate goal, and
all of our activities are designed to move customers down that path.
Special coupon promotions or sales on social media can lead to
immediate purchases. Better yet, when people share their purchase
activity, the sales can snowball.

© Agency

 We will promote sales, discounts, special offers

that lead to purchases, and where possible,
track sales resulting from social activities.

2. Getting Set Up

It is easy for us to get started with the following steps:

a. Social Accounts and Profiles

We will need access to the social accounts we will manage.

b. Team member
We will select the appropriate team member(s) and roles for this engagement.

c. Kickoff meeting
We will schedule a Kickoff meeting to introduce everyone and to discuss initial
goals and activities. Then we will be off and running!

3. Establishing Roles and a Workflow

a. Roles
Our approach to managing social media is to make sure that roles are clearly
defined, whether there is one or multiple team members.

b. Workflow
It is important for you to know the general processes we use to create and curate
content for posting, schedule posts, monitor and engage, and create promotional
campaigns. We follow the general process outlined in this article to ensure
quality, timeliness, and efficiency of our activities.

© Agency

Example workflow for scheduling posts

Subject Community
•Prepare Drafts Matter Expert •Edit/Finalize Manager
•Approve drafts •Schedule final
•Or give approved posts
Content feedback Content
Creator Creator


Costing is broken down on a monthly basis.

Agency Social Media Outsourcing Package

Price per Initial / AED 7000

month Ongoing

Social Facebook design & build 5 post per

Channels week Initial Yes
Twitter design & build 5 post per
Instagram design & build 5 post per
LinkedIn design & build 5 post per
YouTube design & build 5 post per

Initial Yes
Complete social outsourcing for the
above channels, to include
conversation, listening, engagement
Social and social search on related key On
Management words Going Yes
Monthly breakdown of, reporting, On
Reporting analytics, social reach Going Yes


© Agency

Development phase – Design and build of social channels one week from
conception. Growth, Social advertising to gain momentum and instant interaction,
competition application for organic growth/data capture/sweepstake share
mechanics, solid content delivery.

Targeting customers–Viral campaign through competition application,

simultaneously run various side by side and change monthly. Targeted FB advertising
on likes, tastes, demographics & location. Social search on keywords, brand and
competitors, for conversation and engagement.

Reporting – Monthly group reporting; Group stats across Facebook & Twitter
accounts – new followers, fans, incoming traffic, interactions, unique user
interaction & impressions. Twitter stats: Demographics, male, female and age – new
followers, clicks, mentions, retweets and stats on outbound content. Facebook stats:
Total likes, amount of people talking about page, new fans, unliked. Fan growth over
date and period, page impressions by users and by date. Impressions breakdown,
user post, fans, page posts, mentions, questions, others. Growth stats, paid, organic
and viral, by day of week. Impression demographics – breakdown of people
engagement, age, gender, country and city. Content performance of outbound

Content Production & Syndication–Raw content will be provided by you on a

monthly basis. We will use this content to create compelling and engaging context
that is tailored to meet the brands marketing and publications goals, while staying
true to the audience’s interests. We create an effective editorial calendar where
incoming content is identified, qualified and personalized for each community.

Social & Reputational Search - Search is crucial and an integral part of the offline
and online strategy. Every digital piece should be put through a search filter to
ensure that visibility is optimized. Agency’s process begins with an analysis of search
trends. We perform a keyword analysis based on the brand. The search program can
then identify the words and phrases receiving the highest search volumes. We also
offer Online Reputation Management for negatively performing searched brands
and products.

Monitoring- Agency has a dedicated group of professionals specializing in

monitoring and moderating content within the specific industries we work in. We
develop specific protocols for monitoring, tracking and responding to comments
posted through social channels or the discovery of posts that highlight prospective

Measurement and Analysis - Information has value only if the insights gleaned from
it can inform a business decision, so our approach to metrics and analysis is rooted in
the specific goals of a campaign. Our analysis identifies how a change in any given
metric affects the overall path to success or shines a light on new opportunities. We
utilize best-in-class technology, not only for capturing the activity that occurs on

© Agency

social channels, but also for tapping in to the flow of information across the social

Blogger Engagement - Agency maintains close relationships with bloggers in most

verticals and audience segments. Over the past few years, we have continually
looked for new and interesting ways to build blogger relationships, exploring meet-
ups, conference sponsorships, promotions, contests and product review
opportunities. Our blogger networks not only practice Digital PR – they live social
media. Many of our bloggers are social media thought leaders who have developed
deep relationships with influencers throughout social media.

Digital Crisis Management - With the advent of social media, in times of crisis
companies can no longer take a “wait-and-see” approach—holding out on
commenting until all of the facts are in order. Using social media, law firms, critics
and opposition groups can effectively mobilize action against companies/brands in
times of crisis. It is critical that companies be prepared to adapt, engage and respond
faster than ever before—Agency works with companies/brands to do exactly this.
Building on our prior work and extensive global crisis and digital expertise, we take
crisis communications to a new, elevated level.

Payment Terms:
100% in advance, billed Quarterly
Minimum Contract period 3 months
Cancellation Period – Two months written notice by either party



© Agency

© Agency