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Statement of Purpose

I, Vandana D/o Mr. Surinder Paul from Fatehabad, Haryana having an Indian passport number
P3162055, submitting this statement of purpose in support of my application for student permit in
Canada. I have opted to pursue Business Administration from Herzing College in Montreal.
I live in a joint family consisting of my parents, grandparents and a younger brother. I have been
living with my family, who recognized my capability and encouraged me to follow my interests.

My father and grandmother are going to sponsor my education in Quebec, Canada. The annual
income is INR 7, 92,868 and I have paid the tuition fees (CAD 7,787) for 1st year of program and
deposited GIC of CAD 10,035 in ICICI bank Canada.


I have completed my senior secondary and higher secondary education in year 2011 and 2013
with Second division from Mother India Convent School (affiliated to C.B.S.E), which is one of
the largest institutions providing education at school level in India and abroad. This institution was
the foundation of my dreams to attain quality education and a respectful career. I overcame many
challenges in the extra-curricular activities which enhanced my communication skills and decision

I have majored in Bachelor of Commerce in July 2016 from Guru Nanak Dev University, one of
the top ten universities in Punjab, India. During my studies I have comprehensive knowledge in
diverse fields such as economics, cost management, taxation, auditing, corporate accounting,
company and compensation laws. I also took financial management classes, while in the

After completing my graduation, I joined training under Gulshan V. Prakash & Associates, a
chartered accountancy firm in Ratia, Haryana, so as to gain the practical experience of accounts.

During the time I was working, on 18/January/2018, I appeared for IELTS academic exam to look
further for my post-graduate education in a foreign country and scored 6.5 bands.


With no gap of time, after graduating, I joined one of the most reputed chartered accountancy firm
in Haryana, that is Gulshan V. Prakash & Associates, Ratia, as a trainee and worked there from
1st August 2016 to 31st July 2018.

New challenges in this job attracted me to get a better exposure of my field in commerce. I am
working in the accounts section and my job responsibilities are to prepare financial accounts,
statements of our clients and filing returns.


I had applied for student visa in Canada for November 2018 and February 2019 intake, which was
refused on the grounds of missing documents, irrelevant course and no intention of temporary
stay. Missing documents and irrelevant course were solely the mistake of the agent as he took the
responsibility of compiling the documents and did not perform his job appropriately but now the
same has been properly taken into consideration by me as I have hired one of the reputed agents
in India. I am of the decision to return back to India after completing my stay for education in
Montreal due to the lucrative career options available in my home country after attaining
international education.


Although similar course is available in my country but it’s the reservation system of seats on basis
of caste which makes it very difficult to get an admission in a good institute for post-graduate
study. I do not want to waste my time and money of my parents as I have hundred times better
option of studying abroad. When I started scrutinizing the option to study abroad, I concluded that
Canada provides better learning opportunities and social adaptability than other countries like
Australia and the USA in terms of weather and tuition fees. The weather of Canada is easily
adaptable for me as I prefer to live in colder areas and the tuition fee range in Canada is value for
money. Canada is an increasingly popular study destination with international students from
across the globe. Apart from this, Canadian cities are safe and clean, and the Canadian education
system is much organised. I have, therefore, decided to pursue my post graduate diploma in
Canada, as the expertise and facilities offered in my country’s educational institutions arelimited
and thus unable to match the diversity and multiculturalism available in Canada. I look forward to
meeting and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.


It is difficult to understate the importance of Business Administration in companies and the

business world as a whole. It is because of my recognition of the importance of Business
Administration that I have decided to seek further education and a career in this field. After
careful consideration, it has become clear to me that developing a successful career in business in
the modern business environment requires advanced training in business and related subjects. I
am a native of India, a country with a trade and business-oriented economy that is increasingly
focused on enriching professional relationships with first world countries. Many outstanding
scholars from my country have studied abroad to hone their skills with foreign teachers and
classmates, and this has been instrumental to the progress of my country’s economy. I will follow
the suit, broadening my international perspective, improving my language skills, and refining my
knowledge of Business Administration. I have decided to enroll in Diploma in Business
Administration (LCA.7N) program at Herzing college by an awareness of the ever-changing reality
of the business environment and the need to upgrade my own expertise and professional abilities.
Duration of this course is 2 years.

The core units are-

 Business Application Software

 Retailing
 Venture Start-up
 Business Law and Ethics
 Accounting
 Marketing
 Computerized Accounting
 Statistical Methods
 E-Business Concepts
 Advertising and Direct Marketing
 Spreadsheets and Databases
 Business Principles and Management
 Social Media Marketing
 Business Communication
 Business Mathematics

I gave preference to Herzing college because of its high reputation and excellent facilities
provided by the campus. Herzing college, Montreal is close to theatres, restaurants, shopping
complexes and provides easy access by transportation like city’s train, bus and tram services.
Moreover, its location in the centre of the city and the tall building makes it even more fascinating.
The facilities like digitally equipped teaching, library with online resources and rich support for
international students makes Herzing college, Montreal, the most preferable option.


As the above shows, I am highly motivated and ambitious in pursuing my post graduate diploma in
Canada. By studying in this program, I will extend my vision and improve my business proficiency.
This course will enable me to work at government offices and agencies, insurance companies,
various business offices, retail outlets, and sales organizations. After completion of the diploma, I
plan to return to India and work for one of the leading multinational firms as a professional capable
of dealing with a broad range of people, companies, and business situations. Your program in
Business will enable me to achieve the goals I have set for myself and attain a job of
Administrative officer in one of the big fours in India. I expect to have a long career in this field
and benefit a wide range of companies. In this way, I will add to the general development of India ’s
economy and become a leading professional in my field.

After completion of my course from your esteemed college, I will apply to gain some valuable
Canadian working experience and after that my intention is to come back to my motherland India
for various job opportunities. I am very sure that the practical knowledge I will gain from your
reputed college will help me to get better position and pay scale in my home country. Equipped
with the specialist knowledge, and the cross-cultural understanding that living in Canada will
provide men, I expect to be able to progress smoothly into a career in computing world when I

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every aspect. I understand that
incorrect or misleading statement may result in refusal of my admission and/or student visa.

Name - Vandana

Date of Birth - 15/06/1995

Passport Number - P3162055

Date- 5th April, 2019