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Department of Education

Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Sipocot North District
Impig, Sipocot, Camarines Sur


DAILY School Sipocot North Central School Grade level One

PLAN Teaching Dates and February 8, 2019 Quarter 4TH Quarter
Time 10:30 -11:00 Week 3, Day 1

A. Content Standards The learners
Demonstrates understanding of useful strategies for purposeful literacy
B. Performance Standards The learners..
Uses strategies independently in accomplishing literacy-related tasks.
C. Learning Competencies/ EN1V-III-e-5
Objectives write the LC Use words that are related to self, family, school, community, and
for each concepts, shape and numbers.
Talk about stories heard; when and where it took place the characters and
some important details of the story.
1.Teacher’s Guide pages TG/CG pages 17-18
2.Learner’s Materials English AS Page 12
3.Media Video./Internet access
4.Other Materials Used Projector, speaker, laptop
5.Other Learning Resources
IV. PROCEDURES Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity
Teachers introduces the song, “This is Pupils will view the video
where I live” in class (Video presentation
Presentation) “This is where I Live”
“This is where I live”
 This is Where I Live,
A. Reviewing previous What is the title of the song  We call it home teacher..
lesson or presenting the presented?
new lesson
What do we call the place where we  Believes with his Mother,
live? father, Brother, Sister,
Grandfather and
Grandmother too…

Who are the members of the family  Because in the house we

mentioned in the song? have a family to look and
take care of us

Why he doesn’t live alone?  Small, quit and different

types of trees
What kind of town/place he have?
 We call it home teacher,
because it’s the best place
at all.
What is the best place of live? Why?
Do you know that the home or house
we used to live is one of the places in  Yes teacher!
our community?

Now, I will re-arrange you in 5 small

groups with 3-5 members. Each group
will form a circle.

After forming a circle you will view

another video presentation… (Where Pupils will form a circle and view
are you going?) the presentation.

Let us view the video clips Pupils will view the video clips
“where are you going?”

What is the title of the song  Where are you going?


What do you call the place where we  Home/house teacher

 Market, School
Aside from home,
What are he places in the community?  In the market

Where do we buy foods to eat?  Yes teacher!

Is the market, important place in the  Because that is the place

community? Why? where we buy foods and
other things for our living.
What will you feel if you are already
familiar with these different places?  To familiarize the places
Why? we want to go.

How can you show to your family that  Happy, because I’m
you are already familiar with these already aware of the place.

If somebody ask you about the place  I cam be a guide to my

“Where is the Hospital”?Market? What brothers and sisters and no
will you do? longer afraid of being

Is it important to know the different  I will help them and be a

places in the community? Why? guide where the place is

 Yes, it is very important to

familiarize and be aware of
the public places in our

What kind of town/place we have?  Beautiful, Clean, quit/


Why did you say that?  Because our place is free

from danger…

After the activity…

Members of the group will pass Members of the group pass
around a special microphone and tell around the special microphone
the places they want to go to their and tell the places they want to go
group mates. their group mates..
Using this format…

Hi! I’m Teacher Sally. I want to Hi! I’m _________.I want to

go to School. How about you, go to____________.
Where do you want to go? How about you, Where do you
want to go?
Teacher moves around the room as
the pupils do the activity.
Draw the place you want to go.. Pupils will draw their favorite
places they want to go.

Teacher shows pictures of different Pupils identify the places and say
places in the community. a simple description of the place.

Look at his Pictures, Who can identify Home- the place where we live,
the places in the community?
School- the place where we go
Teacher writes pupil’s descriptions on everyday to Study and learn new
the board. things

Church- the place where we used

to pray.

Park- the place where we visits

D. Discussing new concept and play
and practicing new skills
#1 Bank- the place where we invest

Post office- the place where we

get mailed letters.

Who among you here goes to school

regularly? Me teacher…

Why do you go to school regularly?

We go to school teacher everyday
Very good… in order to learn..

Aside from school, where is the place

do you want to go?
E. Discussing new We go to church every Sunday..
concepts and practicing
new skills #2 Yes, that’s good…

Is it good to go Church every Sunday?

Yes, teacher
Any other places you want to go? Because its nice to visit the house
Why? of God and pray..
Discussion will be more engaging if Xocio Mart, Market, Dacanay
pupils are familiar with the places in Farm, Land bank and etc…
the pictures.
F. Developing mastery Market, Dacanay Farm, Land
(Leads to formative What are the places do you want to bank, School, Xocio Mart and ect…
assessment) go to?
G. Finding practical/
application of concepts Who among you here lives near the Me Teacher, my house located at
and skills in daily living church? School? Market? Bank? And the back of the church
H. Making generalizations School Bank, Church, Market, Post
and abstractions about What are the places in our office, Police station, Fire Station,
the lesson community? Park
Match the picture to its name.

# park

I. Evaluating Learning # school

# church

# bank

# post office

J. Additional activities for Teacher asks pupils to draw a comic strip that shows a story of a place in
application or their community. Pupils will ask their family members to tell them a story
remediation about a place in their province/ town/ village.
Department of Education
Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Sipocot North District
Impig, Sipocot, Camarines Sur


School : Sipocot North Central School Grade : 1-B

Name of teacher : Evangeline P. Tanay Subject : Mathematics 1
Date/Time: 03-07-18/1:00-2:00 Grading perod : 4th grading

A. Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of an event using
the terms likely and unlikely to happen.
B. Performance Standards Is able to create and interpret simple
outcomes of familiar events using the
C. Learning Competencies Objectives Using the two likely and unlikely to happen.
write for the LC code of each
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages Teachers Guide p.87-88, Mathematics 1

2. Learners material Math LM, p. 191-194

3. Textbooks page p. 191-194

4. Additional materials from learning Pentilpen, chalk, chalkboard, tape, real object
resources (LR) portal
B. Other Learning Resources Cartolina, pictures, answer sheets

A. Review previous lesson or presenting What was our last lesson yesterday?
new lesson
What do you need to remember in measuring
the length of an object?

B. Establishing purpose for the lesson The teacher will post a song entitled “Ako ay
may Lobo”.
Ako ay may Lobo

Ako ay may Lobo

Lumipad sa langit
Diko na nakita
Pumutok nap ala.
Sayang nang pera ko
Pambili ng lobo
Sa pagkain sana
Nabusog pa ako.

What happened to the balloon to burst?

C. Presenting The teacher will post the drawing on the

Examples/instances of the new lesson board.