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Sugars: Process: Authors: Citations:

Fructose: The grape fruit was washed in 5% Janani K., Akin-Osanaiye,B.C.,

potassium permanganate solution, Ketzi M., Nzelbe, H.C.,
rinsed in distilled water, mashed in a Megavathi S., Agbaji, A.S, 2008,
mixer, weighed as 200g then placed Dr. Reddy, V., 2007,
along with an inoculum made of 1g Vinothkumar Singh, A., and Jain,
Urea, 5g of Sucrose, and 10g of D., Dr. V.K., 1995, Grassi,
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae on a 1.5 Ramesh babu M., 1999, Asli, M.,
liter conical flask. The distilled water N.G. 2010, Sanchez, C.,
made up to 1000ml of the final volume, 2007
the substance went through
fermentation process, and was regularly
weighed by a hydrometer to look for
indications of the fermentation process'
stop. Small sample was collected and
centrifuged. The presence of ethanol
was confirmed by iodine test.
Glucose: 3g/l of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Hossain, Cheirsilp and Umsakul
placed in Nine sterile plastic bottles A.B.M.S., 2008&2007, Chandel
containing 900g of rotten banana mash Ahmed , S.A., et. al. 2007, Demirbas
and Demirbas 2007,
with 5ml of water. prior to placing the Ahmed M. Demirbas 2008, FAO
dry active yeast(Saccharomyces C.) Ashammari, 2008, Hossain et. al.
were rehydrated in a clean water bath Faris M.A. 2008, Hossain and
of 40C and placed on room Adran, Fazling 2010, Jingura
temperature. the bottles were closely Annuar, and Matengaifa 2008,
air tightened to ensure anaerobic M.S.M., Biopact 2008, Clarke et.
circulation, then placed in an incubator. Hadreel al. 2007, Tock et. al.
2009, Akin-Osanaiye
Fermentation as conducted for 3 days Mustafa and et. al. 2005, Ahmeh
and the product as sieved to remove Norah 1988, Galante et.
residue, then the remaining extracts Hammad. al. 1998, Grassin and
were then placed on nine new sterile Fauqueinbergue 1996,
plastic containers. The raw Bioethanol Prassid 2007, ALain et.
produced as then kept in room al. 1987, Ki et. al. 1988,
temperature to measure PH levels and Chua et. al. 1984, Leng
2008, Sreenath et. al.
the total soluble solid (TSS). 2008 Czukor and
Nyarady 1999, Dermir
et. al. 2000, Will et. al.
2000, Lee et. al. 2006,
McLennan 1996, Luh
and Woodroof 1975,
Ghobadain et. al. 2008,
panchal et. al. 1980,
Saint' Pierre et. al.
2005, Oliveira et. al.