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Social Problem

Child Trafficking
There is a proverb ‘Todays child is the father of tomorrow”. He is a precious wealth. For natural weakness for proper
development a child needs love affection and nursing. And special type of love and affection is the right of a child. After
birth overall management or for survive health nutrition, security safety education and natural development etc. are the
right of a child. No inequality between male and female baby cannot be appreciated .Child trafficking is the most neglected
crime violation of child right,

Definition of Trafficking:

In brief trafficking means transfer from one place to another. Trafficking of child or women means illegally transferring
child or female from one place to another .Trafficking of child and women is not only problem of humanity but also
extreme violation of human right.

Woman Trafficking;

Fear, abuses of power etc. the functions which are included in female trafficking are within the country or outside the
country, buying and selling by force transfer, marketing etc. Against the willingness of a female, by force employ to
prostitution, by force marriage, mortgage, forced employing to any work, employ to beggary ,Trading any body organ for
these type of motive transferring from one place to another in women trafficking.

Child Trafficking:

It refers to within the country or outside the country collecting babies for sexual work, by force sending them a particular
place and buying and selling etc. Through creating or in any cunning motive, or fear showing, or through abuses of
authority, by force marriage by force compelling to any laborious activities or employing in begging etc motive the trading
or for buying or selling transfer from one place to another in trafficking of child.

Trafficking Routes in Bangladesh:

If the background of female trafficking and child trafficking of Bangladesh is discussed then same view points are
observed. The vast frontier a border of Bangladesh like other problems female and child trafficking ,With India there is
4222 kilometers of-identical border. With 28 districts India has border and with 2 districts there is border of Myanmar. This
long border cannot be properly monitored by law and order maintaining force. For this scope organized trafficking Groups
are active for their Illegal Trafficking operation. The traffickingers usually use the land route for their operation. But in
some cases by water or by air trafficking is also done. In between Bangladesh and India border there are 18 points through
which trafficking is done. The border of Khulna, Rajshahi, Jessore, Dinajpur , Rangpur ,Mymenshing, Comilla,
Brahmanbaria and Syhlet etc. district borders are specially used as child and women trafficking routes.In Northern belt
Kurigam, Lalmonirhat, Nilfamari, Panchogar,thagoargoan etc. borders or Dinajpur, Noargoan,Nowabgonj,Rajshahi borders
are mostly used for child and woman trafficking.

Cause of Women and Child Trafficking:

Through research it is found that from Bangladesh a large number of children and women are trafficked to India, Pakistan
and Middle east countries. For child and women trafficking there varieties and diversified causes. The causes behind this
Trafficking are prevailing the socio economic structure of our country. Following are the causes for Trafficking.
(a) Push Factors: The supply of child and women is ensured for socio economic environment.