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In present days health became an important concern for everyone because now we are prone to many
diseases and no-one can confidently say that they will not become sick. Even children do not enjoy a
healthy life. The increase in incidence of diseases made the author to write this "HEALTH AND WELLNESS

In this "Health and Wellness Guide", the author will inform you in brief the root cause of many
diseases, how can we prevent the incidents of diseases and how to prevent complications if disease is
already present in your body.

Our first part it is important to learn why we are so much prone to diseases. The primary factors
responsible for health & disease are 1) Life Style, 2) Diet, 3) Water, 4) Negative Emotions / Stress


It is important to know that our body has a natural rhythm of activity and rest. With sun rise all metabolic
activities will come into action and with sunset our body will go into rest mode. Hence, it is very important to
schedule our work. It is ideal to wake-up early and start our work and sleep as early as possible. Waking up
after 6-30 a.m. and sleeping after 10-00 p.m. are to be avoided. It is good habit to finish dinner 2 to 3 hours
before going to bed and dinner should not be heavy. In the night time body cleanses and repairs its system
and there is accumulated waste products of metabolism in our body in the morning. It is essential to
eliminate these toxins from our body in the morning by drinking plenty of water. It helps our body to clear all
the metabolic waste in the form of urine and stools. If we consume tea or coffee or eat anything at this time,
then body does not detoxify and the accumulated waste products and toxins will appear in the form of
diseases. In our tradition we go to temple in the morning where tulasi and camphor are given as these are
very good detoxifying agents. Doctors suggest wheat gross juice / Green juices in the morning to detoxify
and alkalise the body.

Human body is designed to work like a machine. We reduce our physical activity by getting the
work done with machines. This leads to reduced oxygenation and blood circulation to all organs which
in turn predisposes to increased acidic nature of body and makes our body a fertile soil for growth of
diseases. Regular physical activity at least in the form of walking is required. Walking is ideal in the
morning on empty stomach and after dinner for at least 30 minutes.

It is essential to have adequate and refreshing sleep which restores the body's natural energy.
We should follow the natural rhythm of sleep as written earlier by going to bed as early as possible.
Never sleep immediately after taking food. Sleeping by turning to left side will prevent acid reflux into
throat from stomach. By disturbing the natural rhythm of sleep one will end in chronic insomnia. The
fire element of our body will be active after 10-00 p.m. and people who sleep after 10-00 p.m. find it
difficult to wake-up early.
The basic properties of our food is it should be alkaline in nature. Most of the natural food (fruits,
vegetables, leafy greens) is alkaline in nature and helps to maintain the natural alkaline status of
human body. Most of the processed food (White rice, maida, sugar, fried food, Non-Vegetarian food)
is acidic in nature and blood has to extract alkalinity from organs to keep the natural alkaline status of
body which leads to weakening of organs. Refined food and food low in fiber will increase the
glycemic index of food which demands high insulin production from pancreas to keep sugar levels in
blood at normal range. This leads to stress on pancreas which leads to diabetes in long term. Also this
kind of food will not move easily in our intestines which results in constipation which is the root
cause of many diseases. Food grown with fertilizers, pesticides and stored with preservatives keep a
very toxic load on our system and damages our health system. Food excess in salt increases the
sodium content in our system and roughly 1/3 of our energy is wasted to maintain low sodium levels
within our cells. Excessive calory intake will be converted to fat in our body which leads to obesity
with all its complications like hypertension (B.P.), Diabetes, arthritis etc. Hence it is essential to make
natural / organic food as part of our diet as much as possible.

Fruits are another important part of our diet. They give us vitamins, minerals and more
importantly antioxidants. These nourish our systems and scavenge free radicals which damages our
cells. It is ideal to take fruits in the morning, other time is in the evening between lunch and dinner. Never
take fruits along with cooked food.

Our body contains more than 70% water by quantity. Water is the most important factor for pre-
serving life after air. Without water a human cannot survive for more than 3 days. Water is the medium
in which all bio-chemical reactions take place. Water carries nutrients to all cells and carries away the
waste products of metabalism and toxins. It aids in absorption of nutrients in food from intestines into
blood. It regulate the temperature. Water acts as a shock-absorber in various parts of our body.

How much of water do we require in a day?

As a rough guide devide your body weight by 20. For example a 60 kg. body weight person require
60/20 = 3 litres of minimum water per day. Additional 500ml. to 1 Litre water can be consumed in summer
and if your want more hydration. This is only a rough guide.

Water requirements vary depending on your age, sex, working atmosphere, season, physical
activity. Hence, we cannot make any thumb rules. It is advisable to consult the specialist if your have
any health problems like cardiac failure / renal failure / liver failure.

Right time to Drink Water ?

As mentioned earlier morning time on empty stomach take 1 to 1.5 Litre of water at intervals of 30
minutes. Take 2 glasses (500ml.) to 3 glasses (750ml.) at a time and repeat after 30 minutes.
Do not take any kind of water 30 minutes before to one hour after taking food. This is to prevent
the digestive juices from dilution and prevent improper digestion.

Take the balance water in between food in small quantities which helps in absorption of nutrients
from food.

What are properties of HEALTHY WATER ?

Scientist did research on miracle waters from various places of world like Ganga Water (India),
Jam-Jam Water (Mecca), Lourdes (France), Nor Denau (Germany), Tiacote (Mexico) etc. and
concluded that if water has the following properties it will help to promote health. These are 1)
Alkaline, 2) Antioxidant, 3) Micro Clustering (easily permeable). We will discuss in detail of these
properties in promoting health in following articles.

After many years of research scientists found that at cellular level following changes predispose
to disease.

1) Acidic Nature of Body

2) Oxidative Stress
3) Lack of Oxygen (Hypoxia)


Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered that no disease including Cancer can live in alkaline
environment. Cancerous tissues are acidic and healthy tissues are alkaline. Lack of oxygen also
predisposes to Cancer. He was awarded Noble Prize for his research.

Acidic Nature of Body : (Acidic Stress)

Body constantly produces acidic waste due to the process of various metabolisms in our body.
Carbohydrates end as carbonic acid and which splits to CO 2 and water. CO 2 is exhaled by lungs.
Protein ends as Urea, Uric Acid, Ammonia. These is highly acidic and are excreted. Fat also ends with
CO2 and water. In liver fatty acids are utilized in the absence of glucose which results in Ketone
bodies. (Acetone, Acetoacitic Acid, B-hydroxybuteric Acid) all of which are acidic in nature.

Body works constantly to eliminate these metabolic waste products as these are toxic to normal
cells of human body.

The only source of base to our bodies is food as mentioned earlier. When alkaline food is not
adequately taken blood extracts alkalinity from normal functioning organs which leads to weakening
and damage of our organs. It is essential for the body to maintain pH of blood at 7.365 to 7.4 . It is at
this pH all metabolic activities run properly. Any change in pH will lead to disturbed metabolism and

Our body will put effort to throw away excessive acidic waste through urine and by exhaling CO 2
through lungs. It produces excessive acid into stomach to obtain NaHCO3 (Sodium Bi Carbonate) into
blood which leads to acidity, indigestion. The accumulation of acidic waste products which are toxic to
body will lead to various kinds of disease.
Alkaline food and water :
By regular intake of alkaline food or food prepared by alkaline water, body wll restore the pH
balance and gains health. Alkaline water produced by ionisation process is better than alkaline water
produced by adding chemicals. A life style changes as mentioned earlier and positive emotions and
meditation further strengthen body to maintain healthy alkaline internal atmosphere which is a soil for
health and well beingness.

Our ancestors realised the importance of alkalinity to human body and they made our culture in a
way which promotes alkalinity. In the morning time, they used to brush the teeth with neem stick which
is bitter (highly alkaline) because morning time body will be more acidic due to accumulated acidic
waste during sleep in the night because during sleep body repairs and heals its system. When
alkalinity enters our body the detoxification process begins and acidic waste accumulated during sleep
gets excreted. People used to visit temples in the morning, where they are offered tulasi and
camphor water which are very good detoxifiers for the body.

People used to take food by putting it on banana leaves. These leaves will absorb acidic nature
in our food and in return provide alkalinity to our food. They used to cook food in pots prepared with
clay. It is a tradition to add Curry Leaves (Karivepaku) (bitter in taste and alkaline) in our curries as
these help to reduce acidic nature of food. At the end of meals in marriages, we are offered pan made
of betel leaves and lime to promote digestion and prevent acid formation. At the early sign of cold or
cough they used to give kashayas (highly alkaline) which will restore the alkaline status in our body
and regain the health. More than 90% of ayurvedic / herbal medicines are strongly alkaline in nature.
Now a days, naturopathy doctors advice to take wheat grass juice, vegetable juice, green juices and
aloe vera juice in the morning on empty stomach as these will promote alkalinity and detoxification.

The reason behind all these things is to promote alkalinity to our body. One can understand that in
those days when nature is pure and no habits of tea or coffee, no carbonated drinks, food without
pesticides and fertilizers, low calory organic diet, still they provided alkalinity to our body in various
forms to maintain health. In the present days, where our air, water and food all are acidic in nature, we
require much more alkalinity to be provided to the body, in the form of alkaline food / water.

Tea, Coffee, Non-Vegetarian Food, Sugar, White Rice / Maida, Soda / Energy Drinks, Alcohol, De-
mineralized water / RO Water, Oily Food (Fried Items, Junk Foods), Ice Cream / Cool Drinks, Food
Additives / Preservatives, Chat Items / Spicy Foods etc.

Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens, Wheat grass, Nuts, Sprouts, Organic Food, Alkaline Water etc.


Mild Stage : Acidity, Gas Trouble, Constipation, Indigestion, Head Ache, Teeth Problems, Frequent
Infections etc.,
Moderate Stage : Weight Gain, Migrain, PCOD, Sleeplessness, Sinusitis, Hair Fall, Skin Diseases,
Allergies etc.,

Severe Stage : Heart Problems, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer etc.,

In our experience, regular intake of alkaline water prepared by ionization process helped to
restore the alkaline nature of human body and as water is our daily requirement and one can consume
easily 2.5 to 3 Litres of water per day, the alkaline ionized water helps to restore the health and
prevent damage to our organs. It is also advised to cook food with alkaline water of 9.5 pH.

OXIDATIVE STRESS (Free Radical Damage) :

Oxygen free radicals are generated when body converts food into energy. Some enter the body from
food (due to pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives) or breathed in from the air (due to air pollution).
Some are generated by the action of ultraviolet sunrays on skin and eyes. For this reason UV protection
sun glasses and sun screen lotions with UV filters are generally suggested. Radiation from a mobile
phone generates millions of free radicals in the brain for which reason it is said to create brain tumors
/ cancers. It is advisable to use ear phones instead of keeping the mobile phone near to ear.

A free radical is a molecule with unpaired electron in outer shell of the atoms. This makes them
very unstable and in the process to get stabilised it steals an electron from the near by atom
converting it into a free-radical and this process continues like a chain action. This leads to damage,
degeneration and aging of cells and when DNA is involved in this chain reaction it will lead to potentially
dangerous condition - Cancer. For this reason, we need to provide anti-oxidants to our body to prevent
free radical damage. The apple peel (outer skin) contains high anti-oxidants and for this reason we
are adviced to take an apple a day. But now a days people are removing the peel and not getting the
benefits of taking apple. Film stars consume fruit juices and almonds regularly as anti-oxidants help to
prevent ageing process.

Factors aggrevating oxidative stress :

Smoking, Alcohol, Environmental toxins (Pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, paints), Energy Drinks,
Synthetic Drugs etc.,

Diseases related to oxidative stress :

Skin ageing, Melanoma, Rheumatoid / Osteo-Arthritis, Asthma, Alzheimer's Disease,
Athero-sclerosis, Diabetes, Cataract, Heart Diseases, All degenerative diseases etc.,


1) Reduce the factors responsible for stress
2) Intake of antioxidation rich food / water

Anti-Oxidants :
These are a group of molecules which have an abundance of electrons in their outer shell and
can readily donate an electron without getting disturbed and stabilise the free radical. This helps to
prevent damage by free radicals and they also acts as anti-aging products as cells function in a
healthy way. Anti-oxidants rejuvenate our body cells.
Food rich in Anti-Oxidants :
Blue berries, Apples, Grapes, Almonds, Fish Oil, Fruit Juices, Noni Juice etc.,

Anti Oxidant Rich Water :

Water produced by ionization is a very rich source of anti-oxidants as it contains an free electrons to
stabilise Free Radicals. This is because during ionisation process (H 2O) (Water molecule) is divided
into H+ (Hyderogen), OH- (Hydoxyl) ions by electrolysis. The H+ part is acidic and is produced at anode
plate due to oxdiation process and OH- is produced at cathode plate due to reduction process. In
simple words water is divided into acidic and alkaline parts. This OH- has the properties of
alkalinity and anti-oxidant potential. The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), the ability to control
oxidation is very high to this water which is nearly -400. Normally fruit juice have an ORP of -50, Green
Tea -100, Fish oil -200.

In other words one glass of alkaline ionized water equals to 4 glasses of green tea and this
water has a miracle property of rejuvenating the whole body cells as water easily passes to all parts of
human body. The another important property of this water is easy permeability. Due to restructuring of
water molecule to hexagonal shape and reduced surface tension, ionised water penetrates very fast.
(in less than 60 seconds) to the whole body which is known as micro clustering property. Due to
ionisation the normal water cluster (15 to 20 molecules of H2O form of a cluster) gets divided into small
water cluster ( 5 to 6 H2O molecules) which makes it easily accessible into cells.

As we are exposed to free radicals more, now a days than before we need strong protection against
free radicals in the form of alkaline ionized water in a simple and easy way.

Lack of Oxygen (Hypoxia) :

Each and every cell of human body require oxygen to produce energy so that all metabolic activi-
ties run properly. We cannot store oxygen into our body and it should be supplied continuously. Due
to lack of physical exercise and other factor which limit the functioning of our lungs and pollution we
are not able to maintain a good oxygenation to all our cells. This leads to condition called "Hypoxia".
Due to acidic nature of our body the oxygen transportation to our body cells from blood is reduced and
makes our system to work under stress. This results in degenaration and death of body cells.

Since, many years people are encourage to do walking and breathing exercises (pranayama) to
promote better oxygenation of cells and to improve health and wellbeingness.

Alkaline ionised water has more dissolved oxygen in it and it reaches fast into the system and not
only hydrates our cells but carries oxygen, nutrients, minerals into our cells which help to better func-
tioning of cells and promotes healthy functioning.

In earlier days, people used to do lot of physical activity which resulted in better oxygenation and
detoxification. Hence, they maintained good health. In present life style, due to lack of physical
activity, oxygenation to our body is reduced hence, we required water which carries oxygen effi-
ciently into our cells.
Disclaimer :

The information provided in this book, is author's research in various fields of medicine and may not
co-relate with modern science. People are cautioned to consult doctors for their health related problems. This
health guide is not a substitute for medical advice.


 Wakeup early in the morning before sun rise. The air element in our body is active before 6-00 a.m.
Getting up early keeps our body light throughout the day.
 So, The first thing to do is going to bed as early as possible before 10-00 p.m.
 Take 1 to 1.5 Litres of water on empty stomach in divided quantities at intervals of 30 minutes which
helps to flush away metabolic waste and toxins from body.
 Do Morning Walking, Yoga / Pranayama for at least 30 minutes.
 Do not take tea or coffee on empty stomach in the morning.
 Take breakfast at around 9-00 a.m. which should be light. Fill your stomach upto 65% (2/3rd) of your
 Always chew food properly.
 Do not drink water from 30 minutes before to 1 hour after taking food. Take water in small quantities
from 1 hour after food intake to 30 minutes before the next meal.
 Take lunch before 2-00 p.m. and this is the time when you can fill your stomach upto 75 to 80% of your
capacity. Take butter milk after lunch.
 Never sleep immediately after taking food. In the afternoon take a small nap after 30 minutes of lunch,
preferably in a relax chair.
 Take your dinner before 7-00 p.m. and walk for 30 minutes after dinner. Dinner should be light and fill
your stomach 50-60% of your capacity. Donot take curd in dinner.
 Do not eat any thing in between food. Donot eat until you feel hungry.
 Do not take fruits and cooked food together. Right time to take fruits is in the early morning hours and
in the evening between lunch and dinner.
 Avoid all Junk Foods, Chat Items, Oily & Fried Foods, Spicy Food, Non-Vegetarian Food.
 Avoid Cold items (Cool Drinks, Ice Creams etc.,), Alcohol.
 Stop smoking
 Take at least 50% of your food in natural form (Alkaline food)
 Prepare food with alkaline water of 9.5 pH.
Avoid following items on previous day of attending scanning.

1) Milk Products (Milk, Tea, Coffee, Curd, Green Tea)

2) Sweets & Fruits

3) Cold Items (Cool Drinks, Ice Creams)

4) Non-Vegetarian Food

5) Smoking and Drinking alcohol

6) Spicy Food

7) Take light dinner at night time and come for scanning on empty stomach or 2-3 hours after
taking breakfast. Avoid all above items in breakfast also.

8) Should not wear metal objects (Key chains, Coins, Rings, Necklace)

9) Donot keep Cell phones in packet.

10) Bring details of Date of Birth and Blood Group.