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 Amelia Putri
 Hamala Ruzita
 Nabila Luthfia Nurseha
 Sha Sha Amelia Amanda
 Yoane Komala
Young entrepreneur is a nickname for entrepreneur who start their bussines at a relatively
young age and have a lot of experience that is still not much. These young entrepreneurs have an
average age range of under 30 years, and most of them are still on collage.

The purpose an entrepreneur :

1. Increase the number of good entrepreneurs

2. Realizing the ability of entrepreneurs to produce community walfare
3. To develop strong entrepreneurial awareness and orientation
4. Cultivate the spirit, attitude, behavior and entrepreneurship in the community


 Dea Valencia (born 1994)

Dea successfully became a businessman after following her passion. Her love for batik
led her to establish a batik business before she was 20 years old.

Its mission is to make teenagers not consider batik obsolete. Because of that, he designed
batik clothes that are contemporary.

In his efforts, he also hired deaf-suffering employees. As a marketing tool, he uses

Internet technology, including Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
Group 1

I think become young enterpreuners is intersting because at a young age we can make our own

Group 2

Our think young enterpreuners is good because young people trained to self to be more
independent, but young people will through away his youth.

Group 3

I think I agree with the material because being young enterpreuners can make use independent.

Group 4

We are basically wea are very very agree young enterpreuners make a good ount young people
make the people popular, make more of money, will have a many friends.

Group 5

I think become young enterpreuners is good because he our she can make money to meet daily
needs with out happing to charge parents, but young enterpreuners have not many experience to
manage money.

Group 6

We think become young enterpreuners is best way to them who having skill because being
enterpreuners theaces, you how to take calculated risk. But young enterpreuners often have fewer
financial and have left to lose if a business turns out badly.

Group 7

In our opinion young enterpreuners is make young man be independent and can add know ladge
about business.
If you want to start a profitable business, then don’t pursue what other successful people have
done just because you think it’ll be successful.

It’s going to be hard regardless.

There is going to be competition no matter which direction you choose.

So choose something you’re already genuinely interested in — and then work hard to learn
everything else you need in order to bring that idea to life.