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 Researches, writes, and develops supporting marketing materials and presents recommendations to

Marketing Manager or internal committee

 Works with retail owners to plan and execute all retail store events in local market
 Proactively analyze event results in order to refine and improve future events which continue to
develop business opportunities and maximize sales
 Assists with planning, and coordination of local events and activities to improve brand perception
and generate sales leads
 Developing and implementing plans and production schedules for events (security walk thru,
transportation plan, creative & printed materials, etc.)
 Responsible for generating event timelines, meeting schedules, and to help manage clients through
the project planning and approval process
 Develop & Maintain critical path for managed business ensuring that all key milestones are
 Develop & maintain Marketing Calendar with critical path to ensure all activities land on time
 Assist in preparing Marketing cascade deck
 Maintain & Develop all digital channels ensuring that all key activities are properly represented
 Monitor & report on implementation and activity performance
 Manage workflow across marketing calendar to minimize peaks and troughs to deliver within
specific times
 Constantly measure and report performance of all acquisition-marketing activities, and assess
against objectives. Provide recommendations for optimizations
 Monitor Brand performance against marketing/sales/profit targets and report upon Brand
development and promotion activity
 Collect, compile, verify, analyze data on product performance and customer feedback and make
report to relevant managers
 Developing and executing brand plans to meet brand objectives and strategies with Brand
 Establish brand programs on a continent and country level to drive brand awareness
 Develop Integrated marketing strategies and manage the execution of brand marketing activities
for Asia Pacific
 Liaise with global office on brand positioning and localization of the programs
 Work with teams (Digital, Revenue, Loyalty) to drive the programs
 Provide strong brand guidance to the marketing team on property level
 Conduct brand marketing training
 Work with external agencies to make sure all the brand communications are executed effectively
 Working on promotions such as direct mailers, couponing, demo flyers, sweepstakes and in-club
events that support major vendor’s initiatives
 Working on product launches to deliver marketing materials to sales team

Developed brand awareness and marketing strategies

 Provided mentoring and training for junior staff regarding production techniques and event procedures.
 Designed market research strategies that complied with business objectives
 Identified cost effective market prospects with a focus on product growth
 Organized and leveraged materials and products for development purposes
 Prepared, organized, and leveraged work products and materials for
market and business development purposes.