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Lecture 04
December 09, 2017 01:00pm to 05:00pm

Conjugate Beam Method (CBM) Reference: Problem 79 Besavilla
Situation 01: From the propped beam shown it is subjected to
a variable load which decreases from 400 N/m at A zero at B.
Which of the following gives the reaction at A. Determine the Slope-Deflection Equation (SDE)
moment at B. Situation 07: For the continuous beam shown in the figure
below, draw the shear and moment diagrams. Sketch the
elastic curve.

Reference: Problem 47 Besavilla

Situation 02: A distributed load of 3 kN/m is placed on the 4 m
propped beam with concentrated load of 4 kN acting as shown Reference: Example 20.5 Arreola
in the figure. E = 10000 MPa and I = 60 x 10 6 mm4. Determine Situation 08: Determine the resulting moments at the supports
the deflection at the free end. Also determine the deflection at of the continuous beam shown in the figure below due to a 25-
the point where the concentrated load of 4 kN is located. mm settlement of the support at C. Draw the shear and moment
diagrams and sketch the elastic curve. E = 200,000 MPa, I =
104x106 mm4.

Reference: Problem 48 Besavilla Reference: Example 20.6 Arreola

Situation 03: A simply supported beam of flexural rigidity EI Situation 09: For the continuous beams shown in the figure
carries a triangular load as shown. Determine the deflection at below, draw the shear and moment diagrams. Sketch the
the midspan. elastic curve.

Reference: Problem 49 Besavilla Reference: Example 20.3 Arreola

Situation 04: Determine the end moment at A for the given Situation 10: Solve the figure below by the Slope-Deflection
restrained beam. Also determine the end moment at B for the Method.
given restrained beam. Determine the reaction at A.

Reference: Problem 50 Besavilla

Reference: Example 21.10 Arreola
Situation 05: A beam has a second moment of area I for the
central half of its span and I/2 for the outer quarters. If the beam
carries a concentrated load ω, determine the fixed end
moments when both ends are built – in.

Reference: Problem 56 Besavilla

Situation 06: A non – prismatic simply supported beam AB has
a span of 8 m. A concentrated load of 12 kN is applied at the
midspan of the beam. The beam has a cross – sectional
moment of inertia I over the left half of the span and 2I over the
right half. Determine the slope at the left support A. Determine
the slope at the right support B. Determine the deflection under
the 12 kN load.