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PSPad editor script interface description

Don’t place any non script files direct into script language subdirectories !
All files e.g. in VBScript subrirectory are consider as script and non script file causes compilation error.

modules library
You can write own library and share function from library in other scripts. Unique module_name is identifier.
To call function from other module, place module name before function name:

global functions/subroutines

addMenuItem(caption: string; submenu: string; procedure: string)

creates menu item in PSPad main menu. if you don't want submenu, send empty string as parameter
Its contained in script Init subroutine and works only during Init phase. All other calling is ignored.

echo(text: string)
information box with text and button OK
sleep(ms: integer)
stops script execution for number of miliseconds
sets screen cursor to HourGlass (true parameter) and Default one (false parameter)
inputText(label [, default_value [, cancel_value]]: string): string
input text dialog. Cancel_value is returned after press Cancel button.

setClipboardText(text: string)
stores text into clipboard
getClipboardText(): string
returns text from clipboad

runPSPadAction(ActionName: string)
allows to run any PSPad editor action. List of actions follows.
getVariable(name: string)
returns value of variable passed as parameter. You can use PSPad or system variable as well.
reloads all code clip files

clears whole LOG window content
logAddLine(test: string)
adds new line into LOG
logGetLine(index: integer): string
returns line from LOG, identified by index parameter (numbered from 0)
logSetLine(index: integer, test: string)
sets log line, identified by index
logLinesCount(): Integer
returns current number of LOG window lines
logLineIndex([index: integer]): Integer
sets or returns (if no parameter) current line index of LOG window
sets LOG window type to memo style - you are able to make free selection, byt without error marks
sets LOG window type to list style - only line by line selection, but with error marks
logSetParser(expression: string): string
sets LOG parser expression

pspadVersion(): string
returns PSPad version
moduleExists(name: string):boolean
returns True if script module exists
moduleVersion(name: string):string
returns version of module, if module doesn't exists, returns empty string
moduleFileName(name: string):string
returns file name of module, if module doesn't exists, returns empty string.
returns module file path include last backslash

closeEditorByTitle(file_name: string): boolean

closes editor by filename
closeEditorByIndex(index: integer): boolean
closes editor by index
closes all editor windows
editorsCount: integer
returns number of open editors

projectFilesCount: integer
returns number of files (not folders) in project. Use cycle from 0 to projectFilesCount-1
projectFiles(index: integer): string
returns file name for index. If file doesn't exists, returns empty string
projectItemsCount: integer
returns number of all items (files and folders) in project. Use cycle from 0 to projectItemsCount-1
projectItems(index: integer): string
returns item name for index. If item doesn't exists, returns empty string
projectItemType(index: integer): integer
returns project item type. 1: folder, 2: file, -1: item doesn't exists
projectFileName: string
returns project file name
saves project

ftpConnect(connection_name: string): boolean

connect to in PSPad defined FTP connection
disconnect FTP server
ftpCommand(command: string): string
send command to FTP server, e.g. "CWD \public\www". Function returns FTP server return stringserveru
ftpDownloadFile(ftp_filename, local_filename): boolean
download file from ftp and stored it as local file
ftpUploadFile(local_filename, ftp_filename, [refresh]): boolean
uploads local file to current FTP directory, when refresh parameters is send, FTP folder will be refreshed
after uload
refresh current ftp folder

newEditor(): object
creates new object for editor handling

editor object function

assignEditorByName(file_name: string): boolean

assign editor window to object by file name
assignEditorByIndex(index: integer): boolean
assign editor window to object by editor index
assignActiveEditor(): boolean
assign active editor window into object and show it
assignLog(): boolean
this function is obsolete now. Is replaced with logXXXXX() functions. Now returns always 0, in the past
returns always 1
newFile([file_name: string]): boolean
creates new file in PSPad. File name is optional
openFile(file_name: string): boolean
opens existing file in new editor window
saveFile(): boolean
saves file
saveFileAs(file_name: string): boolean
saves file as
reloadFile(): boolean
reload file
closeFile(): boolean
closes file
activate(): boolean
brings editor to front
printFile(boolean): boolean
if parameters is 1 then PrintDialog appears before print
readOnly([boolean]): boolean
returns if no param or sets editor ReadOnly state
modified([boolean]): boolean
returns if no param or sets editor Modified state
splitWindow([integer]): integer
set/get editor split type. 0 - isn't split, 1 - vertical split, 2 - horizontal split
replaces/returns all editor text
selText(string): string
replaces/returns selected text from editor
lineText(string): string
replaces/returns content of active line
linesCount(): integer
returns editor lines count
topLineIndex([integer]): integer
sets or returns returns index of the first line in editor window
linesInWindow(): integer
returns number of lines in editor window
appendText(string): boolean
appends text to editor end
fileName(string): string
sets/returns editor file name
command(editor_command: string): boolean
runs editor command processor command
setCaretPos(x: integer; y: integer): boolean
sets editor caret position. -1 in parameter mean no change coordinate
caretX(integer): integer
sets/returns editor CaretX position
caretY(integer): integer
sets/returns editor CaretY position
setBlockBegin(x: integer; y: integer): boolean
sets start of the block
setBlockEnd(x: integer; y: integer): boolean
sets end of the block
selectionMode([s: string]): string
sets selection mode. C: column, N: normal, L: line selection
if no parameter is sent, function returns C for column, N for normal and L for line selection mode of current
blockBeginX: integer
returns block start column
blockBeginY: integer
returns block start line
blockEndX: integer
returns block end column
blockEndY: integer
returns block end line
selStart(integer): integer
returns/sets block start
selLength(integer): integer
returns/sets block length
highlighter([s: string]): string
returns/set highlighter for editor
calls TextDiff of the current editor with filename given by parameter
calls TextDiff of the current editor with editor index given by parameter

editor commands list

ecLeft move cursor left one char

ecRight move cursor right one char
ecUp move cursor up one line
ecDown move cursor down one line
ecWordLeft move cursor left one word
ecWordRight move cursor right one word
ecLineStart move cursor to beginning of line
ecLineEnd move cursor to end of line
ecPageUp move cursor up one page
ecPageDown move cursor down one page
ecPageLeft move cursor right one page
ecPageRight move cursor left one page
ecPageTop move cursor to top of page
ecPageBottom move cursor to bottom of page
ecEditorTop move cursor to absolute beginning
ecEditorBottom move cursor to absolute end
ecNextLineStart move cursor to next line begining

ecSelLeft ecLeft + ecSelection;

ecSelRight ecRight + ecSelection;
ecSelUp ecUp + ecSelection;
ecSelDown ecDown + ecSelection;
ecSelWord selects word under cursor
ecSelWordLeft ecWordLeft + ecSelection;
ecSelWordRight ecWordRight + ecSelection;
ecSelLineStart ecLineStart + ecSelection;
ecSelLineEnd ecLineEnd + ecSelection;
ecSelPageUp ecPageUp + ecSelection;
ecSelPageDown ecPageDown + ecSelection;
ecSelPageLeft ecPageLeft + ecSelection;
ecSelPageRight ecPageRight + ecSelection;
ecSelPageTop ecPageTop + ecSelection;
ecSelPageBottom ecPageBottom + ecSelection;
ecSelEditorTop ecEditorTop + ecSelection;
ecSelEditorBottom ecEditorBottom + ecSelection;

ecScrollUp scroll up one line leaving cursor position unchanged.

ecScrollDown scroll down one line leaving cursor position unchanged.
ecScrollLeft scroll left one char leaving cursor position unchanged.
ecScrollRight scroll right one char leaving cursor position unchanged.

ecInsertMode set insert mode

ecOverwriteMode set overwrite mode
ecToggleMode toggle ins/ovr mode

ecNormalSelect normal selection mode

ecColumnSelect column selection mode
ecLineSelect line selection mode

ecMatchBracket go to matching bracket

ecGotoMarker0 goto marker

ecGotoMarker9 goto marker
ecSetMarker0 set marker
ecSetMarker9 set marker

ecDeleteLastChar delete last char (i.e. backspace key)

ecDeleteChar delete char at cursor (i.e. delete key)
ecDeleteWord delete from cursor to end of word
ecDeleteLastWord delete from cursor to start of word
ecDeleteBOL delete from cursor to beginning of line
ecDeleteEOL delete from cursor to end of line
ecDeleteLine delete current line
ecClearAll delete everything
ecLineBreak break line at current position, move caret to new line
ecInsertLine break line at current position, leave caret

ecUndo perform undo if available

ecRedo perform redo if available
ecCut cut selection to clipboard
ecPaste paste clipboard to current position
ecSelectAll select entire content of editor, cursor to end
ecCopy copy selection to clipboard

ecBlockIndent indent selection

ecBlockUnindent unindent selection
ecTab tab key
ecShiftTab shift+Tab key

ecUpperCase apply to the current or previous word

ecUpperCaseBlock apply to current selection, or current char if no selection

PSPad actions list

aAddDiacritic Add accent marks (dictionary is required)
aAddFile Add current file to project
aAddFilesToFolder Add Files to project - dialog
aAddFolder New folder to project
aAllToASCII Remove Accent from chars
aANSIToBase64 Encode all text/selected text to Base64
aANSIToQuotedPrint Encode all text/selected text to Quoted printable
aANSIToURL Encode all text/selected text to URL adress form
aAutoCompl Auto completion
aAutoRefresh Set Autorefresh flag for window
aBase64ToANSI Decode all text/selected text from Base64
aBlockAlign Align selection to block
aBlockCenter Justify block to the center
aBlockLeft Justify block to the left
aBlockRight Justify block to the right
aCapitalize Capitalize block
aClose Close window
aCloseAll Close All
aCodeExplorer Code Explorer window
aCodeFormat Code Case Change dialog
aColorSelect Color Selector window
aComment Add/Remove Comment
aCompile Compile
aCopy Copy
aCopyLine Copy Line
aCSSToInLine Reformat into Inline CSS
aCSSToStructure Reformat into Structured CSS
aCSVImport Import from CSV dialog
aCut Cut
aDateTime Insert Date Time
aDateTimeDialog Date Time Dialog
aDecToHex Decimal to Hexadecimal selection
aDelete Delete
aDelFolder Remove Folder from project
aDelMark Delete Bookmark
aDelMarks Delete all Bookmarks
aDiffSame Text Diff with File Contents on Disk
aExit Exit
aExpClipHTML Export to Clipboard as HTML
aExpClipRTF Export to Clipboard as RTF
aExpClipTeX Export to Clipboard as &TeX
aExpClipXHTML Export to clipboard as XHTML
aExport Export dialog
aFilesSearch Search / Replace in Files dialog
aFind Find dialog
aFindNext Find Next
aFindPrev Find Previous
aFindPrevWord Previous Occurrence of Current Word
aFindWord Next Occurrence of Current Word
aFont Font dialog
aFullScreen Full Screen mode
aGoogleSearch Google Search dialog
aGotoLine Goto Line dialog
aHexToDec Hexadecimal to Decimal selection
aHTMLCompress Compress HTML code
aHtmlCheck Check HTML code
aHTMLPrev HTML Page Preview
aHTMLReformat Reformat HTML code
aHTMLSelTag Select TAG
aIndent Indent Block
aInfo File Info
aInserFile Insert From File...
aInsertText Insert Text into Lines...
aInvertCase Invert Case
aJoinLine Join Lines
aLangHelp Help for Language
aLastUserConvertor Run Last used convertor
aLineNum Line Numbers
aLogWindow Show / Hide LOG window
aLoremIpsum Lorem Ipsum generator
aLowerCase To Lower Case
aMacroMgr Macro Manager
aMacroPlay Play Macro
aMacroRecord Start / Stop Recording
aMailContents As e-mail Contents
aMailFile As e-mail Attachment
aMarkDown Next Bookmark
aMarkList Bookmark List
aMarkUp Previous Bookmark
aMatchBracket Matching Bracket
aMD5Gen Hash generator dialog
aMoveAs Move as dialog
aNew New file dialog
aOpen Open file dialog
aOpenCopy Open Active File with New Name dialog
aOpenHex Open in HEX Editor dialog
aOpenSame Open R/O copy of Active File
aOpenSelected Open file appointed by selection
aOpenWWWFile Open File from Internet dialog
aPageSetup Page Setup dialog
aPaste Paste
aPasteHTML Paste as HTML
aPasteNoMove Paste Without Cursor Change
aPrint Print file
aPrintPrev Print Preview
aPrintSetup Printer Settings dialog
aProjAddOpen Add all open files to project
aProjFolderClose Close files of current project folder
aProjFolderOpen Open files of current prject folder
aProjFromDir Create Project from Directory dialog
aProjInfo Project Information dialog
aProjMainFile Set File as Main for Compiler
aProjNew New Project (closes all)
aProjOpen Open Project dialog
aProjSave Save Project
aProjSaveas Save Project as dialog
aProjSettings Project Settings dialog
aProjShow Show/hide left Panel
aQuotedPrintToANSI Decode all text/selected text from Quoted printable
aReadOnly Read Only on/off for file
aRedo Redo
aReformat Reformat block (paragraph=blank line)
aReformat2 Reformat block (paragraph=short line)
aRemoveBlankLines Remove Blank Lines
aRemoveFile Remove File from Project
aRemoveRedundantBlank Remove Redundant Blank Lines
aRemoveSpaces Remove Redundant Spaces dialog
aRemoveTags Remove HTML tags - it opens result in new window
aReOpen Reopen Active File
aRepeatLastAction Repeat last command
aReplace Replace dialog
aRollBar Ruler on/off
aRTFImport Import text from RTF
aSave Save current file
aSaveAll Save All files
aSaveAs Save As dialog
aSaveBlock Save Block As dialog
aSaveSameTime Save Without changing File Date
aSaveToFTP Save to FTP
aScriptsRecompile Recompile scripts
aSelectAll Select All
aSelectNext Next Window
aSelectPrew Previous Window
aSelMatchBracket Select Inside Brackets
aSelString Select String
aSendToDisk Save to Drive A:
aSentensize Sentensize selection
aSetMain Set as Main File for Compiler
aSetMark Set Bookmark
aShellOpen Open with associated application
aShowControlBar Show/hide all toolbars
aShowSpecChar Show/hide nonprinted characters
aSort Sort dialog
aSpell Online Spell Check on/off
aSpellCheck Spell Check with dialog
aSpellSett Spell Settings dialog
aStayOnTop Stay on Top on/off
aSwapLineAbove Swap line with line above (applicable to block)
aSwapLineBellow Swap line with line bellow (applicable to block)
aSwapBlock Swap lines in selected block
aSwitchLog Jump to Editor / LOG
aSyntax Syntax on/off
aSyntaxChange Change Syntax dialog
aSysEdit Open System Files (Autoexc, Config, ...)
aTabToSpaces Convert Tabs to Spaces dialog
aTagToLowercase Tags to Lowercase
aTagToUpperCase Tags to Uppercase
aTextToHTML Text to HTML
aToJScript Selection to JavaScript
aToPHP Selection to PHP variable
aUndo Undo
aUnIndent UnIndent Block
aUnQuote Remove Email Quoting
aUpperCase To Upper Case
aURLToANSI Decode all text/selected text from URL adress form
aUserConvertors User Convertors dialog
aWindCascade Cascade windows
aWindSplitHoriz Horizontal Split current file
aWindSplitVert Vertical Split current file
aWindTile Arrange windows
aWindTileHoriz Tile windows Horizontal
aWindTileVert Tile windows Vertical
aWordWrap Word Wrap Lines on/off

sample vb script

' it will create new editor window, copy all text from first window
into new
' and save new file as C:\SAMPLE.TXT
const module_name = "sample" 'this name must be unique !!!
const module_desc = "Sample script" 'script description
const module_ver = "0.001a" 'version

sub Main 'main procedure

dim obj1, obj2, s 'variable definition
msgbox "PSPad version : " & pspadVersion()
msgbox "Module version: " & moduleVersion("sample")
set obj1 = getNewEditor() 'new editor object
set obj2 = getNewEditor() 'new editor object
obj2.assignEditorByIndex(0) 'assign PSPad window 1 to obj2
obj1.NewFile() 'opens new file in PSPad and
assign to obj2
s = obj2.getText 'returns all text from window 1
obj1.settext(s) 'replaces all text in new window
' here is presented access to editor lines line by line
dim item
for each item in obj1
MsgBox item
obj1.saveFileAs("C:\sample.txt") 'save as new editor
obj1.closeFile 'close copy file
end sub

sub Demo1
msgbox "You run Demo1 from sample script"
end sub

sub Demo2
msgbox "You run Demo2 from sample script"
end sub

' name "Init" is required, its called automatically during

initialization to create menu items
sub Init
addMenuItem "Main from Sample", "", "Main"
addMenuItem "Demo1 from Sample","Sample - submenu", "Demo1"
addMenuItem "Demo2 from Sample","Sample - submenu", "Demo2"
end sub

sample n.2 - run user convertor to all open files

const module_name = "RunAction" 'this name must be unique !!!

const module_ver = "0.001" 'version

sub Procedure
set obj = NewEditor()
for i = 0 to editorsCount - 1
if i = 0 then 'for first file we call user convertor selector
runPSPadAction "aUserConvertors"
else 'for all other files we run last used convertor
runPSPadAction "aLastUserConvertor"
end if
end sub

' name "Init" is required, its called automatically during

initialization to create menu items
sub Init
addMenuItem "Run action demo (convert all open files)","", "Procedure"
end sub