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Joshua Ennis

Mrs. Carroll

Period 2


Ethics is a principle that helps guides a person's behavior. My definition of justice is

people getting treated a certain way for things they have done. Ethics and Justice are related in

ways that people are guided by their ethics and sometimes they may be guided the wrong way

which brings consequences that are served as justice. My rules reflect the consequentialist

framework because they are focused on the outcome of the situation.

The First Rule in my list is DO NO HARM, this rule was given to all students by the

teachers and it is very self explanatory. Do not do any harm to anyone or thing. My second rule

is PRACTICE FORGIVENESS. I chose this rule because I feel that if you practice forgiveness

then you’ll be able to forgive others that have done you wrong and be able to move on with you

life, becoming a stronger person. My third rule is TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANT TO BE

TReATED. This rule is pretty well known and sometimes overused but I truly believe that if you

treat others a certain way it will reflect on the person you are and others will treat you the same.

My fourth rule is MIND YOUR BUSINESS. This is a very big rule to me because I don’t like

being in people’s business and I absolutely hate when people are in my business. This is strong

with me because whenever people are gossiping they are spreading negativity most of the time

and that negativity doesn’t affect you life positively. My fifth rule is LOOK AT DIFFERENT

POINT OF VIEWS. This rule is good during tough situations, it is always good to look at all point

of views to determine the overall outcome. Sometimes you might not see the other point of

views and you’ll see a clear option of who was right and wrong but that choice would be unjust
so always look at the other possible point of views. My sixth rule is DON’T WORRY ABOUT

EGO. I picked this rule because people are so quick to not do things they think are right

because of what others may think of them. No one should be afraid to do something good

because they don’t want to ruin their ego. My seventh rule is have a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Having a positive mindset is very healthy and could make positive things happen. If you wake

up thinking positive then you could take on your day while thinking positive and have positive

outcomes. My eighth rule is PREPARE FOR THE WORST. It is always good to have a positive

mindset but you should always prepare for the worst because even though you try to conquer

the day, it might come back and conquer you. My ninth rule is DON’T COMPARE. You should

not compare yourself to anyone because that results to you focusing too much on whoever you

comparing yourself to when you should be focused on you getting better. My last but not least

tenth rule is GIVE TIME. You owe it to yourself to give time to heal, no matter what it is you went

through time will always help. In the end you will feel stronger and better. These rules for the

most part reflect the Consequentialist framework because they are focused on the outcome of a

situation and how it can be the best outcome.

I was able to get most of my rules by thinking about how I live my everyday life, weather

it was from standing up for people or to just trying to live a stress-free life. From then on I was

able to do a little more digging through my brain and even asked family questions about how

they see me live my life, that helped a lot! After we did peer edits in class I was able to revise

and think of better rules after being introduced to the fact that most of them were the same.

In conclusion, My life would be the most stress free and peaceful life if I were able to live

by these rule. The world would be very different if everyone were to live by these rules. Many

people would probably be living their best life and even maybe be alive if everyone were to

follow these rules.